Something Amiss in Alerald – TT picture prompt

For the next few weeks we’re sharing snippets of a new story, tentatively titled Something Amis in Alerald, a LGBT Fairy Tale.

Despite the temptation that Lady Catherine presented at the ball, after a few furtive embraces and toe curling kisses at the end of the dark corridor, Reanna remained strong with her love for Nahla. After the guests bedded down for the eve, Reanna put her escape plan in motion. She quietly fetched Nahla from her slumber and the two slipped out to the stable.

This week in Tuesday Tales, we’re writing to a picture prompt. Several photos were available to choose from and each author picked one to write to. Scenes this week are only 300 words, so reading will be quick. Return to TUESDAY TALES here, to read more snippets from several different genres.


TT_030816“Hide! Quickly!” Reanna slid off the mare’s back, turned and held up her arms to catch Nahla.

Worried at what was ahead of them on the trail, Nahla froze on the horses back. “I thought…”

“Shhhh!” Reanna threw a finger to her lips and shushed her. She pulled her lover off in an ungracious manner and dropped to the ground behind a thorny shrub, pulling Nahla down beside her. “Hush, Father’s huntsmen are ahead.”

The frightened girl clutched Reanna’s arm and leaned in closer, whispering in her ear. “How? How’d they get here ahead of us? We’ve been riding all night.”

Reanna listened for a moment before she whispered back. “The river is just ahead. A small fleet of shallops are mid-stream, and they’re scanning the banks.”

Nahla’s face blanched at the thoughts of what would happen if they were caught. She moaned softly. “Oh, the King will behead me for this.”

“No, he will not.” Reanna replied quietly, but emphatically. “First off, they’ll not find us. And even if they do, I shall threaten to kill myself if anything happens to you. You know my Father wouldn’t want that on his conscious.”

The two sat on the hard dusty ground, despite the day’s heat starting to bake them in their heavy gowns. The mare whinnied in frustration and pawed at the ground. She tossed her head, trying to free herself from Reanna’s grasp of the reins before she finally gave up and settled down. After the sun had moved a distance in the sky, Reanna stood slowly, carefully peeking over the top of the bush. “It appears to be clear. Let’s go drink from the stream and fill our skins with fresh water.”

“How did they know we came this way?” Nahla was puzzled.

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