Thyme for Love – Tuesday Tales picture prompt

Tuesday TalesHere’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

This week we’re writing to a picture prompt. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets. It will be quick reading – picture prompts are limited to only 300 words!


TT_bacon and eggsSally got up earlier than usual. Sunday was her day to sleep until her eyelids popped open. Unfortunately, with such a long list of tasks for the day, her whirling brain nudged her body into wakefulness far too early.

Sitting at the dining room table she tackled a stack of paperwork for her business first, as she nursed a cup of hot peppermint tea and watched the sun rise above the horizon.

Two hours later, mission accomplished, she stood and stretched. Rinsing out her mug, she contemplated whether to start a load of laundry, get dressed for the day, or go ahead and dive into the paperwork for the upcoming herb festival. The ringing phone broke her train of thought, but when she saw the caller’s name on the screen, her mood improved dramatically.

“Want to go to breakfast instead of lunch?” Izzy asked.

“You can’t get here in time for breakfast.” Although, her tummy rumbling in response to the idea had its own vote on the matter.

“I got up early and left Austin around five.”

“Wow. That early? Where are you at on the road?” she inquired.

“I’m out front.”

She went to the kitchen window and peeked out. Seeing his car at the curb, she said, “Izzy Masterson, this is not fair. I haven’t even showered yet.”

“I’ll wait. I’ll snooze in the car while you get ready.”

“Oh, good lord. You are not going to doze in the car.” Sally looked down at herself for a quick appraisal. Sleep shorts. Tank top. No bra. Tousled hair up in a clip. No make-up. “You can lay on the couch while I get ready. But no looking. I am not presentable.” Then she added, “But you owe me. I’m getting the biggest breakfast they have.”

16 thoughts on “Thyme for Love – Tuesday Tales picture prompt

    • Thanks Jean! He had do to this and get here in time for breakfast lol
      Of course, I guess they could have had bacon & eggs for lunch, we’ve had it for dinner before.


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