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Genre-Hopper, Guilty as Charged

Holland Rae, Writer

As many of you likely know, I write romance novels under two pen names. Last week, I talked a little about how this makes for certain challenges, keeping up with marketing and publishing schedules, and more. Despite all of that, however, I still genre hop within each of the pen names, and here’s why–I can’t stop.

No, of course it goes deeper than that. I wrote under two names way back in the beginning because I wanted to establish a heat level for each of my names. Under Holland Rae, romance readers can expected to blush a little, but not be out and out scandalized by the erotic scenes within. It falls far more within the bounds of ‘traditional romance’, and though it might still be too hot for some readers, it is by no means erotic.

Under my other name, however, not only is the expected heat level significantly…

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Manifesting Love Club

Last fall I was working on a romance with a working title, Manifesting Love Club. I got stalled on this project when other tales with deadlines took over. I’d finished Heather’s part of the book, had started on Corecia’s love story with the other two ladies waiting their turn.

There’s been a change of plans. Instead of all four ladies falling in love in an intertwined way, they are going to be their own short stories. Heather’s story will be available next month and the other three ladies will follow.

Here’s the last snippet I’d written in Corecia’s story.

I’ll keep you posted here with news on Heather’s release.