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Thyme for Love #14

 Tuesday Tales

Here’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love. Sally and Izzy’s newfound interest in each other reaches a potential stumbling block. Read more here, then come back next week to see if they get this worked out.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘mug’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


The alarm sounded far too early for Sally’s liking. After hitting snooze too many times, her alarm threatened to shut off, so she dragged herself out of bed. The dark circles lining her eyes told the story of her restless night.

She groaned. “It’s going to be a looooong day.”

coffee mug in handsFinally arriving at Crafter’s Cottage, she flipped the sign to open and headed straight back to the coffee pot. The empty mug shook slightly in her hand as she waited for the machine to finish dripping its last drops of mocha salvation.

The morning was slow with few customers. For once Sally was thankful for that. Especially with the mounds of papers consuming the counter for the vendor statements she had to work on. Normally she would have been finished long before lunchtime. Today her mind just wasn’t in gear and concentration was a stranger.

Sally White, she berated herself, get a grip. He’s just a guy. You have a business to run, girl. Stop letting him mess up your mind and interrupt your livelihood. If he calls, he calls. And if he doesn’t, he doesn’t. He’s just a guy.

The lecture to herself didn’t seem to do much good.

She’d find herself staring at an invoice without seeing it. For how long, she didn’t know. Or she’d catch herself gazing out the front window, lost in thought, visions of Izzy and his luscious hair running through her mind. He’s just a guy. Get over it. But the knot in her stomach told another story.