Starting Over – TT picture prompt

In Starting Over, Victoria met Toby in the antique store she owns in Oak Grove Square. The man is a frustrating mix of coldhearted developer, sweet and charming hunk, and a broken-hearted little boy still mourning his grandparents.

Toby and Victoria have had a disagreement about his latest development project. They’ve patched it up and are headed out for their first formal date since their big fight. This week we’re writing to a writer’s choice picture prompt. I chose the wine in front of the fireplace. Return to Tuesday Tales here, to read more snippets from the talented Tuesday Tales bunch.

Picture prompts are only 300 word snippets, so it will be quick reading and you’ll discover lots of new, fun stories in the works.

Tuesday Tales


TT_011116The evenings still brought a chill with them and Victoria shivered when she stepped out into the brisk night air. Toby threw an arm around her and escorted her inside the restaurant. The waiter showed them to a table right next to a blazing fire. She would have rather been camped underneath his shoulder again.

Victoria ordered a Caesar salad and Toby looked surprised. “Just a salad? You sure you don’t want to try one of the specials?”

“I’ve been craving a salad all day.” She was tired after the long week and didn’t want to get sleepy. With things going so well between them right now, there were other things on her mind besides sleep.

“Obviously you haven’t been on a construction site all day.” The large T-bone he ordered, complete with sides attested to his hunger.

When the waiter suggested a nice Merlot, Toby looked to Victoria.

“Maybe a glass. More than that and you’ll find me snoring over here.”

Toby raised his glass in salute. “To us…and our peace treaty.”

“It’s nice…being together and not bickering,” Victoria agreed. “Think it will last?”

“I definitely hope so.” He leaned in closer. “You are worth some compromises. I may not be able to open up much, but I promise that I will try to tear down some of the wall I’ve built up.”

She reached across the table and laid her hand on his. “If you can do that, I’ll promise not to expect you to be someone you truly aren’t.”

Toby laughed. “I may find my inner child after all.”

When the meals came, he dug right in, devouring his as if he hadn’t eaten in days. He looked up later and realized that Victoria was merely pushing bits about her plate.

“You okay? You haven’t touched your meal.”


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