Manifesting Love Club #13


This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Earlier, Heather introduced her idea of affirmations to manifest love. When her path crosses a handsome fellow – wearing a clown nose in public – she couldn’t be less interested. Even if he is the brother of a work associate across the hall. Unfortunately, he seems intent on getting her number.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘necklace.’

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He strode forward, hand extended. His cautious words seemed out of place with his confident manner. “Ummm…We met earlier in the breakroom…I’m Brian, by the way…”

“Why yes we did.” Heather wanted to stand where she was and freeze him out. But good manners overcame her inner desire and she shook hands, albeit reluctantly.

“I’m afraid I got off on the wrong foot. Wearing the clown nose out in public and all.”

A bemused grin snuck up on Heather, thawing her inner chill. “I must admit…it’s not every day I run into a grown man running around with a red, plastic glob stuck on his nose.”

“I’m a comedian, part time party clown on the side, and I find that doing something unusual creates situations that I can use as fodder in my standup routines.” His grin showcased a dimple in his left cheek. “But then…there are days that a blond goddess enters the room and I’m standing there feeling like a fool.”

CNJ_necklaceA hot rush flooded Heather’s body with embarrassment – and a bit of an excited tingle. She didn’t know whether she was mortified at his statement, or pleased. Her fingers flew to the silver chain around her neck, as if stroking the simple necklace would give her an answer. “Ah…well…I don’t know about the goddess part…” She stammered her reply, her thought processes suddenly incoherent.

“So…could I buy you a coffee? To make up for being such a doofus? I’d like a chance to chat with you. And maybe show you that I’m really a normal guy. Well…kind of. But I’m harmless. Sarah can vouch for me.”


“Now. Tonight. Tomorrow.”

Heather spread her hands out, showing the disarray scattered around the office. “Now’s not really a good time. I’m knee deep in a difficult project.”

“Anytime. Just thirty minutes and a cup of coffee. That’s all.”

She glanced around, looking at the piles. She stood silent in thought for a moment. She decided to break out of her typical predictable routine and do something impulsive. “You know what? This will all be waiting for me when I get back. A half an hour won’t hurt. Besides, maybe a quick break will clear my head and a new design concept will come to me when I get back.”

Brian’s brilliant smile showed his delight with her answer.

She grabbed her purse sitting under her desk. “I don’t drink coffee though. But they usually have some type of tea or something. I’ll tell Laura on the way out.”

As they left the office, he stopped to offer her choices. “There’s a diner down the street, if you want to walk over. Or a Java Hut three or four blocks away if you want me to drive.”

“Java Hut sounds great. They have a smoothie I adore. We can walk, if it’s not too far for you.”

“No, it’s not too far. On my off days, I hike. Usually five to ten miles. I think I can handle a few blocks.” He laughed before continuing. “That’s probably the safest decision too. You’re probably not off to a drive in my clown car yet.”

“You have a clown car?” Oh, good Lord, what did I get myself into?

He had the grace to blush and lowered his head. “Um….yeah. Actually, it’s over there. You can see it from here.” He pointed to a bright red minivan parked across the street.

Sure enough. He was right. Huge, vivid, smiling clown faces filled the sides of the vehicle, with his name and phone number plastered across the images.

“Okaaaaay…I’ve never ridden in such a…festive car. Yep. Think we’ll walk.”

Although when they began walking towards Java Hut, Heather turned for another glance at his conspicuous transportation. It did make sense, she had to admit. Good advertising. And hey, even a happy clown isn’t too happy when there’s no food in his belly or no roof over his head. And that takes money, which you get from jobs. She knew all about that. She had to admire someone that used good business sense, even if it was for such an unusual profession.

By the time they reached the coffee shop, Heather’s spirits had lifted. “I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much. You do have the gift of gab. I think you’re a natural born storyteller.”

“Not really all that natural. It takes a lot of work and practice to make it seem so effortless. Although, if you ask my mom, she’ll probably tell you all about how I kept her on her toes while I was growing up. Even Sarah. Hey…” he paused as a thought crossed his mind. “Hmmm…maybe it’s not such a good idea that you know my sister.”

He opened the door and stood back to let her enter.

She smiled a demure Mona Lisa grin as she passed by. “Maybe I do need to have a chat with Sarah. You know, checking your credentials and all.”

“No. No. On second thought. I don’t think you should talk to her.”

“You’re backpedaling now. Singing a different tune, I see,” she teased.

“Let’s go order. Do you know what you want?”

“What? Trying to change the subject? Get me distracted? Trying to make me forget about grilling your sisters?”

“Better go order, gorgeous. You don’t want me to put this into my comedy routine, do you?”

“Oh…you wouldn’t…” Heather sputtered.

“Try me. It’s my ultimate threat. Works like a charm.” The grin he sported proved that he was enjoyed the banter as much as Heather was.

The barista stood behind the counter, patiently waiting for the two to stop chatting and place their order. He put his hand over his mouth and whispered to his co-worker. “First date. You can tell. The way they can’t stop looking at each other, even to stop and tell us what they want to drink.”

Over an hour later, with their drinks still largely untouched in front of them, Heather glanced at her watch and gasped. “Oh my! Look at how the time’s gotten away. I do have to get back and get some work done. I have a proposal due Friday afternoon.”

Brain stood and held out a bent arm. “Then let’s get you back. Your chariot awaits m’lady.”

Heather chuckled and linked arms with him.

On the walk back to work, Brian cleared his throat. “I take it you like to walk?”

“I love walking.”

“Maybe after your proposal is done we can find a free morning for both of us and hike up to Turner Falls? It’s a short hike. Only about two miles in.”

Heather stopped and tilted at him calmly. “No clown nose on the hike?”

“No. For you I’ll leave the clown nose at home.”

“And I can drive? Instead of the clown-mobile?”

He sighed a huge mock sigh in resignation. “All right. All right. I can see my mode of transportation isn’t appreciated by all in this world.” A twinkle appeared in his eyes. “It’ll cost you though.”

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