Starting Over – TT ‘wood’

In Starting Over, Victoria met Toby in the antique store she owns in Oak Grove Square. The man is a frustrating mix of coldhearted developer, sweet and charming hunk, and a broken-hearted little boy still mourning his grandparents.

Toby and Victoria have had a disagreement about his latest development project. They’ve patched things up and are headed out for their first formal date since their big fight. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘wood’. Return to Tuesday Tales here, to read more snippets from the talented Tuesday Tales bunch.

Tuesday Tales


The ride back to Victoria’s was quiet. The air was thick with tension, although of a different sort than they had on a ride they’d shared a few weeks back when they had their huge fight. Their hands lay on the console between them, clasped tightly as if their lives depended on their contact with one another.

Victoria almost felt overwhelmed with the swirling emotions that ranged from nervousness to excitement, with small touches of fright tucked in here and there.

So much for her resolve to never get involved again.

So much for her determination to steer clear of Toby after seeing a side of him that she didn’t care for much.

But then she’d glance at the profile silhouetted by the street lights they passed, and seeing the planes of his face changing with the light and the shadows her stomach would flip flop with desire and anticipation.

When they pulled up in the driveway Toby turned the car off, turned to her and raised his palm up to her cheek. Gently stroking the side of her face, he murmured, “You’re going to invite me in, aren’t you?”

The only answer she was capable of was a soft kiss on the palm cupping her cheek.

He moaned softly before he whispered, “You know I won’t want to leave.”

“Suits me fine. I don’t think I want you to leave.”

“Let’s continue this conversation inside.”

A shadowy porch greeted the two as they stepped towards the door. Victoria fumbled with the key, which between the darkness and her nerves wasn’t cooperating. “Guess I forgot to leave the light on.”

“That’s okay. Then your neighbors won’t see this…” Toby scooted in behind her and slid his arms around her waist. He nuzzled the back of her neck, nudging her hair out of the way, leaving a trail of kisses up the side until he reached her ear.

When he gave her ear a quick lick, Victoria’s knees buckled and she dropped the keys.

Toby chuckled as he bent to retrieve them. “Which key? I’ll get the door for you.”

Flustered, she could only hold out the proper key.

“Let a man do it,” he joked as the door swung open.

Victoria patted his bottom as she stepped around him and flipped a switch, illuminating the living room with a soft light in the far corner. “Oh…I do believe I will let a man do it…if he thinks he’s any good at it,” she retorted.

“Oh honey…maybe I’ll just let you give me a report yourself…in the morning.”

She took his hand and pulled him towards the couch, dropping her purse on the floor beside it. Glancing at the wood pile to see how much was there, she asked, “Want a fire?”

dancing in dark“I don’t think we need a fire…we’ll heat it up just fine ourselves.” To prove his point, he moved in closer and slid his hands up her arms. “Maybe some music? You like to dance?”

Soon a jazzy band sounded from the speakers and the two moved together and swayed to the tune. There wasn’t much talk going on, only the communication between a man and a woman, getting to know each other on their own private dance floor.

Victoria didn’t think she could stay upright another moment, she ached to feel his skin, to feel him covering her body with his. All fears and anxiety had fled, to be replaced with fiery passion and need. “I think…” she whispered.

“…me too.” He took her hand and started to lead her away. Until he stopped mid stride and started laughing. “Except…I don’t know which way your bedroom is.”

With a giggle, Victoria led him down the hall. She stepped into the dark room and stopped.

Not realizing that she wasn’t moving, Toby bumped into her. “What?” he asked in mock astonishment. “No light? Honey, I want to see you. I want your face embedded in my memory. I want to look in your eyes as I make love to you.”

Victoria moved to switch on the small lamp sitting on the nightstand. It was several hours later when the light was finally turned off for the evening and she fell back into Toby’s open arms, where he lay waiting to embrace her as they fell asleep, wrapped together.

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