Starting Over – TT Picture prompt

Tuesday TalesSince A Second Chance is deep in edits, this week I’m returning to an incomplete story from last year. In Starting Over, Victoria met Toby in the antique store she owns in Oak Grove Square. The man is a frustrating mix of coldhearted developer, sweet and charming hunk, and a broken-hearted little boy still mourning his grandparents.

We left off in this tale with Toby and Victoria out in the country, where they sat at the side of the snowy road looking down at his grandparent’s old farmhouse. This week we’re writing to a picture prompt, so the reading is quick – only 300 words. Return to Tuesday Tales here, to read more snippets from the talented Tuesday Tales bunch.


TT_October 2015 pic promptThe softness in Toby’s features abruptly changed. It was if a shutter had dropped, closing off the glimpse into his heart. Next to Victoria now sat a man with no apparent feeling or emotion. She shivered, feeling like the temperature had just dropped from warm to frigid. She briskly rubbed her hands together to ward off the chilliness.

Toby turned the key and the engine roared to life. “Want to go get something warm to eat?”

“Sure…” She was deep in thought, trying to figure out what moment made him put his guard back up.

“There’s a diner not far from here. If they’re still open that is.”

She didn’t answer. She sat, examining his face as if she could find the answer there.”

The diner was still in business. The filled parking lot, miles out in the middle of nowhere, attested to how popular the little hole in the wall was. Either that, or there’s nowhere else to go out here, Victoria thought.

When the server sat the steaming meat pie down in the middle of the table, she was glad that she’d agreed to Toby’s suggestion about sharing this dish. Even more so once he broke into the crust revealing moist beef chunks surrounded by potatoes, carrots and peas in a thick, mouth-watering gravy.

They didn’t talk much as they each dug into their meal. Victoria finally slowed down enough to ask a question. “So…what are you working on this week? Find any more fields to destroy?” She laughed to show she was joking, referencing the field by her home that she’d been so upset about a few weeks earlier.

His face turned red as he stammered his reply. “No…it’s a new project…in Oak Grove.”

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