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Keeping Love Alive

Keeping Love Alive


Love is easy when we’re in the throes of young, passionate adoration. At that stage in our relationship, our new love can do nothing wrong. We rarely see any imperfections as we blissfully float along on Cloud Nine.

And then…time passes and real life intrudes, bursting our bubble of near-sighted love. We discover that our life has feet of clay, and often we find more to grumble about than just that. What used to be sweet idiosyncrasies now annoys the heck out of us.

Keeping love alive is possible, but now it needs a little care and concentrated effort.

So, what do you do to stoke the flames and keep the love fires burning hot and bright? Here’s a few tips, taken from a wonderful book, True Love: How to Make Your Relationship Sweeter, Deeper and More Passionate, by Daphne Rose Kingma.

  • Celebrate the Exceptional
  • Praise the Ordinary
  • Do the Extraordinary Ordinary Thing
  • Be a Person of Your Word
  • Criticize Only in Private
  • Do the Unexpected
  • Behave Yourself in Public
  • Shower Each Other With Kisses
  • Speak the Love Words
  • Say Please
  • Give More Gifts
  • Ask if You Can Help
  • Ask the Ridiculous Question
  • Listen for the Meaning Beneath the Words
  • Walk a Mile in Your Sweetheart’s Shoes
  • Say Thank You

Sound like too much? How about picking one a day. For that day, concentrate on making a conscious effort to incorporate this little step into your daily life. The next day, pick another. Or, repeat the prior day’s action. Better yet, use them both and keep adding every day until these become second nature.

Try it and see.