Starting Over #7

Welcome to TUESDAY TALES. After a brief summer hiatus, we’re back on track. This weeks prompt is ‘curly.

Today’s snippet is part of a new WIP, tentatively titled ‘Starting Over’.

The story of Victoria and her antique shop in Oak Grove Square continues. Earlier in the tale, Victoria purchased a trunk full of old items from a handsome, but seemingly cold and uncaring, man. He enters Victoria’s life again, coming with an odd and surprising gift.

Enjoy – and feel free to leave a comment. Click the link here to go back to the main Tuesday Tales site for more entertaining story snippets.


CNJ_hot teaA cold front eased into north Texas that afternoon, sliding down from Oklahoma. As it wrapped its icy tentacles towards Fort Worth customers fled from Oak Grove Square. The only shop doing any business now was Java Time. Victoria stood at her storefront window watching people enter the coffee shop, shivering and huddled in their jackets. Moments later they’d exit – hands wrapped around a precious beverage wafting curly steamy wisps in their faces.

The tiny furnace in back struggled to keep the little shop warm. It couldn’t compete with the onslaught of freezing air seeping its way inside through the crevices around the door. Old buildings, they’re beautiful creatures but you can’t keep them warm or cool, Victoria muttered. She thought briefly about nudging the thermostat higher. Instead she decided to close up an hour early. There probably wouldn’t be any customers the rest of the day anyway. She may as well join the masses fleeing towards home in an effort to avoid traveling home on icy roads.

Sitting at home, with her own cup of steaming hot tea in hand and puppies gathered at her feet, she picked up the bundle of old letters that Toby had delivered earlier that day. Curiosity had her antsy to dive into the old envelopes. But a tentative feeling of invading Charlotte’s privacy stalled her fingers. Should she? Or, shouldn’t she?

After reading the woman’s old diary, she felt like she knew Charlotte. Somewhat. But reading letters, even as old as they were … well, that seemed a little more intrusive.

Curiosity won.

An hour later, a soft sigh escaped Victoria’s lips. She sat still, her tea cold and forgotten beside her. The love she saw expressed in these letters between Charlotte and Edward caused an ache in her chest. It was so pure. So strong. And had lasted for so many years. What would it be like to have that kind of love in her life? Her chest heaved high as another sigh eased its way into the world.

18 thoughts on “Starting Over #7

    • Thanks Flossie! Thanks for the tweet earlier today too. I have to get on twitter more often.
      Hot here too. Sitting here in sandals and tank top/shorts, trying to remember what the cold felt like. (Not that I’m in a hurry for it to return. A perpetual April or October would be perfect.)


  1. Now i want to know what’s in the letters. Will you let us get to read one or two? I hope so. I love using old letters in a story. Such a great way to get information across without doing an info dump. This is a wonderful story. Look forward to more.


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