Thyme for Love #11

Tuesday TalesSally, a devoted business woman and owner of Crafter’s Cottage, just met an organic farmer interested in being a vendor at the upcoming herb festival. Their meeting to fill out the vendor application turned into a dinner date … and now an outing at the lake. 

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘stairs’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


The two stood in the grassy edge of the glistening lake, oblivious to anything else except each other’s touch. Sally felt the heat from Izzy’s chest warming her through her cotton tank top. Her fingers slipped up into the hair flowing around his neck. Their soft kiss intensified, neither one wanting to break away. His tongue slid between her lips, gently exploring. A quiet moan echoed in Sally’s throat and heat raced from head to her belly.

CNJ_kiss by the lakeIzzy pulled his head back first. He encased her in his arms, cradling her head up against his shoulder. “Woman,” he growled. “What you do to me. “Let’s get back to those coals before I get ideas I shouldn’t be having here on this open shoreline.”

Sally’s mouth opened. No words came out. She just wanted to dissolve into his arms and never leave, like a spineless amoebae, unable to speak, only feel. The capacity to speak finally returned. She tipped her head up and looked into his eyes. “Oh, I don’t think those ideas are any I haven’t had myself.”

“Then I think we have more to talk about later,” he chuckled. Arm around her waist he guided her back towards the picnic area.

Neither spoke again, lost in the presence of each other. Until Sally stopped mid stride. She swiveled her head from side to side and looked from one horizon to the other. “Where are the stairs?”

“Stairs? At the lake? What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t we just step onto the ‘Stairway to Heaven’?”

Hearty laughter burst from Izzy. He wrapped her up in another hug. “A Zepplin fan! You are a girl after my own heart.”

A warm glow surrounded Sally, finding pleasure in their shared humor and laughter. And a common liking of this great classic band. It doesn’t get much better than this, she mused.

A bed of glowing embers, covered with a frosty white glaze, greeted them when they returned. Izzy busied himself with lunch preparations.

Sally peeked over his shoulder as he dropped two foil covered packets on the grill. “What are those?”

CNJ_BBQ“One has corn on the cob in it. With some butter and a few sprinkles of my own rosemary and thyme. The other has some veggies in it. I think I chopped up zucchini, onions and a red pepper. All mine too, of course.”

“Mmmmm,” Sally replied. She rubbed her stomach in anticipation. She watched as Izzy wielded his tongs and dropped two cuts of meat next to the side dishes. “Look at those steaks! I’ll never be able to finish mine.”

Izzy gave her a wink. “I’ll bet you’ll be able to hold your own.”

Sally quickly bent over the ice chest to hide the blush in her cheeks. She stood upright, brandishing her bowl with a flourish. “Ta da! My job is done. I think I got the easy end of this deal.”

“Yeah, leaving the hard part up to me. That’s all right.” He sent another wink in her direction. With a sassy smile in place he told her, “I know I’ll have the ‘hard’ part of the job covered.”


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