Manifesting Love Club – spider

This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Heather is the first of the group that finds love – with someone unexpected. Brian’s a clown. A real life clown. His humor is the spark that Heather needs in her life at the moment.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘spider’. We’ve jumped ahead a bit in the story.

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After barreling down the dirt road for about a mile, gravel and dust spewing behind them, Brian slowed to a near stop. Heather looked at him, curiosity in her eyes, as he turned into a barely discernible driveway. “With all the weeds and growth, you can’t even tell this was here. You’ve evidently been here before.”

A small smile crossed his face, but it didn’t make it to his eyes. A hint of sadness lingered in the depths. He started to speak, but choked up and no words came out.

Heather turned her head and searched his face for clues. “Brian? You okay?”

He swallowed and paused before answering. “Yeah…I’ve been here a time or two.” He inched the minivan through the waist high growth, trying to stay in the ruts carved from long ago visits. “This was my grandparents place. I spent most of my summers out here, running around through their fields.”

Heather placed a hand on the back of his neck, caressing the taunt muscles. “Sounds like there’s lots of happy memories here. Which makes it a sad place to visit, doesn’t it? I take it they’re gone?”

“Yes. About ten years now. Grandma went first. Grandpa right behind. He didn’t last more than a few months after she left. Don’t think he wanted to live life without her.”

“I’ve heard of that happening. Couples dying with weeks, sometimes days of each other. Especially if they’ve been together for a long time.”

“Almost fifty years. They didn’t quite make that anniversary. Short by a year or two.”

“I’m sorry, honey.” She kept stroking the back of his neck, sending reassurance and comfort through the tips of her fingers.

TT_old farmhouse2Brian rounded a curve and the old farmhouse stood before them. Barely stood. The porch roof threatened to spill down across the turned posts that tried vainly to support it. A back corner of the house had already given up the fight, with boards and shingles scattered over the ground as evidence to the battle that had taken place over the past few years.

“So…I’m guessing that no one lives here anymore.”

He pulled up beside what appeared to be a side door and turned off the ignition. He chuckled when he answered. “You’d be right about that. Maybe a few spiders and snakes. Possibly a mouse or two. Or twenty.”

“Who owns the land now?”

“I do. They left it to me. The house was already falling apart by then. I didn’t have the money, or the time, to try to keep it up. But I still try to make it up here once or twice a year. I usually camp out for a few days. Check on the place. Regroup. Remember the good times here.”

“You said you brought lunch with you?”

“Yes, ma’am, I did. A mighty tasty one too, if I say so myself. A fine, delicious feast for my maiden.” He glanced at Heather, but his eyes kept returning to the dilapidated structure in front of them.

“Then why don’t we stay here for lunch? We can see Turner Falls another day.”

“You’d do that? Even without any amenities?”

“Of course I would. This place is special to you. I’m pleased that you wanted to share it with me. Let’s spend more time here, to connect with your grandparents. You can share your memories with me. I believe they’ll be listening over our shoulders, delighted to hear them.”

Brian leaned over, wrapped his arms around her and squeezed tight. “You know…I wanted to tell you something today. At lunch by the falls. But I need to tell you now…before my heart explodes with happiness.”

He loosened his arms and took one hand to tip Heather’s chin up. Leaning in close, he touched his nose to hers and looked directly into her eyes. “Heather McKinney…you have stolen my soul and my heart. I love you beyond measure. And right now…I think I love you even more than that.”

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