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Thyme for Love – TT picture prompt

Tuesday TalesHere’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

Sally and Izzy’s relationship is heating up. This week we’re writing to a picture prompt. The snippets are short, only 300 words each, so it will be quick reading. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


By the time they got back from breakfast, Sally had already zoned out and was running through a mental list of everything she needed to get done – like yesterday. After a goodbye kiss on the porch that threatened to turn into a mini-make-out session, she was glad to send Izzy on his way and shut the door behind her.

She worked at her dining room table until 2 a.m, barely taking time out for a bite to eat. Making lists, checking her previous lists, calling vendors, mapping out the square to figure out where the different booths would go.

Arghhhh, she groaned loudly and yelled to the ceiling. “I forgot to get someone to watch my store.” Pulling out her address book, she started yet another list, this one of people to call to see who could work in her store Friday and Saturday – while she was out marking spaces, meeting the crew with the port-a-potties, and in general running around before the herb festival like a chicken with its head cut off.

TT_June 2015 picture promptMonday flew by in a rush. Thank God I’m closed on Mondays! Eleven calls later she finally had someone lined up to work in Crafter’s Cottage. Marmalade, her needy orange tabby, was hiding in a snit, after she’d rudely pushed him off her lap for the umpteenth time. When Victoria, from Serendipity called and Sally caught herself snapping, “No! I do not have time to walk with y’all this week,” she knew she was getting past cranky.

Late afternoon, Izzy called. She was happy he’d called, but when he asked her to dinner, even promising her a romantic meal in front of a roaring fire, before she could catch herself she barked, “Tonight? What part of ‘I need all week to work’ didn’t you catch?”