Y: You’re My Necessary


We’re almost done. We’re down to Y, almost to the end of the alphabet. Today, Davee Jones returns to share one of her books with us – You’re My Necessary.

youre my necessary

Andrew pulled her close and leaned down to find her mouth with his own. He kissed her softly, yet thoroughly. “I will always reach your lips.” Bea craved intimate human contact, and he was more than happy to oblige. She normally lived in overdrive every day, never heeding her deep feminine desires. But on vacation in the tropics, he helped fulfill her hopes of escape for a few days of wickedness. Andrew was there waiting to seduce and surprise her piquing curiosities Bea never before imagined. Energized, Bea slipped into a short affair with an eager Andrew, ready to feed her every yearning. Could he really want more? When Bea returned to reality, would she leave Andrew behind- as if he was only a dream? An odd coincidence led her face to face with his masculinity again and this time, she had nowhere to run. Could she return to an ordinary life, when Andrew offered her so many other ways to escape?

Want to read more? Here’s a link to a free sample of You’re My Necessary.

You’re My Necessary FREE SAMPLE

You can get You’re My Necessary from these retailers:


Barnes and Noble

Davee Jones iTunes

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