Thyme for Love – Tuesday Tales – flexible

Tuesday Tales

Here’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

Sally and Izzy’s relationship was heating up, until she got a little snippy on their last phone call. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘flexible’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


Sally meant to get to bed early Friday night, knowing that the alarm would be sounding far too early for her liking. It still ended up being almost midnight before she fell into bed, exhausted. She groaned when she set the alarm. Thank God this is almost over, she muttered before she conked out without a further conscious thought.

When her phone started summoning her in the dark room, informing her that it was 4 am and time to rise, she wanted to throw it across the room. She settled for hitting snooze once before she dragged herself out of bed and aimed her body towards the shower, feeling like she was a cast member in The Walking Dead.

She wanted to be on site by five, even though vendors weren’t supposed to be there until six for set up. From past experience at craft shows she’d attended, she knew there were be the early birds chomping at the bit, arriving far before the arranged set up time. And then, there would be others, barely arriving by the time they were supposed to have vehicles moved to ready the site for attendees. She briefly wondered when Izzy would show up and if they’d have time to chat during the day.

I need to apologize, she told herself firmly. I was totally in the wrong. I didn’t need to snap at him like such a bitch. Note to self – girl, you must learn to be more flexible!

CNJ_farmers marketArriving at the town square, at a quarter past five, she discovered that she was right. She spied three vendors already parked and waiting. She grabbed her clipboard from the car and hurried towards them, ready to check them off the list and direct them to their assigned spot. Fortunately they weren’t too chatty. They seemed to be as semi-comatose as she was.

Cars arrived pretty steadily, keeping her running back and forth. When she had a brief break a little later, she scurried over to Java Time, to grab a chai tea.

“The ‘grande-est’ one you have,” she told Carmen, who greeted her from behind the counter. “I don’t think you have one big enough to keep me going all day.”

“I’ll bring you out another one in a few hours,” Carmen volunteered.

“I won’t know where I’ll be on the square.”

“That’s all right. I’ll hunt you down. I’ll be ready for a break by then.” She grinned and handed over the steamy concoction. “That will give me a chance to look around and see what goodies are out there.”

Sally clutched her caffeine lifesaver and headed over to the stage area to make sure it was set up to accommodate the speakers and demonstrations that would follow throughout the day. When she saw Izzy’s truck parked in front the double space he’d requested on the corner, she switched directions and headed his way.

She fully intended to apologize – until she saw the young, gorgeous blond helping Izzy unload the truck.

CNJ_herbs“What the hell?” The words spewed from her lips before she could stop them. Yeah…‘his girl’ my ass. It sure didn’t take him long to come up with someone new. She stomped towards them, her jaw set and lips clenched.

Izzy lifted a flat of lush green plants and turned to set them on the tables lining the space. As he saw Sally bee-lining in his direction, his face lit up in a radiant grin.

The smile slowly faded as she got closer. “Hey babe,” he called out, sounding a little unsure of himself.

“Don’t you ‘babe’ me.”

“All right.” He voice wavered, as if confused. “You still sore over me asking you to dinner when you’re so busy.”

“It’s not that at all.” Icy frostiness coated Sally’s reply. Her eyes cut over to the young assistant who was busy filling the tables with trays from the back of the truck.

Izzy followed her glance and burst out in laughter. “Hey, Rebecca,” he called out. “Come here a minute. There’s someone special I want you to meet.”

Sally glared at the fresh faced girl as she approached. When Izzy walked up and put his arm around her shoulders, Sally felt like a lead ball landed in her stomach.

“Becca, this is Sally, who I’ve told you so much about.”

Rebecca’s face lit up as she held out her hand to shake.

Sally stood frozen, unable to dreg up any southern hospitality in response.

“Sally, this is Rebecca, or ‘Becca’, my favorite younger sister.”

Becca chuckled and slapped at Izzy’s chest. “Your only younger sister, you big brute.”

Relief washed over Sally, lifting a weight from her. It seemed that the sunshine broke out from a cloudy sky and the world was a fine place, once again. She didn’t know whether to dance around in happiness, or wish for a big hole to swallow her and her embarrassment up.

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