Jingle Bells – Here Love Dwells #2

For December, Chrys. N. Jay brings a new tale to Tuesday Tales – a Christmas romance, Jingle Bells – Here Love Dwells. Join us for the next four weeks as the story snippets are written to two picture prompts and two word prompts.

Week One and Week Three are picture prompt weeks. These snippets will be short, as they’re limited to 300 words.

This week we’re writing to the word prompt ‘bar’.

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“What? That all sounds great. I think they’d love it. What’s the problem?” Sally sounded confused.

“No, no. The décor is fine. The power just went out here. No lights. No computer. I can’t see a thing in this back room with no window.” Katie fumbled her way slowly to the door, trying to avoid banging a shin on any boxes or furniture.

Sally laughed. “Did you pay your bill?”

“Yes…I paid the bill.” Katie’s annoyance crept into her voice as she raised her voice in reply.

“Geesh. I was just kidding. Take a chill pill, gal.”

“Easy for you to say. You’re not so swamped that you’re running your hinney off for the next four weeks without a break. I do not have time to deal with a power outage today.”

“Methinks you need a little lovin’, my friend. That would take the edge of your stress.”

Katie finally finagled her way to the door and flung it open. At least the daylight streaming in the front window of the small quasi-showroom lit the interior enough so she could see where she was walking. “Ha! First of all, that would require…what’s that? Time. Which I thought we’d already determined I don’t have enough of. And secondly…I’d need a boyfriend for that. Of which I’m also lacking.

“You could always hit the bar one night.”

“Nope.” Katie shook her head for emphasis, as if Sally could see it from her cell phone. “Not gonna happen. I’m not into players and one night stands. Besides, it’s dangerous anymore.”

“True dat.” Another heavy sigh followed.

Katie mused about how Sally loved being dramatic whenever she had the chance. She was used to it after all these years. Katie doubted that Sally even knew how melodramatic she could be. “Hey, I’ve got to go. The power’s still out. I need to call and see if I can find out what’s going on.”

“Keep me posted. Maybe the electric company will send out a hunk o’ burning love to fix the problem.”

“Now you’re dreaming. Have you seen the guys working for them? Lots of beer bellies and chauvinistic attitudes from the ones I’ve seen.”

“Isn’t Christmas the season of miracles?”

“Good-bye, Pollyanna.” With a punch of a button, Katie ended the call and scrolled through her contacts looking for the number of the power company.

She wished she could be as optimistic and cheerful as her friend was. Even on a good day, far away from the two month holiday season that temporarily derailed her life, Katie knew she wasn’t ever as positive as her friend was. She wished she could be. At times she almost thought she’d brightened up her attitude. And about then she was smack dab in the middle of the frantic rush. Everyone wanted parties. Everyone wanted Katie for the job. Everyone wanted her to plan their events and decorate their homes. And everyone wanted everything perfect. Oh, and for very little money.

By New Year’s Day, Katie was always ready to ditch the company and go back to a nine-to-five job.

Fortunately, by the time the Rose Parade was over, she’d rethought that decision and knew she couldn’t do it. She loved what she did too much to stop. She thrived on coming up with unique, creative designs. Her signature décor was what had customers returning year after year. She also had enough of an administrative talent that she could plan all the details, keep the event on track, and stay under budget.

On top of all of those reasons, she also knew that there wasn’t any way she could go back to working for a boss, punching a timeclock, working eight hours a day following someone else’s commands.

With the phone ringing on the other end, Katie thought about how happy she was with her life and her career. However…a little thought nagged at the corner recesses of her brain…a special someone to share her life with would be nice too.


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