Thyme for Love #3

 Tuesday Tales

There’s a new story for the new year in Tuesday Tales. Thyme for Love takes place in Oak Grove Square, the tiny Texas town where Victoria and Toby met last year, fell in love and lived happily ever after. This time Cupid has another unsuspecting target in his sight. Join us to see what surprises are ahead for Sally, of Crafter’s Cottage. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets. This week we’re writing to a picture prompt. Snippets are short – only 300 words for the picture prompts.

TT_January 2015 picture prompt


The two women halted mid stride and stood gawking in the middle of the street. The sight of the muscular man lounging against a black Ford pickup truck, framed by the typical Texas cowboy hat, had both ladies momentarily speechless. “Oh my! If that’s an organic farmer, I think I just became interested in farming,” Victoria finally muttered after composing herself. “Yum. Now, wouldn’t I like to find that wrapped up and under my Christmas tree,” Sally agreed. “I believe that organizing the herb festival just became a very pleasurable task.” Victoria volunteered, “Maybe I should go with you. You know, to chaperone. “No. That’s quite all right. I have this handled.” The smirk on Sally’s face was a dead giveaway. She was looking forward to the exchange with the farmer boy – and possible vendor of the town’s upcoming festival. She bounced away towards Crafter’s Cottage, her ponytail bouncing away in time with her eager step. The fresh faced stranger brushed his long hair off the nape of his neck, adjusted his Stetson and appraised the woman approaching his truck. As she got closer, he moved away from the Ford’s hood to meet her at the doorway. Tipping his hat he ambled up. “Howdy ma’am. Are you Sally?” He stuck out his hand in greeting. “Um … yeah … uh …” She shook her head to regain her senses. Looking at his still outstretched hand, she finally remembered to put her hand out for a shake. A jolt of electricity tingled down her arm and she almost pulled her hand back. “Uh … sorry about being late. Believe me … I’m not usually this speechless. It’s just … you know … the walking and all … and …” She’d never felt so flustered in all of her life.

16 thoughts on “Thyme for Love #3

  1. I’m with Flossie. I’ve been waiting to see this guy and he sure didn’t disappoint! Gotta love it when a sexy all-man man makes a woman stammer and blush. Great scene! Loving this story.


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