Woman to Woman #3

This week in Tuesday Tales, the snippet comes from Woman to Woman. This story is a woman-to-woman romance, so scenes will be of a F/F nature. If this offends you, feel free to move onto to another Tuesday Tales snippet.

In Tuesday Tales, a group of authors write to a word or picture prompt each week. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘swim.’

As the days passed, the wheel spun in Paige’s brain as she tried to think of who she could talk to. Then, her old high school friend, Anna, popped into mind. They weren’t in close contact in the years that had passed. They sometimes emailed  back and forth – often with several years in between. Occasionally they sent each other a birthday or Christmas card. But Paige thought that she could pose some of her wondering thoughts to Anna and confess how she was swimming in confusion.

When they were in high school, more than thirty years earlier, Paige’s mom insisted the entire time of their friendship that Anna was gay.

Paige always denied it. “She’s just a tomboy.” After all, Anna had certainly never given any indication otherwise.

It was years later that Paige started to wonder. After living in Texas for several years, Anna returned to California for a visit. They got together, with another high school friend for the afternoon. They had a good time chatting, visiting, and catching up, with Paige pushing her youngest son in a stroller.

Anna talked a lot about bowling, and other activities, such as work. But it was mostly bowling. Yet what had seemed odd to Paige at the time was that Anna never mentioned anyone’s names. She questioned whether Anna was hiding something. Maybe her mom was right after all. But she didn’t give it much thought after that. It really didn’t matter one way or the other.

It was many years later, in fact just a few years before Paige’s move to Arizona, when Anna admitted in a letter that ‘she and Lucy were buying a house.’

Paige remembered thinking when she received that letter – Aha! Mom was right after all!

It hadn’t changed anything in their now distant and rarely connected friendship. It was almost like hearing that a friend had dyed their hair red. Yesterday she was a blond. Today’s she’s a redhead. Yesterday Anna was straight. Today she was a lesbian. It didn’t alter their friendship at all.

Paige decided that Anna was who she needed to contact. She would probably be just the person to give her some of the answers she sought. She would email Anna. Tonight.

Little did she know how this first email would change the course of her entire life.

Enjoy the snippet here, then go check out the other delightful tales you’ll find at Tuesday Tales.

Check out the other delightful tales you’ll find at Tuesday Tales.

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