Manifesting Love #16

This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Earlier, Heather introduced her idea of affirmations to manifest love. When her path crosses a handsome fellow – wearing a clown nose in public – she couldn’t be less interested. Even if he is the brother of a work associate across the hall. But he’s persistent.

This week we’re writing to a picture prompt, so the snippets are short – only 300 words each.

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As much as she enjoyed the evening, the long week placating a difficult client got the better of Heather. She had difficulty keeping her eyes open. “I’m sorry. This has been fun, but I’m dead on my feet.”

Brian, usually such a clown and a jokester, was sympathetic and understanding. “Let’s get you home, before you fall face first in that chocolate martini.”

As they exited the comedy club, he nodded towards the barn red sign hanging across the street. “I was going to suggest a nice dinner afterwards. They have the best poached salmon. But I don’t think you’re up for it tonight.”

“Definitely not tonight. It sounds delightful. Raincheck?”

“You free tomorrow night?”

“I am. I even promise that I’ll sleep in the meantime so I can keep my eyes open.”

“It’s a plan. I have a children’s party in the afternoon. It should wrap up around four. Five at the latest.” A sudden twinkle made his eyes shine brightly. “I can come straight from the party and pick you up.”

“Oh no you don’t. I’m not tired enough to catch that. You’d pick me up in full clown regalia, wouldn’t you?”

A satisfied smirk was his silent answer.

“You’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you? Taking me out to a nice restaurant clad in your ruffles, big shoes and clown makeup.”

“Bet you haven’t been on a date like that before.”

Heather laughed in response. “No. That would be a first. But that’s okay…I can live without that experience. You go home first and change into Regular Brian. Then come pick me up.”

He reached up and flicked her nose. “Party pooper.”

“And then…the next date I get to choose. To make up for you using our meeting in your routine.” Heather rubbed her hands together in devious delight.

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