Z: Zodiac Rising Series, by Margaret Lake


A ‘Z’ book? Ugh! Here we are, down to the last day of the A to Z challenge. Most of us (those of us that are still in the challenge that is) are already stressed. We’ve had ‘Q’, ‘U’, and ‘X’ to deal with. We’ve gotten through those difficult letters and here we end up on the final day of the challenge with…Z!

While scrolling through my friends websites looking (yes, trolling) for books, I couldn’t find a ‘Z’ book in the lot. If there was one, I certainly missed it. But then I stumbled upon the Zodiac Rising Series, by Margaret Lake. Yes! Score! There they are, a series of twelve books, each one corresponding to the twelve zodiac signs. A perfect ending to wrap up this 2017 A to Z challenge.

cnj air signs

The twelve books in the series are:

Ariel (Zodiac Rising – Aries)

Tori (Zodiac Rising Series – Taurus)

Gina and Gemma (Zodiac Rising Series – Gemini)

Cancey (Zodiac Rising Series – Cancer)

Leah (Zodiac Rising – Leo)

Virginia (Zodiac Rising – Virgo)

Libby (Zodiac Rising – Libra)

Schuyler (Zodiac Rising – Scorpio)

Sage (Zodiac Rising Series – Sagittarius)

Cappy (Zodiac Rising Series – Capricorn)

Aquaria (Zodiac Rising Series – Aquarius)

Pixie (Zodiac Rising Series – Pisces)


You can also get the books in sets of three:

The Earth Signs

The Water Signs

The Fire Signs

The Air Signs

cnj air signs about

I’ll have to admit that I haven’t read these. Yet. Since I just discovered them, they’re on my TBR list for now. If you’d like to check the series out, you can read a short snippet from each and see for yourself. Personally, Tori is going to be the first one I read.

Thank you for following along with us through the A to Z challenge. If you’ve missed any of it, go check out some of the posts in the archives. Each day features a book by a variety of different authors.

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