Manifesting Love Club #10


This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Earlier, Heather introduced her idea of affirmations to manifest love. The friends are working on their lists of what they want in a dream man. Heather shares her list of affirmations with her friends. And her mind starts to wonder. When will he come? Who will he be?

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘candy’.

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CNJ clown nose guy.jpg

Once everyone finally got a semblance of an affirmations list together, the group dispersed, well past the witching hour. Heather stumbled back into the kitchen with the intent of loading the dishwasher and returning the room to its usual pristine condition. However, after looking around at the mess, she simply groaned, put the leftovers in the refrigerator, turned out the light and headed to bed.

Tomorrow, she thought. I’ll clean up then.

She was so tired she didn’t even brush her teeth. Just gave them a swift rinse with minty mouthwash and burrowed under her plush purple comforter. She even passed on reading her affirmations before bed. She didn’t want to get up and walk back in to the dining room to get her list. She wondered if her friends would even repeat them once they left her house.

I guess it doesn’t really matter. They’re on their own journey. All I can do is share some techniques with them. If they want to use them…or not…it’s up to them.

The next day she slept until almost noon, something she didn’t often do anymore. In her younger days she had perfected the art of staying up till the wee hours and then sleeping most of the day away. Now, at forty-three, and the owner of a thriving interior design business, her habits had changed.

After mixing up a quick, nutritious smoothie for breakfast, she set about cleaning up the remnants from her evening with the girls. Dishes were finally washing. Papers and pens were returned to the study. Chairs were straightened and pushed in. The kitchen was swept.

Heather planned on running several errands when she was done, but after all that effort, she decided to take a lazy day and spend the rest of the afternoon puttering and napping.

But her mind refused to cooperate.

Her thoughts began drifting to work and the difficult client she had to try to satisfy. Every time she thought she had her mind quieted, it would wander off in a flurry of possibilities. She finally gave in and sat on the patio with a legal pad on her lap. With a soft breeze drifting through the yard and the trickles of the flowing fountain next to her, she filled page after page with sketches and ideas for an alternative plan to the one the client had rejected the week before.

The next morning, she got up an hour earlier than usual. After an extra thirty minutes in meditation, she headed to her office early, to get a head start on the day.

Hours later, when Heather’s assistant, Laura, arrived, her head swiveled taking in the condition of the office. “Did a tornado come through here this weekend?”

Heather grimaced. “Not hardly. I’m trying to come up with Plan B for the Jamison estate. That woman is impossible.”

“I think impossible is an understatement. Good Lord, I’ve never met anyone like her.”

“She’s a challenge all right.” Heather swung her hand around at the sample books laying on every conceivable surface. The work tables had long been overloaded and the piles threatened to topple at any heavy breath. She groaned and rubbed her temples. “I’ve been at this too long. Now that you’re here to catch the phones, I’m going to run over to the vending machines in the real estate office.”

Laura looked at her boss with astonishment. “Huh? You don’t eat out of vending machines.”

Heather dropped her head in embarrassment, her long blond tresses falling over her face. “I know. Everything there is so not healthy. But right now, I’m at my wit’s end with this project. I need candy.”

She hurried out without a backward glance before Laura could chastise her for her uncharacteristic craving.

Opening the door to the office across the hall from McKinney Interiors, Heather waved to the lady seated behind the reception desk covered with an elegant marble top. “Hi, Sarah. Can I steal a snack from your vending machines?”

“Of course. You know where they are. Need any change?”

Heather jingled the coins in her pocket. “Nope. Got it covered. Thanks, though.” She walked down the hallway to the breakroom, expecting to be the only one there.

She startled when she stepped inside and a strange man was standing at the sink. “Oh! I’m sorry. Didn’t know anyone was in here.”

His running jacket crinkled as he turned towards her. When he saw Heather standing in the doorway, he lit up with a megawatt smile, dimmed only by his whiskery stubble…and the scarlet clown nose plastered in the middle of his handsome face. “Hi ya, beautiful. You come here often?” He wrinkled his eyebrows Groucho Marx style.

Heather rolled her eyes. She was not in the mood to deal with a jester today. Nor, a grown man running around out in public with a clown nose on display. Then she chuckled to herself.

The stranger grinned, thinking he was the cause of her amusement. Well, he was. But not in the way he imagined.

One thing about it, Heather thought. With all my affirmations for my perfect man, it helps me realize that this is so not him. My future love is a professional or a craftsman, someone spiritually attuned – not some jokester that hasn’t grown up yet. Too bad, though. He is awfully cute.

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