Manifesting Love – paper

This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Heather and Brian found each other, even though Heather didn’t expect to fall for a full-time clown. Leaving them all lovey-dovey and snuggled up together, we’re jumping ahead in the story to Corecia. It’s time for her to have some fun and find a little love.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘paper.

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Corecia stood in front of the bathroom mirror, makeup brush in hand, scrutinizing her face for any visible flaws she could conceal. She glanced down at her phone laying on the counter next to her and gasped. Where did the time go? I’m going to be late. No way can I get to Heather’s in ten minutes.

A few brushes and dabs later, with a quick dusting of silvery sparkle across her eyelids, she deemed herself ready for the girls night out. When Heather answered the door, Corecia breezed into the room like a summertime windstorm stirring up everything in its path. “I know…I know. I’m late.” She scurried around the kitchen passing out hugs and air kisses.

“As usual. We know if Corecia’s coming, the party’s starting late,” Juliette joked.

“What can I say? Just cuz I’m not a follow-the-rules, punch-the-clock fuddy-duddy like y’all are.”

Tracey fought back a smirk. “So…what does your boss say about your punctuality?”

Waving a hand in the air as if her boss’s opinion didn’t matter, Corecia had a handy retort. “Doesn’t matter. I’m so good, they want to keep me on board. Even if I can’t get there at eight on the dot.”

“Humble, too.” Heather patted Corecia’s arm to show she was jesting.

“Damn straight. Not gonna hide my light under a bushel.” She grabbed a green olive off the relish tray sitting on the counter and popped it in her mouth. “So, girlfriend, what’cha got planned for us tonight? Not that I need it. Your affirmation thingy’s hooked me a live one.”

Heather pulled a pair of salad tongs out of a drawer and tossed the mixed greens waiting in a large, clear bowl as she answered. “Candle spells.”

“Spells? As in witchcraft?” A horrified look settled on Tracey’s face, making it clear what she thought of the idea.

Heather stirred the salad a bit more vigorously than she needed to. “No. No witchcraft involved, dear. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. We’re going to use the affirmations we worked on last month, and just add a little punch with some candle power.”

“No circles and stirring brew and potions? But I came all prepared to learn some new magic.” Juliette looked amused.

Heather mouthed a silent thank you across the room.

Corecia laughed and motioned a floor to ceiling wave in front of Juliette. “But girl…you came dressed for the occasion. Look at you, dressed all in black, head to toe.”

Tracey’s mouth remained taunt, but she managed to join in the frivolity of the others. “Outfit’s complete. You’re just missing a witch’s hat.”

Juliette ran her hands down her sides. “Yeah. Couldn’t bring it tonight. It’s out at the tailor’s getting some black Belgian lace sewn on the brim.”

Heather passed through the kitchen carrying the salad bowl, which she sat in the middle of the dining room table. Returning to the kitchen she moved next to Corecia, who had placed herself in front of the appetizer tray and was doing her best to consume much of it. Heather bumped her hip up against Corecia. “Excuse me hon’. I need to get the plates out of here.”

tt_noahSnatching up a celery stick before she scooted away, Corecia said, “That’s why I come here to eat. Real china. Not like the paper plates I use at home.”

“Speaking of home,” Tracey said, “tell us about your new guy. Who is he? Where’d you meet him? How’s it going?”

Corecia lit up like a light bulb. “Noah! He’s a dreamboat too. Tall, ebony man, over six foot. Manners. And mmmmm – can he talk. I could listen to him all night.” She rubbed her hands together in glee.

“Talk? That’s what you call in now?” Juliette didn’t look convinced. “So what club did you meet him at? You know he won’t last. Club men are all players. Seems you should have figured that one out by now.”


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