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S: Say It #AtoZChallenge

true loveIn True Love: How to Make Your Relationship Sweeter, Deeper and More Passionate, Daphne Rose Kingma offers more than 60 inspiring and illuminating suggestions to help you expand the possibilities of your own true love.
Three of the suggestions in the book deal with the words from our mouths. Kigma recommends that we:

Say What You Feel
Say Please, and
Say Thank You.


On ‘Say What You Feel,’ she writes:

“Revealing these emotional tides to the person you love is a way for you to continue to endear yourself to and amaze your partner. We often think that intimacy is created merely by falling in love or by what we do, plan, buy, or pursue together. But it is actually the getting to know another person through the intricate texture of his or her emotions that makes us feel truly connected.”

On ‘Say Please,’ she shares:

“Saying ‘Please’ is a way of always holding your beloved in high regard, of treating him or her as a person who still-and always-deserves to be approached with the graciousness that good manners confer. It’s like polishing the silver. It gives the depth of reflection and kindness to your love, the lustre of graciousness to even the most familiar gestures.”

On ‘Say Thank You,’ she says:

“It’s all too easy, in any relationship, to become (internally at least) a whining, complaining grump who feels as if the other person has never done, and will never do, anything nice or special for you. Saying “Thank You” dispels this feeling of hopelessness and creates an internal attitude of optimism. A pathway is formed in our minds which in time becomes a thoroughfare; the belief that we have been treated with generosity and goodness of heart, that we have, if you will, been loved, begins to take root in our consciousness.”