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Thyme for Love – stiff

Tuesday TalesHere’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

Sally and Izzy’s relationship was heating up, until she got a little snippy on their last phone call. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘stiff’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


phoneA long silence filled the airwaves between them before Izzy replied. “Well…all right then. You’re right. You did say that. Sorry. I thought you’d still need to eat. I guess I was wrong.”

“You’re pissed.”

“No. I’m not.”

“I can tell by your voice. You’re not the same warm Izzy I know.”

“I think I can say the same thing. I don’t think I’ve met the woman who bit my head off a moment ago.”

Sally sighed. “I know. I’m sorry. I’m past tired and have too much still to do this week.”

“That’s fine. I do too. Sorry I bothered you. I’ll see you Saturday.”

The phone clicked in her ear before she could say anything else.

Well…of all the nerve! Although she knew she really deserved that for how she’d snapped at the man. Just because he’d offered her a nice romantic dinner. She held up the phone, to call him back. Then, she rethought her decision. Maybe it was better if they had a reprieve of a day or two.

The next few days passed in a blur. Between her duties at Crafter’s Cottage and this blasted herb festival, Sally didn’t know which end was coming and which was going. I’m never volunteering to organize this stupid event again, she fumed inwardly.

By Wednesday night it dawned on her that Izzy had never called back. Maybe I should call him. Before she could reach for her phone, it rang. The local honey vendor had some last minute questions. By the time they finished, the thought of calling Izzy had fled.

Thursday wasn’t any better. For some odd reason, her store was busier than usual. It seemed she was waiting on customers or ringing up sales all day. Good for her business. Not so good for the list of last minute calls she needed to make. By four o’clock it finally quieted down and she started dialing, hoping she could catch the people she needed while they were still open for business.

Thank goodness she was so anal about follow up calls. The porta-potties weren’t scheduled for delivery the next day. Someone obviously keyed the order wrong. They were scheduled for next month. Which wouldn’t do the few thousand people they expected this weekend a whole lot of good. She finally got that corrected and now they were slated for an 8 am arrival the next morning.

It wasn’t quite five, but she went ahead and switched her ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’ and locked the front door before continuing with more calls.

She confirmed the hay bales that she’d ordered for makeshift seating on the empty corner. The city had the staging to create a spot for demonstrations. Meaning another call to the clerk’s office, to remind them to set up that area the next day. Sally started calling the list of people who had agreed to provide the demonstrations and entertainment. She got about a third of them. The rest went to voice mail and she crossed her fingers that they’d all hold up their commitments.

And before she knew it, it was after ten and was much too late to be calling Izzy. Again.

Well, he hasn’t called me either, she reasoned.

Because you told him you needed all week to work, a little voice in her head reminded her.

“Oh God, when this is over I’m going to need a long, stiff drink,” she voiced out loud, to no one in particular, seeing as how she was the only person standing in her store.

The next morning, after meeting the flatbed truck delivering the porta potties, and directing where they needed to be situated, she started pacing out vendor spaces and marking them with lines. Halfway down the street, she glanced at her watch and saw it was almost ten. She sprinted down the block, waving to Victoria at Serendipity on the way. Fortunately, her friend, Helen, arrived for duty promptly at ten. After a quick thirty minute training session, Sally left the store in her capable hands and went back to marking the rest of the places for the various vendors.

When she got to the corner, where Izzy had a double spot for his herbs, her heart fluttered at the thought of him. She realized that they hadn’t spoken all week, after she snapped at him Monday night. That’s it, I’m calling him, she thought. But when it rang and rang and finally went to voice mail, she hung up without speaking.

ROSE, A Chrys N. Jay romance


Rose LKO coverA red tailed hawk drifted in circles, catching the thermals, rising higher above the meadow with each pass. Rose raised her hand to her brow and lifted her head to follow the hawk’s relentless search.

“Oh hell no! Not my cats,” she muttered, more to herself than to the free spirit of the skies. “Go find your own dinner – away from my kiddos.” She kept her vigil, elbows resting on the wood framed gate until the bird soared to the north, where the snowcapped foothills formed a majestic background for the inhabitants of ‘Fur Babies Haven’.

A sigh escaped her lips as she gazed at the hills before her, framed with an azure and fluffs of billowy white clouds. Oh to be up there, walking the trails, without a care in the world – except to not step on any copperheads, she thought wistfully. I’d especially enjoy it if there were a special someone walking with me to enjoy the scenery …

“Oh, snap out of it Rose Lynn Graham,” she spoke aloud. “What would the fur babies do if I were running amok in nature and mooning around like a lonely lover? I’m this alone and I’ll be just fine by myself. Back to the salt mines girl.” She turned and headed back towards the kennels, the cacophony of barks getting louder with each step.

And then…the carpenter shows up…

She tried to keep from staring as they headed to the far side of the pasture. She had a hard time concentrating and hoped she wasn’t making a fool of herself. Fortunately the barking from the pens kept interrupting them and covering her moments of unfocused conversation.

“… so is it all right?”

She drew her gaze away from the muscular forearms she’d been admiring. “Uh … Sorry. What was that?”

“Is it okay if I bring my dog with me next week? He’s very good and stays right by me. He won’t be wandering or messing with any of yours.”

“Sure. I don’t see a problem with that. What kind is he?”

“Just a mutt. A little of this and a little of that. One of my buddies found him one day, wandering a country road. He was all mangy and skin and bones. He brought him to me and we’ve been buds ever since. I try to take him with me when I can.”

It seemed like the sun broke through the clouds and formed a golden halo around his head. Not only gorgeous, but he takes in neglected dogs too.

“What’s his name?”

A small grin broke across his face. “Rover.”

“Rover?” Rose laughed with delight. “That’s pretty original.”

“I know. Isn’t it?”

Her mood lightened after that. The humor and shared laughter broke the tension that Rose had been feeling with this strong attraction to the newcomer.

What’s going to happen to Rose’s world now, and the animal shelter she so desperately wants to be successful? Will the sexy carpenter, Johnnie, be her knight in shining armor…or is he a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy? Will Rose find true love after all? Or will her heart be broken?

ROSE, by Chrys N. Jay, is available at Amazon and Smashwords.

Thyme for Love – TT picture prompt

Tuesday TalesHere’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

Sally and Izzy’s relationship is heating up. This week we’re writing to a picture prompt. The snippets are short, only 300 words each, so it will be quick reading. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


By the time they got back from breakfast, Sally had already zoned out and was running through a mental list of everything she needed to get done – like yesterday. After a goodbye kiss on the porch that threatened to turn into a mini-make-out session, she was glad to send Izzy on his way and shut the door behind her.

She worked at her dining room table until 2 a.m, barely taking time out for a bite to eat. Making lists, checking her previous lists, calling vendors, mapping out the square to figure out where the different booths would go.

Arghhhh, she groaned loudly and yelled to the ceiling. “I forgot to get someone to watch my store.” Pulling out her address book, she started yet another list, this one of people to call to see who could work in her store Friday and Saturday – while she was out marking spaces, meeting the crew with the port-a-potties, and in general running around before the herb festival like a chicken with its head cut off.

TT_June 2015 picture promptMonday flew by in a rush. Thank God I’m closed on Mondays! Eleven calls later she finally had someone lined up to work in Crafter’s Cottage. Marmalade, her needy orange tabby, was hiding in a snit, after she’d rudely pushed him off her lap for the umpteenth time. When Victoria, from Serendipity called and Sally caught herself snapping, “No! I do not have time to walk with y’all this week,” she knew she was getting past cranky.

Late afternoon, Izzy called. She was happy he’d called, but when he asked her to dinner, even promising her a romantic meal in front of a roaring fire, before she could catch herself she barked, “Tonight? What part of ‘I need all week to work’ didn’t you catch?”

Thyme for Love – TT boredom

Tuesday TalesHere’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

Sally and Izzy’s relationship is heating up. the prompt this week is ‘boredom’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


Before she could choose, she heard the water shut off, making her decision for her. Breakfast it would be. Although, she had second thoughts when Izzy returned, wearing nothing but a damp towel around his waist.

“C’mon, woman, get some clothes on and I’ll go feed you.”

“Good thing,” she bantered back, “can’t have me wasting away here, dying of starvation.” She pinched her waist and laughed. “Not that it’s going to happen anytime soon.”

CNJ_unmade bedHe strode to the side of the bed and bent down, cupping her face in his hands. “You, my dear, are perfect.” He dropped a soft kiss on the tip of her nose. “I, however, have worked up an appetite. And I’m blaming it all on you.”

“Me?” she squeaked in protest. “I was just here, minding my own business, working away.”

“It’s your evil ideas,” he smirked. “I just stopped to take you to breakfast. I didn’t have any ulterior motives.”

“Oh pssshaw. If you wouldn’t kiss like you do, we would have been chowing down on eggs and toast already. Hence,” she sent a wink in his direction, “the fault is fully yours.”

Izzy grabbed his clothes littered across the bedroom floor and sat down on the bed. Shaking his head he muttered, “With you in my life, I doubt I’ll have any moments of boredom.”

Thinking of having more moments together like the one they’d just shared caused a warm rush of pleasure flooding through Sally. I thought I was perfectly happy with my life just as it was. Maybe I was wrong. Thoughts began running through her mind about how her life would change, having a man on a more than a casual status.

“Earth to Sally. Earth to Sally.”

The low, sexy voice brought her back to the present, naked and laying on the crumpled and disheveled comforter. Looking at her companion, standing over her, now fully dressed prompted her to movement.

“Two minutes. I’ll be ready in just a sec.” Rummaging around for her own tossed pieces of clothing, she added, “But I have to work this afternoon. If you want to sell your magnificent, fragrant herbs next weekend, then mama has to work today.”

Thyme for Love – Tuesday Tales (giggle)

Tuesday TalesHere’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

Sally and Izzy heat things up a little bit this week, even though the prompt this week is ‘giggle’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


As the two melted into one another, they slowly inched their way down the hall towards Sally’s room. Arms roamed and slid across each other’s bodies, searching, exploring. Tongues danced together, then drifted apart as they tasted of necks and throats. Izzy’s tongue moved down towards her cleavage, licking and darting, gently teasing until her knees buckled, her body weak with desire.

His arms caught her and held her tight. Leaning her against the wall, he continued the exploration, undoing one button at a time. With each button undone he pressed his lips against new skin. Skin that tingled under the touch of the tongue gently flicking here and there. One button led to another, until her shirt was open and exposing the lacy bra beneath.

She longed to touch him back, to learn his body as he was learning hers. It was all she could do to hold onto his shoulders and stand upright.

In response he picked her up and headed towards the bed, nibbling on her neck the whole way.

CNJ_kissingHands were everywhere. Lips were everywhere. As clothing came off, each delighted in discovering the buffet they offered each other. Time stood still as they learned together what pleased each other. What touch caused the other to moan in passion. Which one caused a quick giggle?

Few words were spoken. Their language was one of touch.

When each were spent and satisfied, he fell down beside her, panting, their arms wrapped together. Sally laughed and nuzzled into his neck. “Between the sheets you’d never know you were such a laid back, almost-hippie farmer.”

A dimple showed as he replied, “The hippie’s just my disguise. It hides my inner Secret Lover Boy.”

She ran a hand up and down his arm. “My new super hero. Oh, you can come rescue me any time, baby.”

“So,” he teased, “am I forgiven for showing up without calling?”

“Oh yes! You were forgiven for that … oh, about an hour ago.”

They lay together talking softly, kissing here and there, and holding each other, smiles plastered across each of their faces. A soft gentle, most unwomanly like sound rumbled in Sally’s belly, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten yet.

“Breakfast. I need to feed you woman, before you get weak and faint on me.”

“Oh, you already had me weak and fainting.” She fanned her face. “But you found the solution for that one.”

He just grinned, a pleased smirk settling in on his face. “Can I hop in the shower? Then I’ll take you for your big breakfast, m’lady.”

“Sure. Maybe I’ll join you.”

“You’re more than welcome. But you know I’ll have to make sure that you get all clean. Alllll over. It will only delay your meal.”

Her belly sounded its decision. “Go ahead. I’ll stay here.” She pulled the comforter over her as he headed to shower. The sound of running water sent images rushing through her mind. She pictured the water cascading over him, his long hair flowing under the spray, rivulets running down his body… well… maybe…

The debate was on.

Breakfast for a hungry belly?

More lovin’?

Food, her stomach screamed back at her.

Pleasure, her insides yelled back.