Thyme for Love – #6

Tuesday Tales

Sally, a devoted business woman and owner of Crafter’s Cottage, just met an organic farmer interested in being a vendor at the upcoming herb festival. Their meeting to fill out the vendor application has suddenly turned into a dinner date.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘ring’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


“Tomorrow night?”

“Terrific! That’s fine,” Sally replied. Then thought to herself, Great! What did I get myself into? Tomorrow night? So soon? Dinner? Am I ready for this?

Izzy pulled a business card out of his wallet. Grabbing a pen on the counter, he scribbled another number on the card. “Here’s my business number, and my personal cell. Give me a ring if anything comes up. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you. Shall I pick you up here? Or at home?”

“Ummm, here’s good. I close at six and it takes me about thirty minutes to do the final paperwork for the day. If you want to meet me here, we can walk over to Hank’s.”

“Sounds like a plan.” With a final grin in her direction he turned and ambled out the door.

CNJ_date clothesSally admired the view of the form fitting jeans leaving her store. And then, reality set it with the age-old dilemma. Good Lord, what am I going to wear? I want to look nice. But I have to wear it at work all day. I still need to look professional. I don’t want to come off as too loose. But kind of sexy would be nice.

Visions of her wardrobe drifted through her mind. No, not the grey vested outfit – too stuffy. Not the pink clingy silk top – too revealing, especially for a ‘business’ dinner. Maybe her blue tank top with the long patchwork styled skirt. It was comfortable, and nice looking. Not too prim and proper. Not too slutty. It wasn’t ‘business-y’ and it wasn’t ‘date-y’ either.

The rest of the day passed in a blur. Customers came and went. The cash register beeped out a nice steady rhythm, just enough to keep Sally hopping. It was when she arrived home, to a quiet house, that her mind started racing. Pulling out the outfit she chose to wear, she inspected it for stains or wrinkles, then laid it across the back of a chair for the next day.

She finally climbed under the covers, long after the moon was casting its silvery glow across the yard. Sleep was a long time coming.

She finally climbed under the covers, long after the moon was casting its silvery glow across the yard. Sleep was a long time coming.

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