Thyme for Love #13

Tuesday TalesSally and Izzy’s newfound interest in each other reaches a potential stumbling block. Read more here, then come back next week to see if they get this worked out. 

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘catch’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


“Okay. Another time is fine.” Sally spoke the words as if all was fine. But, something nagged at her about his response. For someone that was so open and honest in his communication, something seemed not quite kosher. He avoided her eyes for the next few minutes. Goodness, they’d only had a few dates. It wasn’t like they owed each other anything. She wondered what she was missing. There was just enough doubt that he was hiding something from her that it cast a cool blanket of water over her lustful thoughts.

Short snippets of conversation were voiced between bites of food. The easy comradery that was always present between the two of them seemed to have dissipated like a mist over the lake.

catch22Sally felt caught in a Catch-22 predicament. She wanted to just come out and ask him more about his plans, to see if this ‘friend’ was truly just that. After all, even at the beginning stages of a relationship as they were, honest communication was vital if it were to go further. She’d learned that lesson long ago. Yet, she didn’t want to pry and have it look like she were insecure and jealous. What to do? What to do?

“You okay?” Izzy asked.

“Perfectly.” Well kind of …

“You seem a little distant right now.”

She debated about how much of her thoughts to share with him. “Ummm, maybe a little. I guess my mind was just wandering.” She laughed. “You know what it’s like being a business owner. Thought seem to invade your mind at odd times, whether you’re in the office or not. Sorry.”

“Don’t I know it. Seems I can never truly escape my fields. I’m always watching the weather, worrying if we’ll get enough rain, or hoping that the grasshoppers don’t consume my crops before I get back.”

“Yeah. We can never just punch out and be done for the day.”

Izzy paused and looked closely at her. “Want to head on back?”

“Maybe that’s a good idea. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day. I have to do all my vendor statements for the month.”

“All righty then.” He stood up and stretched. “I’ll get this packed up and we’ll mosey back towards civilization.”

The ride back was quieter than the trip going to the lake.

Back at Sally’s he retrieved her dish from the ice chest. Catching her hand as she started to walk away, he pulled her back to him, wrapped his arms around her and gave her a peck on top of her head. “I’ll give you a call.”

15 thoughts on “Thyme for Love #13

  1. Oh, dear. I remember the “I’ll call you” as being the kiss of death. I felt her dilemma. I don’t know what I would have done. I’m so sorry his hiding something cooled things down between them. Damn! I hope you’ll be heating them up again and telling us what’s going on with him.


    • Thanks Jean. Oh, you know it’s just not a good romance without a happily ever after. They just have to work their way through a few things. Just as we all do some days lol


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