Something Amiss in Alerald – TT ‘mirror’

This is the last snippets of Something Amis in Alerald, a LGBT Fairy Tale. It’s now in the editing phase and being sent off for the contest.

Princess Reanna and Nahla are on the run to the furthest corner of the kingdom. Although we haven’t come to the ending yet, I can assure you it’s a happily ever after and the two women are able to live their forever love with each other.

This week in Tuesday Tales, we’re writing to the prompt ‘mirror’. Return to TUESDAY TALES here, to read more snippets from several different genres.


Nahla tore off a chunk from one of the loaves and passed it to Reanna. Her small moans of appreciation for the meal brought a smile to Reanna’s face. When the bread was consumed, Nahla reached for a pear. She nibbled it delicately, but juice still dripped down her chin to her bodice.

Reanna noticed and couldn’t resist the temptation. She leaned closer and gently lapped the pear droplets from Nahla’s chin. From the chin, she traveled to the neck and up towards the ear, leaving a trace of nibbles, licks and an occasional suck.

Leaning her head back, to expose more neckline, Nahla’s moans grew lower and throatier. She could barely respond as a flush of heat started at her toes and spread through her like wildfire, leaving a moist dampness in its wake. “How I’ve missed your touch,” she uttered when she could finally speak.

“And I yours.” The tender kisses were joined by soft touches as Reanna caressed her lover, murmuring sweet nothings as she gently covered her body with her ministrations.

“…but…in the open…we may be seen…” Nahla protested, but not with much fervor.

“It’s been too long. I’ve dreamt of our lovemaking, waking weak with desire.” She continued without slowing. “The mare will warn us…” More kisses followed, down the valley between the breasts, a hand slowing making its way beneath the gown, rising higher.

Nahla’s desire for modesty fled, in its place only the intense longing for release. The two writhing bodies were intent on fulfilling each other’s passions and never would have noticed any travelers on the road. It was fortunate that no one passed. As the flames were extinguished leaving each girl satisfied and flushed, they lay back, grins plastered across each face. Laying together, hands clasped between them, they fell into a drowsy slumber.

The blazing sun as it moved across the sky fell across the girls, warming them with another kind of heat. Reanna awoke first, somewhat confused as to where she was. When her thoughts cleared and she recalled their quest for a new life where they had the freedom to love one another, she awoke fully. Nudging Nahla, she murmured, “Awake my love. We must travel on. The sun has passed too far across the sky.”

Nahla shook her head groggily, peeved at being awoken from a deep sleep. The clarity of their situation brought her to wakefulness and she sat up with a jolt. “How much time have we lost?”

“A good deal of the day.” Reanna giggled as she adjusted her gown and re-laced the bodice. “Dare I say it was worth it though?” She wondered briefly if they dare take the time for another tryst, then decided that they daren’t.

They rose gingerly, tugging and straightening their attire before heading to the river when they splashed cool water on their faces and necks. Reanna turned and gathered Nahla in her arms for a gentle embrace, mirrored by the rippling water in the inlet near their feet. They stood locked together, not wanting this short respite to end.

Taking a deep breath, Reanna broke the mood first. “Come, dear. Let’s gather our belongings and move on. I was hoping to make the wise woman’s cottage before dark.”

Nahla collected the food and tied it back up in the makeshift bag while Reanna rolled the rug up and tied it onto the mare’s back. Knotting the bag to the rope tied around the rug, Reanna deftly mounted the mare and held a hand down to help pull Nahla up. She kneed the horse in the ribs, and after a snort and a toss of its head, they were on their journey again.

The sun beat down on them as they followed the stream. Sweat streamed down their faces, causing them to keep drinking from the water skins. Twice they stopped to refill them. As the sun started to set on the horizon, the waterway took a wide bend, almost turning back on itself. “I think this is where we deviate from the river, “Reanna said. She slowed and started watching the forest side closely, hoping she’d recognize what she thought she remembered. She stopped and gazed at a small trodden path coming from the forest. Taking a deep breath of resolve, she turned the horse towards the wooded area and headed in.

The dark woods, shaded by the towering trees with its blanket of thick, leafy carpet was a huge difference from the sunny river bank they’d followed for so long. The moved slowly as it took some time for their eyes to acclimate to the dimness of the forest. At times they’d have to stop, as the path became hidden under the dense foliage. At one point Reanna was sure they’d lost the trail. She slid off the horses back and handed the reins to Nahla. “Stay here. Let me find our way.”

Nahla sat in silence, frightened at being alone in unfamiliar territory. Which each echo of rustling leaves, her heart beat faster, not knowing if it was Reanna returning, the King’s men out searching for them, or a wild beast, come to feast of her porcelain limbs.

herbalist cottageReanna finally appeared, causing Nahla to breathe a sigh of relief. “I found the way. The route hasn’t been used in some time. I hope the old woman is still alive.”

The horse trod slowly where Reanna directed it, through the undergrowth, stepping over vines and rock piles. Through the dappled light of the oak canopy, they finally saw a dark shadow of an abode up ahead.

“I think this is it,” Reanna murmured as she urged the horse forward.

As if in response, a raven haired beauty came around the corner of the cottage, carrying a basket overflowing with greenery.

“I thought you said she was an old, hunchbacked hag,” Nahla whispered in Reanna’s ear.



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