Jingle Bells – Here Love Dwells #3

For December, Chrys. N. Jay brings a new tale to Tuesday Tales – a Christmas romance, Jingle Bells – Here Love Dwells. Join us for the next four weeks as the story snippets are written to two picture prompts and two word prompts.

Week One and Week Three are picture prompt weeks. These snippets will be short, as they’re limited to 300 words.

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When she found out that the electric company wouldn’t send anyone out until the morning, Katie decided to close for the day. Sure, she could make phone calls from her cell phone, but since she couldn’t see the paperwork in front of her face, there wasn’t a whole of lot of productive work that would get done.

Besides, it’s after four and it’s almost dark. Better head on home. I hate these short December days.

After locking up, Katie strode down the street, heading towards her house. Living only two miles from her office, she tried to walk to work whenever possible. The morning, while chilly, was still pleasant enough for a brisk walk. Although, on the days where she had to tote in boxes of supplies by the bushel, she drove her trusty Jeep.

The sun dropped from the horizon before she got very far. As the evening darkened, sparkling Christmas lights began appearing on trees and rooftops.

Everyone was busy last weekend. They’ve decked out the whole neighborhood.

She tucked her collar tighter around her neck to ward off the evenings cold and slowed her pace to enjoy the scenery of the houses bedecked in their Christmas glory.

The house on the corner caught her attention and she stood gazing at the scene visible through the window. Inside, a gaily decorated home shone brightly in contrast to the darkness around her. Brightly wrapped packages surrounded the decorated tree in the corner. Lights twinkled from the tree and the mantle, while a display of flickering flames gleamed from a display of brilliant red candles.

While beautiful to view, it wasn’t much different than Katie’s own festive decorating jobs. What brought a wistful longing to her heart was seeing it from the outside and envisioning this scene in her own home. If only she had a loving partner to share such a setting with.

TT_Christmas looking through window.jpg

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