Manifesting Love Club #9


This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Earlier, Heather introduced her idea of affirmations to manifest love. The friends are working on their lists of what they want in a dream man. Heather shares her list of affirmations with her friends. And her mind starts to wonder. When will he come? Who will he be?

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘pencil’.

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Heather waited until the laughter died down before continuing with her mission – teaching her friends how to make their dreams into positive affirmations.

“Almost done. We’re going to take our wish list and use it to manifest the guys of our dreams.”

“How we gonna do that?” Corecia asked. “We’re gonna twinkle our noses and there he is?”

“No, goofus. Didn’t you listen to anything she said earlier?” The irritation showed on Juliette’s face as she chastised her friend.

“It’s okay, Juliette. It’s a new concept for a lot of people.” Heather tried to soothe ruffled feathers before it escalated into a war of words between the two, which had happened before. Being the two youngest ones in this group of partners-in-crime, Corecia’s impulsiveness and Juliette’s lack of patience had been a source of conflict before.

Heather moved her gaze around the table, looking at all three ladies before choosing one. “Corecia, what was one item on your list?”

legal padThe ebony beauty scanned the page in front of her and picked one. “I want them all…but if I had to choose the most important one, I’d say that I don’t want another cheater.”

“Perfect! Now, what we’re doing to do is to take that wish and turn it into an affirmation. A positive one. So, we don’t want to use the words ‘don’t’ or ‘not’. So instead of saying ‘I don’t want a cheater’, we’re going to turn it around and say ‘I want a man that’s faithful and true’. Or something along those lines.”

Corecia raised her hand in the air. “I’ll take one of those.”

Heather continued her spiel. “Besides making the statements positive, you also want to word so that it rings true to your heart. So, if ‘faithful’ isn’t a word that you’d use, choose another word. Try to keep the phrase short. If it’s too long, it makes it difficult to keep repeating and it’s harder to keep in the forefront of your mind.”

Juliette pursed her lips and appeared puzzled. “So…I’m confused…how is this list of phrases going to catch us a man?”

The question didn’t fluster Heather in the least bit. “Because we’re going to have these statements, probably five to ten of them is the best number to work with, and we’re going to repeat them every day. At least three times a day. First thing in the morning, sometime during the middle of the day, and right before you go to sleep. If you say them over and over again more than that, it’s even more effective.”

A defiant look flitted across Corecia’s face. “Girlfriend…haven’t you been doing this already? Since you’re the expert and all? And if you have…where’s your knight in shining armor?”

A pink flush rose on Heather’s cheeks. “I did jump the gun on this a little, since I knew this was the technique I was going to share. But I only started using affirmations for someone of the male persuasion about two weeks ago. However…I have used affirmations in my life for years. When I was battling cancer, I used them for my health. Successfully, since I’m here with you today. Later, I used them to build my interior design business. Which is thriving, thank you very much.”

Tracey looked thoughtful and spoke a question that came to her mind. “So, Heather, if you’ve been using them already for two weeks…does that mean you’re two weeks ahead in the game and will snag a fellow sooner than anyone else?”

Heather shook her head vehemently. “No, no, not at all. Intent and the energy you put into your affirmations is a very strong proponent of how well they will work, and how quickly. Which is a good factor to stress, Tracey. If you say the words half-heartedly, without any real expectation of seeing results…you probably won’t see any. Or, it may take months or years to appear. But if someone puts their whole heart and soul into belief and says the words with depth of emotion, they most likely will see the fastest results.”

Corecia seemed to still be having problems understanding how to form her affirmations. “Heather? You already have your list and your affirmations. Can you read them to us, so we can see how you worded yours?”

“Of course. I’ll read mine off. But after that, you’re all going to pick up the pencil and write your own.”

“Deal!” Juliette chimed in. “I’m with the others though. I want to hear yours first.”

“You all heard the qualities I wanted in a man. So I took my list and made a list of statements. Now, for where I wrote ‘I don’t want a hateful or spiteful man’, the affirmation I wrote for that was ‘My dream man is loving and compassionate’.”

She read on down the list.

“I attract a man with a healthy and holistic spirit.”

“My love supports and encourages my yoga and meditation.”

“My husband is intelligent and has a good job that’s compatible with mine.”

“My lover lets drama roll off his back. He’s a positive man.”

“My soul mate loves me completely, and adores my imperfect body.”

“My lover is enthusiastic about color in his life.”

She laid her paper on the table and lifted her head to address her friends. “That’s seven positive statements about the qualities that are important to me.”

Corecia thought a moment before interrupting. “But…you don’t have anything in there about how he looks. You might end up with a short, ugly man.”

Twitters surfaced around the table, but Heather was nonplussed. “That’s alright. Because that’s not important. Oh, now, if he’s gorgeous and tall…I won’t turn him down. But overall, it’s his heart and character that’s the vital parts.”

“Now, get to work ladies. Holler if you need help with something. Then, we’re going to repeat our affirmations every day for the next month. When we get together next, we’ll check on our results, and go over a second technique.” She rose from her chair. “Anyone want some coffee or hot tea?”

Hearing two coffee’s and one hot tea, she moved back into her hostess role and went to work getting beverages ready, leaving the three friends bent over their lists, intent on the project before them. As she busied herself making a fresh pot of coffee and getting her selection of herbal teas ready, her mind was off in another world, repeating her own special order to the universe. …a man with a healthy and holistic spirit…loves me completely and adores my imperfect body…enthusiastic about color…

She felt confident he would appear. But when? And in what form?

herbal teas

8 thoughts on “Manifesting Love Club #9

    • Thank you! We’ll see how successful they are in their quest.
      Wait…this is fiction…I’m the author…I can write whatever I want to. (Just don’t tell the characters, they seem to think that they’re directing the show LOL)


    • Thanks Joselyn! Yes there is. I’ve used affirmations for my writing, for new opportunities, and to get myself through the dreaded Christmas holidays when working retail. (Not for love though, my spouse might not like that LOL)


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