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Starting Over #10

Tuesday Tales

Welcome to TUESDAY TALES. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘’short’.

Today’s snippet is part of a new WIP, tentatively titled ‘Starting Over’.

The story of Victoria and her antique shop in Oak Grove Square continues. Earlier in the tale, Victoria purchased a trunk full of old items from a handsome, but seemingly cold and uncaring, man. He enters Victoria’s life again, coming with an odd and surprising gift, a packet of old love letters. His appearance in her life leaves her full of conflicting emotions.

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OGS_public meetingHeather sashayed to center stage, touching shoulders all the way. “Nice to see you, Hank,” she gushed.

Soft breathless syllables fell from her lips. “Denny, glad you could make it. How do those fast little cars of yours do on the icy roads? It must be so fascinating working with all your … toys.”

“Samuel, how nice for Irene that you could stand in for her. Pageturner’s must be busy today. It’s such a wonderful bookstore.”

“I’ll be talking to you later, Steve. I have a problem that those great, big, drummer arms may be able to help me with.”

“Randall!” More gushing and simpering. “Now, you know you’re not a merchant on the square. But …” stroking the arm of his jacket, “… I guess since you own half the buildings on the square you’re welcome to join us.”

“Does she know there’s any women in the room?” Marie whispered.

Victoria’s laugh burst out, catching curious looks from those around her.

As Heather strutted back and forth across the room during her presentation, shoulders back, breasts proudly displayed, Victoria placed a hand over her mouth and leaned closer to Marie. “I guess this is the perfect job for her. She certainly enjoys being the center of attention.”

The men watched every move raptly, eyes glued to City Hall’s spokesperson. They may not have listened, but they didn’t miss a move or a step. The women in the group listened. But only because a merchants association and monthly events would be good for the town and every business on the square.

Possible events were bantered back and forth. Everyone liked a few of the ideas. Some ideas were split pretty evenly between the fans and the dissenters. And others, well, some ideas were ludicrous right from the first utterance. But a good give and take left the new merchant’s group with a nice starting plan in place.

A unanimous decision made Marie the lead for February’s kick off event – ‘Love is in the Square’. The Valentine’s weekend themed event was sure to draw a crowd to the small town.

“Lucky you,” Victoria laughed under her breath. “Glad I’m not the one with the bakery.”

Attendees chattered back and forth, excited about the events planned for the new year ahead. Heather stood, surveying her lost audience and clapped her hands together, cutting the chatter short. “Before we break up, there’s one more piece of business we need to discuss.”

The room quieted down, not sure what else there was to talk about.

“There’s been a filing with the zoning division.” Puzzled glances were exchanged with one another. That was city business. What did this have to do with a group of business owners? Heather continued her explanation. “It’s for the empty lot on the corner by Bertie’s quilt shop. Someone’s filed for approval to build apartments there.”


“Not in the middle of the square!”

“No way!”

“Oak Grove Square is no place for apartments!”

The group was incensed.

OGS_zoning noticeHeather’s hand waving in the air got their attention. “Now, you know since I’m a city employee, I can’t take a stand on this. The city itself can’t take a position. All they can do is file the paperwork, uphold certain standards and present the case to the zoning board.” She began pacing, seeming a little more agitated than her usual, calm self. “As merchants, business owners, and property owners in Oak Grove Square, you are entitled to a say in the matter. Y’all will receive a letter with the notification about the hearing. But, I wanted to give you a heads up about this so you can do any leg work you can prior to the official meeting.”

The meeting adjourned with a flurry of protests and animated discussion. Others, with no employees to open and service the businesses they owned, hurried off to unlock door and cross their fingers that they’d have business today.

On the way out the door Marie ran her idea past Victoria.

“No, Marie, no blind dates for me. I have no intention of getting involved with any man again.”

“But my cousin is handsome and charming. He’s a successful businessman. It’s not like he’s a slouch or a bum.”

“No. Sorry, Marie. It’s one of those ‘been there – done that’ things. I’m flying solo from now on.”