Love is in the Air: Sherry Gloag, Featured Author

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August 21, 2015

Welcome to ‘Love is in the Air’. This week join us as we introduce Sherry Gloag. She includes an excerpt for us from, From Now Until Forever.

Stay tuned for upcoming issues, released every Friday. The following authors are scheduled for the next few weeks are: August 28: Jean Joachim, and September 4th: Davee Jones.

Thanks for joining us, and may your week be filled with love!

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Fiery, flame-haired Jane Bratkowski is catapulted from a small college town to Philadelphia to become head coach of a new women’s hockey team, The Venom. It’s a life-changing opportunity, a dream come true until – in a cruel twist of fate that could turn into a nightmare – she comes face to face with her ex-husband Tore Ahlberg, the Wildcats’ head of European Scouting. Suddenly, Jane’s faced with more challenges than she bargained for: Will she let him distract her — and derail her big chance to coach pro hockey? Can she build a team of relatively inexperienced, irrepressible young women into champions? Can she and Tore triumph over the gut-wrenching tragedy that ripped them apart — or will the shocking truth of their passionate past threaten to destroy them once again?

Author Spotlight — Sherry Gloag

LIA_From Now Until ForeverRELEASE DATE AUGUST 25TH!!

Hi Sherry! You have a range of romances, from Regency to Contemporary, and many have a dash of suspense included. Is there one genre that is a favorite of yours to write?

Thank you Trisha for inviting me to join you today.

The genre I find the easiest to write is Contemporary, because, as a ‘pantser’ writer, my stories evolve in such a way I have a hard time keeping up with them, while at others I hang about waiting for my characters to reveal where we are supposed to go next. The dash of suspense usually turns up about halfway through the story and ensures I then face a major reshuffle of all the earlier chapters.

Which was your first book? And how did your writing progress into other genres?

The first book I wrote, that was published, was Duty Calls, but the first book I had published was The Brat, which was the second book I wrote.

My writing evolved into other genres because I wrote my first Regency romance as a kind of ‘thank you’ to the authors of all the Regencies I read from my teenage years on. And my paranormal novellas were a kind of experiment, to see if I could write them!

I see that you have four holiday romances; Vidal’s Honor and Name the Day (Christmas) and His Chosen Bride (Bk 2 of The Gasquet Princes series) and The Wrong Target (Valentine’s Day). How did you like writing romances geared around a holiday, as compared to your other books?

I loved it. Vidal’s Honor required months of research and its success is very rewarding, while The Wrong Target was so much fun to write and still makes me laugh. Name The Day and His Chosen Bride were more challenging because the characters kept changing direction throughout the story.

One of your stories, Queen of Diamonds, was included in an anthology, Love and Diamonds. How did being part of an anthology differ from your other works?

I loved being part of an anthology. I have a huge respect for all the other authors and am honoured my story is included with theirs.

You have a new book coming out in October – Ring of Truth. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Ah, now what can I say? This was a completely new venture for me. While Ring of Truth is a stand-alone story, it is also one of Hearts of Braden series which are all based in a fictional American town called Braden. Remember I am a Brit who has not achieved her dream of visiting the States yet, so this was a huge challenge. Not only did I have to ‘gen’ up about the area and county, I had to be sure, when I included characters from other stories, I didn’t ‘bog-up’ with the details. I’ve had fantastic support from all the other authors involved in the series and have made several new friends during the project.

Here is a ‘mini’ synopsis of Ring of truth:-

When Noelle’s late mother breaks a promise to her five year old daughter to give the ‘pretty’ ring to her daughter ‘when she was old enough to appreciate it properly’ and instead leaves it to her conditionally in her will, Noelle is devastated by the betrayal, and vows to walk away from her inheritance. The problem for Noelle is that if she defaults she loses much more than just the ring, she loses everything, and everyone else involved, some of them total strangers to her, lose too.

Will Noelle allow her sense of betrayal influence her future, or will she listen to her heart?

The Magpie Chronicles is a collection of 13 mixed genre short stories based on the Magpie Rhyme. How did you come up with this idea? What was it like writing stories to fit this theme?

A few years ago, my sister gave me a book for Christmas about myths and legends and the kernel of an idea formed in my mind. I am also a member of a wonderful online writing group called Tuesday’s Tales, started up by author, Jean Joachim, where for most weeks every month we write to a pre-selected word, and once a month we write to a selected picture. Combine those challenging and enjoyable exercises with my love of the Magpie Rhyme and the gifted book, and The Magpie Chronicles was born.

Out of all your books, which one is your favorite?

I’m sorry Trisha, I don’t think I can answer this one!  Each book has something special in it for me.

Do you have a short excerpt you’d like to share with us?

This excerpt is the opening scene of the re-release of Book One of my Gasquet Princes series, From Now Until Forever, due out on August 25th by Clean Reads:-

Liam Fitzwilliam Gasquet stared in amazement at the blooming patch of red milliseconds before the pain exploded in his arm. Some trigger-happy idiot had fired in his direction. Indignation didn’t have time to take root before another bullet kicked the dust at his feet.

Not trigger-happy.


The rebels had found the fourth and youngest son of Jean-Phillipe Gasquet, ruler of the tiny kingdom adjacent to the Swiss border. When had they discovered his whereabouts?

With a reluctant sigh, he faced the truth of it. They hadn’t found him at all. They’d followed him. For the last three years he’d buried his head in the sand while travelling around the world, assuming his stab at anonymity would keep him safe from the insurgents hopeful of removing his family as rulers of the country.

To the sound of more gunshots, he flung himself towards the nearest cover, while horses stampeded across the nearby paddock. Wedging himself behind the scrawny gorse bush wouldn’t deter anyone with a powerful rifle sight for long, but he prayed it would buy him a few more seconds.

Sherry’s Bio:

Best-selling author Sherry Gloag now lives in the beautiful East Anglian countryside in the UK. She spent her childhood in Scotland before moving to the Midlands of England.

After cutting her writing teeth with contemporary romance, Sherry tried her hand at light paranormal in her 2nd book of The Gasquet Princes series, His Chosen bride. Her next adventure, writing Regency stories, produced her best-selling novel, Vidal’s Honor.

When she’s not writing, Sherry enjoys walking gardening and her crystal craft work. “It’s bit like writing 🙂 When you’re in the ‘zone’ everything just flows. It’s a great feeling.”

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  1. What a nice feature! I loved your Gasquet Princes books, as well as The Wrong Target. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Ring of Truth!


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