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Thyme for Love – Tuesday Tales ‘attitude’

Tuesday Tales

Here’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘attitude’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


Sally rushed through her usual getting ready routine, knowing that Izzy was waiting in the living room for her. Forgoing the hair dryer, she brushed on a quick touch of blush, threw on some casual clothes and grabbed her purse.

CNJ_guy sleeping on couchIt wouldn’t have mattered how long she took to primp. Izzy was sound asleep on the couch, stretched out as if he didn’t have a care in the world, his face peaceful and relaxed, with her orange tabby tucked under his arm. She stood gazing at him for a few moments, her heart swelling with a rush of tender feelings. She ached to bend down and stroke the sides of his face gently.

A debate raged in her head. Let him sleep or wake him. She wanted to do both. A huge laundry list of items awaited her, so she wanted to hurry and go eat breakfast so she could get on with the tasks looming over her. But, she also wanted to let his sleep and get a little rest. He’d had a long weekend with a lot of driving.

I’ll grab some papers to work on and let him sleep a little longer, she thought. Moving towards the kitchen, a creaking floorboard woke him.

Rubbing his eyes, he sat up, as if instantly awake. “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to sleep that soundly.” He stood and stepped towards her, arms open for a hug.

She nestled into his arms and stood still, not wanting to move from his embrace.

Tipping his head down close to her neck, he inhaled deeply and murmured into her ear. “Mmmm, you smell good.”

“Of course you’d like it, Mr. Herb Man,” she laughed. “My conditioner has rosemary and the lotion has eucalyptus and rosemary in it.”

“Must be why we get along so well.” He hugged tighter.

A rumbling from her stomach announced its intention. “Yeah, we’ll get along even better when you buy me that humongous breakfast you owe me, sir.”

“Then let’s go. I sure don’t want to stand in the middle of my girl and her food.”

She tipped her head up and looked in his eyes. His girl?

As if seeing the question in her eyes, he asked, “You are my girl, aren’t you?”

Her mind raced, thoughts swirling around in a jumble. In her brief confusion, she paused, and then realized that there wasn’t anywhere else she wanted to be right now. “I suppose I am, since here in your arms is where I want to be right now.”

“Good! Then, let’s celebrate and go get my girl some food.” He dropped a quick kiss on the tip of her nose.

As she started to step away, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back into his arms. “But first …” His lips lowered to meet hers and her arms wrapped around his neck. Fingers slid through his mane of hair, pulling him closer, tighter. His tongue deftly slid between her lips, exploring, their tongues twisting in an intricate dance. Arms ventured and caressed, the two locked in a heated embrace.

Sally pulled away first, taking a deep breath. “Oh my god,” she groaned. “I wish I could just clone myself. I’d send one out to breakfast and the other me would drag you back to the bedroom.”

Izzy just grinned. “For a girl who kisses with an attitude like that…you know which one I’d stay with.”

A tilt of her head revealed the glint in her eye. She licked her fingertip and proceeded to trace the lines of his mouth with it. He moaned and clutched her tightly, kissing the nape of her neck and growling in her ear, “God woman, don’t tease me like that. I’ll take you right here.”

Her hands slid to his bottom and pulled him tightly to her, pressing her abdomen into him. One hand worked its way around, sliding along his jeans until she found his hardness, straining against the denim. “If I’m your girl,” she said breathlessly, “maybe you’d better come show me how you mean to make use of this…”

Thyme for Love – Tuesday Tales picture prompt

Tuesday TalesHere’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

This week we’re writing to a picture prompt. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets. It will be quick reading – picture prompts are limited to only 300 words!


TT_bacon and eggsSally got up earlier than usual. Sunday was her day to sleep until her eyelids popped open. Unfortunately, with such a long list of tasks for the day, her whirling brain nudged her body into wakefulness far too early.

Sitting at the dining room table she tackled a stack of paperwork for her business first, as she nursed a cup of hot peppermint tea and watched the sun rise above the horizon.

Two hours later, mission accomplished, she stood and stretched. Rinsing out her mug, she contemplated whether to start a load of laundry, get dressed for the day, or go ahead and dive into the paperwork for the upcoming herb festival. The ringing phone broke her train of thought, but when she saw the caller’s name on the screen, her mood improved dramatically.

“Want to go to breakfast instead of lunch?” Izzy asked.

“You can’t get here in time for breakfast.” Although, her tummy rumbling in response to the idea had its own vote on the matter.

“I got up early and left Austin around five.”

“Wow. That early? Where are you at on the road?” she inquired.

“I’m out front.”

She went to the kitchen window and peeked out. Seeing his car at the curb, she said, “Izzy Masterson, this is not fair. I haven’t even showered yet.”

“I’ll wait. I’ll snooze in the car while you get ready.”

“Oh, good lord. You are not going to doze in the car.” Sally looked down at herself for a quick appraisal. Sleep shorts. Tank top. No bra. Tousled hair up in a clip. No make-up. “You can lay on the couch while I get ready. But no looking. I am not presentable.” Then she added, “But you owe me. I’m getting the biggest breakfast they have.”

Thyme for Love – Tuesday Tales (twenty)

Tuesday Tales

Here’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘twenty’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


paperwork on deskWhen her phone rang, yet again, Sally didn’t know whether to be amused or frustrated. She looked down at the caller ID, sat her paperwork down and shook her head. “Hey Izzy. What’s up?”

“You busy?”

“Not any more than the last twenty times you called,” she joked. “Just trying to finalize the layout of the vendors for the herb festival.”

“Sorry to bother you. I’ll call back.”

“No. It’s alright. I’m needing a break anyway. I think my eyes are starting to permanently cross.”

“I was just laying here missing you and wanted to hear your voice.”

“You all done with the moving?” Sally leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. Penciling in vendors on her piece of graph paper could wait. It wasn’t like she had anything else to do that night.

“Yeah. We got it all done. She had some other friends show up to help too, so it went faster than we all thought it would.” He paused. “They all went to dinner to celebrate, but I came back to my hotel room.”

“Why didn’t you go to dinner with them? You could have. You probably needed to relax a bit.”

“Naw. I’d had enough. By the end of the day I remembered why we’re exes. She’s a royal pain in the butt. I’m sorry I even volunteered to help her out.”

Sally smiled, knowing he couldn’t see her shit-eating grin over the phone. “Awww, poor baby. Had to be around the big-bad-ex all day.”

“No, really. You have no idea what it was like. Waa-waa-waa – she cries and whines over every little thing. I really didn’t remember how negative she always is. And whew, can she be a biotch when things don’t go her way. Fortunately I steered clear of her and avoided her wrath. You should have seen how she laid into one of the guys when he accidently dropped a chair and scratched it.”

Not sure how to respond to his comments without sounding like she was egging him on, even though she was enjoying hearing him talk about the ex like this, she bit her tongue and kept quiet.

Izzy continued, “I just wanted to get back here and get my Sally-fix. Although, I’d rather be with you right now, instead of talking to you on the phone.”

“I’d rather be with you too,” she agreed. A quick glance at the papers strewn across her desk remaindered her of her other commitments. “But you know I won’t be able to see you much this next week. I’m waist high in the final stages for the festival. There’s so much to do still that I’ll be lucky to even get some sleep.”

“Same here. I still have hundreds of herbs to repot to get ready. Can you fit in lunch tomorrow, before the week gets too crazy?”

“You’ll be back by lunch?”

“Oh yes. I’m leaving Austin early in the morning. I’m getting the hell out of Dodge. I never thought I’d get tired of Austin, but right now, all I want is my tiny, sleepy little corner of the world.”

“Don’t be saying that,” Sally laughed. “They’ll be confiscating your tie-dye shirt if they hear that.”

Izzy chuckled and then the phone line became quiet. He finally spoke, his voice softer and huskier than usual. “Hey babe, I really do miss you.”

Sally’s voice caught in her throat and her eyes welled up with tears. “I miss you too,” she finally said. “Hey, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said and pushed ‘end call’.

She sprung up from her chair and started pacing the room.

Damn! I do not need this. I don’t have time for this in my life right now.

Thyme for Love: Tuesday Tales – sandwich

Tuesday TalesHere’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘sandwich’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


Sally’s arm slid up around Izzy’s neck as her lips met his. His warm body moved against hers and sandwiched her in between the wall and his muscular thighs. A moan escaped her lips as she returned his kisses.

A wolf whistle from across the street halted their frenzied connection. “Get a room,” a young kid called out.

Sally blushed as Izzy moved away. “Whew!” he exhaled, under his breath. “Girl, you drive me crazy. You’ve invaded my life and all I can think about is you.”

He cupped her face in his hands and gently pressed his lips against hers. “I’m going to cancel this weekend and spend it with you.”

“No you’re not.” Sally replied. “You made a promise. You need to keep it.” She ran her fingers softly down the side of his cheek. “Besides, I need to work on herb festival things this weekend. It’s only two weeks away and there’s a lot I need to do.”

“You sure?”

“Absolutely. I’ll be here when you get back.”

“Let’s go take that walk then.”

CNJ_walking hand in handShe took his hand as they started walking down the block before stirring up more speculation in a small town with big eyes and ears. “We’re really going to walk?”

“Yes ma’am. Maybe more of a stroll. That is, if you’re still game.”

“There’s nothing I’d rather do.” An impish grin crossed her face. “Well, almost nothing else.”

“Should make for an interesting evening.”

Hands clasped together, their arms gently swung with their movement as they approached the beginning of Latham’s Trail, branching off west from Oak Grove Square. They moved easily together, bodies in tandem, adapting to each other in the rhythm of long time lovers. Oaks cascaded over the trail, letting glimpse of moonlight peer through spaces between the large gnarled branches.

oak walkThey spoke in soft voices, conversation running the gamut from every day details, to the dreams they each had for their businesses. They spoke of everything except of one thing – the two of them and where they each thought this relationship was headed.

Sally felt as if they’d crossed a point where the two of them together was a certainty. It seemed like neither one wanted to jinx their future by speaking of it just yet. A brief thought ran through her mind. Or, was it that they didn’t speak of their future because there wasn’t a future?