Woman to Woman #11

This week in Tuesday Tales, the snippet comes from Woman to Woman. This story is a woman-to-woman romance, so scenes will be of a F/F nature. If this offends you, feel free to move onto to another Tuesday Tales snippet.

This week we’re writing to a picture prompt. These snippets will be short. Each one is 300 words or less. There are several pictures to choose from and we each pick one to write to.

Enjoy the snippet here, then go check out the other delightful tales you’ll find at Tuesday Tales.

Dave’s ‘psychic predictions’ seemed to kick into high gear. He started warning Paige about Anna, saying that she was a liar and a cheat. He came up with specific accusations.

Then, he began defending Lucy. “Maybe Lucy isn’t really such a bad woman. You’re only getting one side of the story. Maybe Lucy is the victim here, not Anna.”

Paige ignored his predictions. He was jealous. He was desperate.

One night, as Paige and Anna messaged each other on the computer, Paige remembered how much time Anna used to spend with her gaming friend, Lonnie. She asked Anna how her friend felt now that Anna spent all her computer time with Paige.

Anna answered: I still talk to her. We talk in the gaming room while you and I IM.

Paige asked: All night?

Anna admitted: I can talk to both of you and play the games too.

Paige was more than a bit agitated. You talk to her all night too? You mean…when you’re ‘kissing me’ and doing all the things that you type that you’re doing to me, you’re talking to her too? In another room?

Paige was the one that got angry that night and signed off in a huff.

This one was a huge problem in Paige’s mind. You simply don’t kiss someone, either in real-life or on the computer, and be talking to someone else at the same time. Things like that are done in private, with only two people – not with one person holding a conversation with someone else at the same time. Even if the ‘kissing’ was done via typed words on a screen instead of in the flesh.

Now, Paige was the one with a sour attitude, as tart as the lemons she liked to slice to add to her water.

Check out the other delightful tales you’ll find at Tuesday Tales.

12 thoughts on “Woman to Woman #11

  1. I don’t blame her one bit. I’d be angry, too. That’s a kind of violation, doing that. At the very least it shows little attention to Paige, while Anna is supposedly focusing on her. Makes her feel like an after-thought. Or at least that the privacy of the acts aren’t really so private. Looking forward to finding out how this is resolved.

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