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Thyme for Love – Tuesday Tales (giggle)

Tuesday TalesHere’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

Sally and Izzy heat things up a little bit this week, even though the prompt this week is ‘giggle’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


As the two melted into one another, they slowly inched their way down the hall towards Sally’s room. Arms roamed and slid across each other’s bodies, searching, exploring. Tongues danced together, then drifted apart as they tasted of necks and throats. Izzy’s tongue moved down towards her cleavage, licking and darting, gently teasing until her knees buckled, her body weak with desire.

His arms caught her and held her tight. Leaning her against the wall, he continued the exploration, undoing one button at a time. With each button undone he pressed his lips against new skin. Skin that tingled under the touch of the tongue gently flicking here and there. One button led to another, until her shirt was open and exposing the lacy bra beneath.

She longed to touch him back, to learn his body as he was learning hers. It was all she could do to hold onto his shoulders and stand upright.

In response he picked her up and headed towards the bed, nibbling on her neck the whole way.

CNJ_kissingHands were everywhere. Lips were everywhere. As clothing came off, each delighted in discovering the buffet they offered each other. Time stood still as they learned together what pleased each other. What touch caused the other to moan in passion. Which one caused a quick giggle?

Few words were spoken. Their language was one of touch.

When each were spent and satisfied, he fell down beside her, panting, their arms wrapped together. Sally laughed and nuzzled into his neck. “Between the sheets you’d never know you were such a laid back, almost-hippie farmer.”

A dimple showed as he replied, “The hippie’s just my disguise. It hides my inner Secret Lover Boy.”

She ran a hand up and down his arm. “My new super hero. Oh, you can come rescue me any time, baby.”

“So,” he teased, “am I forgiven for showing up without calling?”

“Oh yes! You were forgiven for that … oh, about an hour ago.”

They lay together talking softly, kissing here and there, and holding each other, smiles plastered across each of their faces. A soft gentle, most unwomanly like sound rumbled in Sally’s belly, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten yet.

“Breakfast. I need to feed you woman, before you get weak and faint on me.”

“Oh, you already had me weak and fainting.” She fanned her face. “But you found the solution for that one.”

He just grinned, a pleased smirk settling in on his face. “Can I hop in the shower? Then I’ll take you for your big breakfast, m’lady.”

“Sure. Maybe I’ll join you.”

“You’re more than welcome. But you know I’ll have to make sure that you get all clean. Alllll over. It will only delay your meal.”

Her belly sounded its decision. “Go ahead. I’ll stay here.” She pulled the comforter over her as he headed to shower. The sound of running water sent images rushing through her mind. She pictured the water cascading over him, his long hair flowing under the spray, rivulets running down his body… well… maybe…

The debate was on.

Breakfast for a hungry belly?

More lovin’?

Food, her stomach screamed back at her.

Pleasure, her insides yelled back.