Manifesting Love #5

This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Last week Heather introduced her idea of affirmations to manifest love. The friends are working on their lists of what they want in a man as Heather serves up dessert. Corecia starts the rounds with sharing what’s on her list of a perfect man.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘hug’.

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legal padCorecia scanned her list before answering. “There’s so much here. First of all…the brother’s got to be fine. Tall. Good looking. He’s got to know how to move on the dancefloor. Has to know how to have a good time and be fun to be around. Someone with a good attitude. And, he’s most definitely got to be a one girl guy. No more of this flavor-of-the-week men for me. He’s got to have a job, that’s fo’ sure. Preferably a good job, making lots of the gold so we don’t have to scrimp and save to live.” She paused and lifted her glass of chocolate wine to her lips.

“Is that all? That’s all you want in a man?” Heather pried, curious if that was the complete list.

chocolate wineSitting her glass down, Corecia flipped a page on the pad in front of her. “No, ma’am. I’ve got more. I’d like him to be smart. Have a college degree. I want someone with energy. Don’t want no lazy butt in my life. I’ve already done had too many of those.” She leaned back in her chair and heaved a huge sigh. “And…I want a man that brings me flowers…not out of guilt, not for any special occasion, for no reason other than that he loves me.”

The three other ladies all hooted in agreement on Corecia’s last point. Heather and Juliette looked slightly wistful, while the corners of Tracey’s mouth tugged in a small private grin. She recalled that her husband, Luke, used to bring her flowers for no reason. She always enjoyed those surprise moments. She picked up a pen and added to her own list. Not that I’m looking for anyone, but if someone else entered my life, yes, he’d definitely need to bring me flowers for no reason at all.

Heather pushed her empty plate to the side and spoke up. “We’ll go around the table and see what everyone else has before I tell you how to take your wish lists and turn them into affirmations. But first, I have a question. Corecia, if you met a man that had all of these qualities…but he was short, would that be a deal breaker?”

Corecia leaned back in her chair, tipped her head back and closed her eyes as she thought for a moment before she answered slowly. “Nooooo. I’d like someone tall. But if he had all those other qualities…I could love him…even if he was short.” She started to laugh as a vision came to her mind. “As long as he wasn’t so short that when he gave me a hug, his face wasn’t plastered in the middle of the girls.”

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