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Manifesting Love Club #3


This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Last week we found Corecia catching her new flame on Facebook making out with another girl. After running to the restroom for a good cry, the four friends settled in for a delicious dinner before they settled down for their first official meeting of this new club.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘pill’.

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cheating pic

“Oh just chill, Corecia. You set yourself up for this heartbreak, girl.”

“Juliette…that’s not very nice.” Heather seemed astonished that someone would say that to a friend.

“It’s the truth. How many times have we warned her she’s not going to find any keepers at the club scene?”

Corecia stuck her tongue out at Juliette. “I’ve gotten lots of men at that club that you keep putting down.”

Tracey leaned over, softly patted Corecia’s arm and spoke tentatively. “But Corecia, dear…you know we all only want to see you happy…but admit it, the men you’ve met at the club haven’t been good for the long term prospects…have they?”

A slow shake of Corecia’s head shook her beaded braids across her shoulders. “Guess you’re right. But it’s so much fun there and the people are a blast to hang out with.”

Heather interrupted and pushed fresh, clean legal pads across the table to her friends. “Okay, ladies. Let’s get down to business. Anyone need a pen or pencil?”

legal padThree hands raised in the air accompanied by a chorus of ‘Me’s’. After pencils were passed out, Heather started her pitch.

“I know call the first meeting of the Manifesting Love Club to order. We’re going to meet once a month to look at different techniques to attract love – true love – into our lives.” With her last words, she looked directly at Corecia. “Tonight we’re working on affirmations and I have a list of some other ideas for the months coming up. Candles, love spells, new moon rituals…all kinds of fun and unusual methods.”

Juliette had been uncharacteristically quiet after she’d given Corecia her honest opinion. She leaned forward and directed her question to Heather. “You said we’re going to do affirmations tonight? How will that bring love to our life?”

“Affirmations are statements that we repeat to ourselves. They’re best if they’re positive. For instance, you wouldn’t say ‘I don’t want any players in my life.’ You’d say ‘I want an honest and faithful lover.’ And, they seem to work best if they’re fairly short. Something you can keep in mind and easily repeat often throughout the day.”

“What if you have lots of things you want? More than just honest and faithful?” Corecia spoke up, but the quizzical look on her face looked unconvinced.

Heather answered without missing a beat. “That’s the beauty of it. You write as many as you want. You’re not limited to just one. But…” She paused for a dramatic effect. “…before you can write them, you have to know what you want. I’m going to make you do some work first.”

Juliette twisted her mouth up in a little pout and picked at her lacy collar. “Yuck. I didn’t come here to work. I do enough of that all day. Isn’t there just a pill we can take for it, instead?”

“Don’t think of it as work, Juliette. Think of it as creating. You’re going to create your own magnificent lover. We all know you’re tremendous at creating.”

Tracey sat there quietly throughout all the chit chat and banter. She thought it was amusing to see the three younger ones debate about love and lovers. “Good thing I’m not in the market for love. Guess that lets me off the hook. Nothing I need to do tonight.”

Heather held up a hand in protest. “Oh no girlie, you’re not getting off that easy. You’re part of this little group, too.”

“But I’m not looking for love.”

A bemused look crossed Heather’s face and her eyes twinkled as if she knew something that Tracey didn’t. “Humor us and play along. We need to know exactly what we’re looking for. So I want everyone to write down exactly what you’re looking for. All the details that would make your perfect man. Height. Looks. Interests. Personality. Career. Every little thing that crosses your mind. What he likes to eat. If he likes to cook. If he likes to hike, swim, bike…whatever you think of. Tracey…for tonight, just pretend. We know you’re not looking for anyone…but if you were…what would he be like?”

Manifesting Love Club #2

This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘push’.

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Tracey hesitated at Heather’s front door. What on earth am I even doing here? I don’t want to manifest a new love in my life. I’ll sure be the odd one out tonight. The power of peer pressure prevailed and overrode her second thoughts. She took a deep breath, juggled the dessert in her hands and rang the bell to summon her hostess.

Heather flung the door open and wrapped her arms around her friend in a hug. “I should have known you’d be the first one here. You always are. But…you’re early.” Reaching for the pan Tracey held, she continued on in a rush of words. “Since you’re here, I’m putting you to work. I’m running so far behind. You can make the salad for me.”

Looking at her watch, Tracey wondered when fifteen minutes before the appointed time became early. But not wanting to start the night out in a debate, she clamped her mouth shut and followed Heather to the kitchen. “Mmmmm…it sure smells good. You must not be that far behind.” She turned and looked around the room. “You’ve changed it since I’ve been here. I like it.”

“Thanks. Some new tile samples came in and I just had to incorporate them somewhere.” She hid her head in the refrigerator and started piling produce on the counter. Grabbing a large bowl, cutting board and knife, she handed them to her friend. “Here. Use any of these that you want for the salad. Anyway…one of the major companies came out with these tiles. They’re a contemporary version of Azulejo tiles, a glazed ceramic tile popular in Portugal, Spain and …”

“Enough. You’re the interior designer, not me. Remember, I work with numbers. Cut and dried. Balance sheets and figures. I don’t have the creative talent that you do.”

“Juliette’s creative too. With her funky fashion business. She applies her creativity to fabrics and clothing instead of rooms.”

“True. The two of you are the artistic ones. I’m the balanced and ordered one, wanting everything to fit into its own compartment. And Corecia…” Tracey trailed off as she rummaged through the bags and set aside the mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, and broccoli.

Heather chuckled as she added her own thoughts. “Corecia…well…she’s just Corecia. She’s young and still figuring out life. But don’t tell her that. She thinks she already has a handle on the world. Little does she know…”

“I know. Such a baby still at twenty-three. Wait till she hits sixty like I did a few weeks ago. She’ll be singing a different tune.” Starting to chop the rinsed vegetables, Tracey pursed her lips as a thought crossed her mind. “You’re still pretty far back there yourself, girl. Have you even made it to forty yet?”

“I crossed that forty bridge a long time ago. I’ll be forty-three on my birthday this year.”

“No!” Tracy exclaimed in mock horror. “Not forty-three! Why you’re almost…ancient.”

The ringing doorbell stopped Heather from replying. She scurried off and returned with Juliette in tow.

“You’re looking stylish tonight. Chic, as usual.” Tracey slid the chopped produce into the salad bowl before spinning around for her hug. “Love all the lace going on tonight.”

chocolate wine“Chantilly lace. My favorite yardage. I just finished it today.” Juliette whirled around in a diva display of her handiwork, the paper bag she’d carried in held high in her hand.

“Hand me that wine before you drop it. You don’t want to see us on the floor licking it up, do you?” Heather reached for the package and pulled the bottle out. “Yum! Chocolate wine. Want it with dinner? Or save it for dessert?”

“Both!” Juliette and Tracey had the same thought at the same time.

Juliette pushed a stool out from underneath the counter and made herself comfortable while the other two worked; Tracey finishing the salad and Heather dicing up chives to garnish the roasted chicken with. Hooking her feet on the rungs of the stool, Juliette’s inquisitiveness got the better of her. “So…we’re here…what are we going to do tonight to manifest love?”

Grabbing a hot pad and sliding the chicken out of the oven, Heather shook her head in denial. “Can’t say yet. Corecia’s not here yet.”

“You won’t even give me a clue? I’ve been dying of curiosity all week. I’m ready for love. I don’t think I’ve even had a date for six months. If not longer.” Juliette plucked a grape from the bowl sitting on the counter. “I hope it’s better than what I had last time around. I think that was the quickest marriage in history. Luckily I found out what a pig he really was so soon.”

“You weren’t married very long, were you? Not that I’m complaining. I thought he was a jerk myself.” Heather wrinkled up her nose at the very thought of Juliette’s ex.

“We didn’t even make it to our first anniversary.”

Tracey interrupted the unhappy marriage saga before it got started. They’d all heard it before. She didn’t want to head down that memory lane again tonight. “You all may be looking for love, but I’m not here for that tonight. I’m just here for moral support. And…because y’all wouldn’t let me get out of it.”

Tracey looked up in time to catch Juliette and Heather looking at each other across the room. “What? I’m serious. I have no intention of falling in love again. Luke and I were very happy together. No one else can live up to his memory.”

A sound rang out and Heather murmured under her voice as she rushed to answer the door. “Saved by the bell.”

Corecia came sashaying into the kitchen, proudly displaying the cold bottle in her hand. “Let the night begin. The chocolate wine is here!”

Juliette hopped up. “That’s what I brought too. What brand?” Looking at newest arrival, she squealed with delight. “That’s the same kind I brought. I just love that wine!”

Sitting the bottle on the counter, Corecia continued her jig around the room. “I didn’t really need to come tonight. I found the love of my life!”

“Again? So soon? A few weeks ago you were still on a string of one-night boys.” Juliette frowned in disbelief.

“Yep! I met him a week ago. We’ve been together every night. And girls, let me tell you….mmmm…does that man know how to love a girl.” The Cheshire cat grin on her face said that they’d be hearing some juicy stories as the night – and the wine – progressed. “So…Heather…you don’t need to keep your manifesting plans secret. Cuz I got me a honey already without them. What were we going to do tonight to bring love into our lives?”

Heather responded with a Zen like look on her face. “Affirmations. We’re going to write affirmations to attract exactly what we want to come to us.”

Corecia waved her hand in the air in dismissal. “That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. Besides, I don’t need this anymore. I found me a man. A fine man.” She pulled her phone from her back pocket. “Here. Let me show you my new honey’s picture. He has the yummiest pictures on his Facebook page.”

Everyone stood and watched as she scrolled through her phone. Fingers flying across the screen. A tap here. A tap there. Her eyes lit up with pleasure and then, as she stared down at the image only she could see, the glow dimmed and her face scrunched up in unexpected pain.

Tracey knew that look all too well. She’d seen in before, on too many friends faces. It wasn’t the delightful look of gloating. It was the look of someone hurting. She moved quietly across the room and put an arm around Corecia’s shoulders. Speaking softly, she asked, “What’s up honey?”

Tipping the phone so Tracey could see, Corecia mumbled her answer. “I guess I didn’t find the love of my life. Our first night apart and he’s out partying with someone else.”

Tracey looked down to see a photo posted of, yes, a fine delicious looking man, tight in the embrace of a young girl who’s dress went up to there and down to there, without much left in between the two ends. And they weren’t talking stock tips, that’s for sure.

Corecia darted from the room, down the hall and they heard the bathroom shut with a bang. The three others stood around looking at each other, not quite knowing what to do at that moment.

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Manifesting Love Club #1


This week for Tuesday Tales, I’m starting a new story, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘phone’.

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birthday cake

“Blast it all! Which one of you has the big mouth?” Tracey cast her eyes down at the table as if not acknowledging the waiter that approached them would make him disappear. It wasn’t as if no one could see the blazing candle that adorned the towering slice of chocolate cake. But if any other diners happened to miss it, the trailing line of wait staff singing an off-key rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ made sure to bring everyone’s attention to the four ladies gathered to celebrate Tracey’s milestone birthday.

The song trailed off in a pathetic ending and the waiter stood there, scanning the four faces to see who the dessert belonged to. Three sets of fingers pointed in Tracey’s direction. “Gee, thanks. With friends like you…” she muttered.

As she inhaled for the grand blowing out of the candle, Corecia interrupted with a squeal. “No! Not yet. You have to make a wish first.”

Really? A wish? Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I made a wish? Tracey glared at Corecia, the youngest in the group of four friends. “You probably weren’t even born yet when I last made a wish. Besides…the only thing I’d wish for isn’t possible.” The smile faded from her face and her shoulders sagged at the thought of what she’d most like in life. But…there weren’t enough candles to wish on that would bring her husband back.

Juliette reached across the table and slapped at Corecia’s hand. “There. See what you’ve done. Now you’ve made her sad on her birthday.”

Corecia merely puckered her lips into a pouty face in Juliette’s direction, waved her hand in the air as if it didn’t matter, and turned her attention back to the digital screen that had captivated her most of the night.

Blue wax proceeded to drip down and splash across the top of the frosted cake. Heather pointed and spoke up. “Go ahead, Tracey. Forget the wish. Better blow it out before it burns the house down.”

Tracey proceeded to blow at the flame, although it took her three tries before she finally extinguished it. Heather, sitting next to her, leaned over and whispered low enough that the other two couldn’t hear. “I’m sorry, dear. Memories of your husband tend to crop up at unexpected moments, don’t they?”

A soft nod from Tracey showed her agreement. “You’d think I’d be used to it by now. After all…it’s been two years. I guess with the birthday thing though…especially hitting sixty this year…he’s just been on my mind a lot lately. I miss him so much still.”

Across the table, Juliette overheard the last part and added her own thoughts. “You need a boyfriend, Tracey. That would take your mind off your husband’s death.”

Heather gasped in astonishment. “What? I can’t believe you said that!

Tracey sputtered as her face paled to a deathly white. “What…a…a…boyfriend? You’ve got to be kidding me, right? You think I want a boyfriend…so soon after my husband died?”

“It’s not like it’s all that soon, Tracey. It has been two years.” Juliette spoke as if she were the all-knowing voice of love and relationships.

“Have some respect.” Heather jumped to her friend’s defense. “Two years is not that long. Especially not when someone had such a loving relationship. How long were you two married Tracey?”

“We’d just celebrated our thirty fourth anniversary. We were going to go to Hawaii the next year to celebrate our thirty fifth. Until a drunk driver changed those plans.”

Juliette held up her wine glass in a silent toast. “Thirty four years. I can’t even imagine. I’d love to make it to thirty four weeks in a good relationship.”

Corecia looked up from her phone with a smirk on her face. “Girlfriend…you’d be lucky to make it thirty four days with the same man.”

“Ha! As if you’d know,” Juliette retorted. “You haven’t made it that long with the same man either, even being the ebony beauty you are.”

“I don’t seem to recall having any lack of men in my life.” Corecia sat up straight and flung her beaded braids over her shoulder.

“Noooooo…you have guys all over you…but a different one every night. You’re such a hussy.” Juliette leaned back with a smug look on her face.

“You’re just jealous because you haven’t had a date in…what…a month or more?”

“C’mon ladies. Don’t be ugly. We’re here for Tracey’s birthday tonight. Not to fuss with each other or bemoan our lack of a love life.” Heather stepped in, always the voice of reason in this unlikely group of friends. She always seemed to be the peacemaker, placating the rowdier members of the foursome and soothing ruffled feathers.

“That’s right. I’m sorry, Tracey.” Corecia looked across the table at Tracey. “Forgive me?”

“Don’t even worry about it. There’s nothing to forgive.” A slight smile crept back on Tracey’s face, easing out the sadness that had settled in for a few moments. “Besides, maybe you’re right. Maybe there’s always so many guys drifting about you, we feel like lonely wallflowers.” She lifted a forkful of her birthday cake to her mouth and pushed the plate into the middle of the table so the others could join her.

“Not just guys, fine young men.” The look of pride on Corecia’s face had her glowing, and then it faded into a thoughtful expression. “Y’all may be right though. I’ve got lots of offers, lots of one time dates. Which is fine when we’re all out partying and having a good time. But ya’ know…sometimes I’d just like to have one main squeeze, one special man to come home to every night and curl up on the couch with.”

Juliette piped back up. “Then you have to stop meeting your guys at the clubs. You know all you’re gonna find there are players.”

“You have any better ideas, Miss I-Don’t-Have-a-Man-Either? I am not going to sign up for one of those dating sites. No matter how much they advertise how wonderful they are.”

Heather almost bounced up and down in her seat. “We can do it. We can manifest men in our lives. Special men. Honorable, faithful men. Let’s make a club. A manifesting club. We can get together and call our soulmates to us.”

“Ummmm…excuse me…” Tracey interrupted. “I don’t recall saying I wanted a man in my life. I think I’ll stay out of this little magical circle you’re setting up.”

Corecia swiveled her chin around and spoke up. “Un-uh. You’ve gotta be there too Miss Tracey. Whether you’re a wantin’ a man or not. You’re part of this group. We’ve got to do this together.”

“I’m in.” Juliette smacked her palm on the table. “Tell me when and where. I’m ready for a good man in my life.”

Heather beamed with excitement. “My apartment. First Saturday of the month?”

“Sure. Count me in.” Corecia looked around the table at the others. “But…what are we going to do? Light candles? Drink love potions?”

“I have some ideas. I’ll do some research for our first meeting. But I know what I want to share at our first meeting. Something I’ve been dabbling around with the past few weeks.” Heather took a bite of the cake that was fast disappearing and didn’t volunteer any more.

“What? You going to leave us in suspense until our first official meeting?” Juliette adjusted the bands of tinkling bracelets on her wrist and looked annoyed.

“Yep. It will be a surprise. I’ll fix dinner for us.”

“I’ll bring a dessert.” Tracey conceded that she’d attend too. Not that she had any intention of participating in trying to summon a man into her life.

“I’ll bring the wine.” Juliette and Corecia spoke up in unison.

“It’s a deal.” Heather pulled her phone from her pocket, pulled up the calendar and added a note to her schedule. “The third of next month. Seven o’clock?”

The others did the same, all adding notes to their various electronic devices. Except for Tracey. She pulled a note pad from her purse and jotted down the date and time.

Juliette looked over and laughed at Tracey. “Really? Woman, we have got to get you up with the times. That is so old-school.”

Tracey glanced up and chuckled. “Well, maybe while you three work on your love life, I’ll work on manifesting some modern technology.”

“So, Heather, what are we going to be doing to bring love our way?” Corecia tried to slide the question in to catch Heather unawares.

It didn’t work.

“Told you. Not going to tell. You’ll find out when you get there. Just bring an open mind with you. And the wine and dessert, of course.”