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Forever and Always: by Susanne Matthews

Forever and Always by Susanne Matthews

Publisher: Summer Solstice Publishing

Published: 2016

Review by Chrys N. Jay

Brandi Jameson has a new home, a new city and a new life. But, not by her choice.

forever and alwaysAn accident in the freezing rain took the life of her best friend and left Brandi without a career. The life of Alexandra Jameson was gone, something Brandi had worked many years to build.

In its place, most unexpectedly, this change brought a piece of her past back to her. When Jarrett Sullivan steps out of the limo, he’s even more handsome than Brandi remembered. The captain of the high school football team had been her hero many years before.

The dance at her sister’s charity holiday party starts off on a magical note. Until Celia Miller Larkin interjects a dose of venom into the evening, leaving Brandi with too many questions about Jarrett’s motives.

She reacts in a habit of self-preservation. She runs.

As Jarrett stews over his missing love, a flame he’s held in his heart for all these years, Brandi nurses her wounds and nurtures herself to get to a place where she can accept herself and her new life.

Will these two resolve their conflicts and find themselves together?

Since Susanne Matthews is a queen in the happily-ever-after genre, the final outcome must be a happy one. But in the pages between beginning and end, she leaves us wondering if they’ll be able to overcome the obstacles in their way.

This tale is told with the magical weaving of words that makes reading any Susanne Matthews book a pleasure.

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