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Cuddles and Purrs #2

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At Vintage Daze I’m busy with the A to Z Blog Challenge this month. So we’re returning to Chrys N. Jay for a short romance. Join us for a new short story, Cuddles and Purrs. Each week for Tuesday Tales a group of authors write to a word, or picture, prompt. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘wash.’


“Oh, thank goodness! The cavalry has arrived. I don’t know what to do.” He stepped back and ushered her inside. “They’re in a box on a heating pad.”

A chorus of screaming, unhappy kittens assaulted Laurel’s ears as they entered the kitchen. As she stepped up to the box, their cries were drowned out by bellowing barks of two huge dogs pawing at the sliding glass door. Laurel eyed the loud duo warily before reaching in and picking up a tiny, furry bundle. “I take it you’re a dog person, not a cat person?”

Dimples deepened as he chuckled and dropped his head slightly. “Dogs for now. The bigger the better. They’re upset because we’re usually at the running trail at the edge of town by now. We got off schedule with this box of unexpected presents.”

“No clue who left them?”

“Nope. Probably a neighbor though, because I’ve joked with several about how I wished I could afford a farm so I could have all the animals I want.”

Laurel picked one of the little black fur balls and held the bedraggled munchkin up. “Needs a wash, doesn’t he?” She gathered the others, snuggled her armload of wriggly bodies to her chest and glanced at her host from the corner of her eyes. “You want more animals?”

“I’d have a zoo if I could. But mostly rescues. I’d love to be able to save some lives.” He gestured to the two bouncing hounds at the back. “Those two lugs…both rescues. One from a puppy mill. One was tied up in the backyard of an abandoned house with no food or water. Skin and bones. Almost at death’s door. Not that you could tell it now.”

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