Woman to Woman #1

This week in Tuesday Tales, the snippet comes from Woman to Woman. This story is a woman-to-woman romance, so scenes will be of a F/F nature. If this offends you, feel free to move onto to another Tuesday Tales snippet.

In Tuesday Tales, a group of authors write to a word or picture prompt each week. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘hurry.’

Enjoy the snippet here, then go check out the other delightful tales you’ll find at Tuesday Tales.

Paige scanned the nursery grounds, searching for BJ. Her eyes moved up and down the aisles filled with potted plants, flowers, cactus and trees, looking until she spied her. There she was, talking to a customer in the native plant section and holding a ‘Texas Ranger’, or leucophyllum as Paige had learned since working here at Monty’s Hardware. No doubt BJ was extolling the plant’s merits for this dry desert landscaping with its scant rainfall.

The customer must have agreed with what he’d been told about plant. Soon he and BJ were filling the flatbed cart with various one- and five-gallon plants. BJ’s laughter echoed across the open space, straight to Paige’s ear. When BJ smiled, Paige felt that the brilliant Arizona sky paled in comparison.

BJ pulled the plant laden cart towards the sales shack where Paige stood observing their interactions. She pushed her dark sunglasses up the bridge of her nose, thankful that they obscured how her eyes tended to follow BJ’s every move around the place.

Oh my! I have a crush on her! The realization hit Paige with sudden clarity and a sinking sensation settled in the pit of her stomach.

Wrong, wrong, wrong! This is all wrong!

Weeks passed and the attraction only increased, no matter how much Paige chastised herself. She knew BJ’s schedule better than she knew her own. It was if an invisible GPS was attached to BJ, letting Paige know where she was at all times. Paige knew if BJ was on the grounds, inside the store, on break or lunch, or doing paperwork in the sales shack.

One day, Ed, the nursery manager, walked up and stood beside Paige. “You have to stop wandering about looking like a love-sick puppy. She has a partner you know.”

“What? Paige yelped in despair. “You can tell? I didn’t think it was obvious.”

Ed laughed and adjusted his Ed-regulation-everyday-wear straw cowboy hat. “It’s obvious all right. At least to us that work with you every day.”

Paige pouted and picked up a pair of pruners.

“Besides, what about your guy?” Ed asked. “Does your husband know about this?”

Paige sighed. “No. Of course not. He doesn’t have a clue. Heck, this snuck up on me out of the blue. I didn’t even see it coming. Besides, he’s not my husband anyway. We never got married.”

“I thought you’d been together forever.”

“Some days it seems like forever.” Paige fidgeted with the pruners, unclasping them and clasping them back. “It’s almost ten years. But we never got married. Got the dress. Got the parasol. Got the rings. Just never made it to a ceremony. I guess we were just never in a hurry to do that final part. Maybe eighteen years in my first marriage played a part in that.”

“So, how long have you had the hots for women?” Ed grinned as he pried into her personal business.

“Since working here.”

An incredulous look passed over Ed’s face. “Never before? Ever?”

Check out the other delightful tales you’ll find at Tuesday Tales.

12 thoughts on “Woman to Woman #1

  1. What a great introduction to a woman going through a dramatic change in her life. And yet it sneaks up on her, sort of, and she’s open to it. The living together but never got married for ten years might have been a giveaway that it wasn’t the right life path for her. I love your writing and this introduction has me intrigued. Now I need to know how she makes the first move, and what BJ has to say about all this. Great story hook thrown out there and sucked me right in.

    Liked by 1 person

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