Jingle Bells – Here Love Dwells #1

For December, Chrys. N. Jay brings a new tale to Tuesday Tales – a Christmas romance, Jingle Bells – Here Love Dwells. Join us for the next four weeks as the story snippets are written to two picture prompts and two word prompts.

Week One and Week Three are picture prompt weeks. These snippets will be short, as they’re limited to 300 words.

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“C’mon, Katie…please? With sugar on top? The seniors would love you to death. Do you know how many brownie points you’d score with them?”

“Sally…really…do you have any idea how crazy my December is?” Katie took a deep breath and tried to remain calm so she didn’t strangle her best friend. She knew Sally meant well. Working at the senior center gave her friend a purpose. It was something she was passionate about it. But that didn’t mean that Katie had the time available to help her friend out. “You know my December is back to back parties. Without all the holiday festivities, my event planning business would likely be bust by now.”

“You can’t even sneak one little luncheon in? It’s during the week, not on a weekend.” Sally was nothing if not persistent.

Katie sighed, knowing that Sally would keep at it until she got her way. And she usually did. That was what their friendship had been like since they’d met each other in junior high. “What day is the luncheon scheduled?”

“Wednesday. The twenty-first.”

Scanning the large calendar on the wall, Katie saw that that day was clear. Unlike the two days after it, which were blocked solid with tasks and chores for the Johnson’s huge Christmas Even event. But that Wednesday was clear, with a few light days in the week coming up, which would give her time to scour for last minute decorations for this unexpected party planning event.

“Okay. You win. Something easy though?”

Sally’s cheer at the other end of the line was an evident answer. “Yes! And easy is fine. They’d be happy with any holiday cheer your holiday decorating can bring them.”

“I’m thinking natural. Fresh green boughs, pinecones, maybe candles in aspen or birch holders…” Before she could continue, the office was plunged into darkness.


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