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R: Roster Addition

Welcome to the 2017 A to Z Blog Challenge. During the month of April, Chrys N. Jay shares snippets from friend’s books, and takes a peek at love.

Today, for ‘R’, V.L. Locey joins us with an excerpt from her book, Roster Addition.

Roster Addition Cover_ebook_SMALL   (1).jpeg
Veikko Aho, Wildcats star goalie, and his wife Liz are about to add a new player to their family roster. The open adoption of Maggie and Derrick’s granddaughter will help to heal the gaping hole infertility has left in the Aho’s life. Finally, that huge mansion on the Main Line will hear the sweet laughter of a child. 

But the birth that the Aho’s are so looking forward too seems to be stirring up some anxiety and unspoken fears for the grandparents. As the seemingly endless night of labor drags on, power struggles that threaten to break up a long-standing friendship rise to the surface. Can both families put aside their petty differences or will this precious new Wildcat tear them apart?
Here’s an excerpt from Roster Addition:
“Veikko,” I softly said. “We’re adopting because we have so much love to give, and our own baby is going to take some time to get here.” He stared at me for the longest time, the blue of his eyes darkening just a bit.
“If we had a private room, I would lay you down and make love to you for that,” he told me, his voice husky with emotion.
“I think we could probably find a room that isn’t in use.” I slid my foot out of my little black flat and ran it up the side of his calf. His amazing icy blue eyes widened as a smile played on his lips.
“I thought we were here to support Ashley, not have a tryst in an empty hospital room.”
“Who’s to say we can’t do both?” I seductively inquired, or I hoped it sounded seductive. I usually wasn’t the aggressor in sexual matters. “Unless you’re not up for a tryst?”
“Oh, Piglet, I am surely up for a tryst. I’m just pleasantly shocked to hear you offering to engage in one.” He slowly stood up, giving me a quick peek at the front of his trousers before he drew his coat shut to hide the erection he now sported.
I pushed to my feet quickly, my heart thumping like mad inside my ribcage. I had never suggested something so wickedly erotic to Veikko before. I could feel a flush rising to my cheeks as he gathered up the huge pink teddy bear from its seat at his left. Whatever had happened to meek little Liz Argon? Who was this sexy woman who had boldly asked her husband to engage in naughty adventures in an empty hospital room? I had no clue who I had become, but as Veikko slid his hand into mine, I was damned glad this feisty new Liz had spoken up.
You can find Roster Addition here.