How Writing Novellas Helped me to my First Publishing Deal

Heather Pardoe

Snowdon 1 Snowdon from Llanberis

It’s quite strange seeing my novella ‘Finding the Snowdon Lily’ out as an ebook. You see, it was first written when ebooks were just a whisper and before the whole social media thing took off. (Yes there was life before Facebook and Twitter!)

Snowdon 3 Dolbadarn Castle, with Snowdon rising up behind

It may be small, but, like all my novellas, it is very dear to my heart. My novellas are where I cut my teeth as a novelist. At the time, I’d had a couple of short stories published, and I was in the RNA New Writers’ Scheme, floundering away at trying to finish my great Tome of a novel that was going to win every prize going and make me rich beyond my wildest dreams.

Ferns 1When a friend suggested that a 30,000 word pocket novel was a good place to learn my craft, I dismissed the…

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