N: No Job for a Woman #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to the 2017 A to Z Blog Challenge. During the month of April, Chrys N. Jay shares snippets from friend’s books, and takes a peek at love.

Today, for ‘N’, Sherry Gloag joins us to share an excerpt from No Job for a Woman.

no job for a woman

Julian Fanshaw answers a call for help from his lifelong friend Lord Worth to help keep his friend’s widowed sister, Deborah, safe from her increasingly vindictive neighbours. It doesn’t take him or Freddie long to realise the Grangers aren’t using her as a long-promised act of revenge against them, but are playing a deeper and far more sinister game of their own.
Here’s an excerpt from No Job for a Woman:

Julian watched the eleven men approach the manor house. Why would Deborah call together so many of her tenants on a Sunday afternoon? Unless…

His shout stopped the men in their tracks. One came over and took his horse’s reins while he dismounted.

“What’s going on here?”


“Where’s Mrs Stavely?” If the men refused to answer him, he’d ask Deborah. One look at their faces told him he wouldn’t like what he heard.

“Inside.” Julian turned, studying the man at the top of the steps. The fact they approached the front door indicated the situation’s irregularity. He lifted his bag down from his saddle and stared pointedly at the man still holding the reins. “Very well, I’ll ask her,” he said and strode towards the house.

“They’ve taken his daughter.”

The words stopped him in his tracks. His gaze took in all the men and came to rest on the one nearest him. “Whose daughter?”

The hitch of a thumb indicated the man leading the group. Two at a time Julian raced up the steps and faced the distraught father. “Do you have any idea who’s taken her?”

“Aye, them there at the Grange.”

“I’m sorry. If there’s anything I can do…” He let the offer hang. “Do you know why she’s been taken?”


Not very informative, but why should these men trust a stranger?

“Take me to Mrs Stavely.” With an encompassing glance at the group of men he added, “Come.”

“What about your horse?”

“Take her to the stables, if you will, then join us.”

He’d come for answers. Instead it looked as though he’d walked into a crisis.

Another crisis.

You can get your copy of No Job for a Woman here:
Link – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01NBK06ZR/

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