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Manifesting Love Club – fasten

This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Heather and Brian found each other, even though Heather didn’t expect to fall for a full-time clown. Now it’s Corecia’s time to find love. She has her eye on a new man, but is unsure about Noah as he’s claimed that he doesn’t want to be tied down.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘fasten’.

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A frown flickered across Corecia’s face and she opened her mouth, although no words came out.

Tracey looked up and caught the expression on Corecia’s face. “Now you’ve done it, Juliette. Why do you two have to snip at each other so often?”

“No, no…it’s okay,” Corecia rushed in to explain. “I’m not upset about what she said. Hell, I give it back as good as anyone gives me. Or better.” She heaved a huge sigh and her shoulders sank. “It’s just what she said about that I found my man. I talk all big and brash. But it’s not always what’s really going on in my life. She said ‘I found my man.’ But I haven’t. Oh, Noah’s a hunk. The brother is one fine piece of manhood. But we’ve only had two dates. And…he’s made it very clear that he likes being single and having time to run with the guys. No strings. No attachments.”

“Bu, dear, don’t you like it that way?” Tracey softly questioned her friend.

“I liked it like that before. I didn’t want tied down either. On to the newest and flashiest conquest I guess. But there’s something about this one…something that makes me wish he didn’t feel that way. So, no. I haven’t found my guy. And it bothers the hell out of me.”

Heather settled into her chair on the end before reaching for the parmigiana which she passed to Juliette on her right. “Does he have the qualities that you listed the night we worked on affirmations?”

Corecia’s face lit up in delight. “The brother packs a load of fine qualities that I like. Did I tell you he used to be a football player? Not that that part was on my list. But I like how he’s a manly man. He likes all sports and doing things with the guys, like meeting for beers and poker nights. But he’s also smart and kind and funny. I laugh around him. He enjoys life. He’s divorced. No kids. But you should see him around kids. He’s patient. He talks to them like people. Not condescending at all, like some guys are.

Juliette took a helping of the main dish before passing it on. Reaching for the salad she asked the next round of questions. “What happened on your last date? Where’d you end up at the end of the evening? Not that I want to know any of those details. But you know, like, did he ask you out again?”

“We went to a movie. Then for ice cream after. He came in for a bit afterwards. Did have a sweet make out session on the couch.” Corecia fanned her face as if the flames of heat reignited as she talked about it. “That man can kiss! But then he stood up, kissed me on the top of my head and said he’d better leave before things got out of hand. Talk about leaving a sister all hot and bothered. Although, he did call the next day and invite me to a basketball game. He’s got to cover the game for work and had an extra ticket, so I don’t know if that really counts as a date.”

Tracey slapped her hand on the table, causing her wine glass to jiggle. “Yes it counts. Even if it’s work related and he didn’t buy the tickets. He wouldn’t be asking you if he didn’t want to spend time with you.”

Heather nodded in agreement. “I second that. If he asked you, he wants to see you. That’s a date. Period.”

The chatter died down as the ladies ate their meals with gusto. As all four scraped their plates clean, not leaving a single bite remaining, Corecia spoke up. “Have to give you props, Heather. This was the bomb. Even if it didn’t have any meat in it.”

Smothering a pleased smile, their hostess nodded and stood up. “Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. If everyone’s done, let’s head into the living room and we’ll talk about a way to rev up our love life manifesting.”

“Let me help with dishes first,” Tracey volunteered.

“Let them sit. I’ll get them later. When we’re done.” Heather grabbed a notebook that was laying on the oak side table. “C’mon ladies, let go get ‘em. You’re going to have to sit down and fasten your seatbelts. I think you’ll find that a little candle magic will pack a wallop in your love life.”

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