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H: The Heartbreaker

Welcome to the 2017 A to Z Blog Challenge. During the month of April, Chrys N. Jay shares snippets from friend’s books, and takes a peek at love.

Today, for ‘H’, Tricia Anderson stops by to share an excerpt from her MMA romance, The Heartbreaker.

a2z_the heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker

Braden, Iowa is the last place on earth Reese Cooper wanted to be but a devastating injury in the octagon forces the MMA fighter back to the small town he once called home. He barely steps foot on Main Street before he is reunited with Lily Dixon, the town librarian and the girl who possessed his heart since they were in kindergarten.
Every day in Braden is the same for Lily Dixon. That is until Reese Cooper walks back into her life. With his chiseled, perfect body and dreamy blue eyes, he steals her heart just like he did when they were kids. His kisses, his touch are far better than any fantasy she’s ever had. Is she willing to risk everything when her preacher father finds out about her love affair with the town bad boy? And what will happen when Reese goes back to Vegas, leaving her alone in Braden without him?

Here’s an excerpt from The Heartbreaker:

Both women turned as there was another knock at the door. “Miss Dixon?”
Lily smiled. “Yes, Elijah. Come in.”
The high school boy with blond hair and wire rimmed glasses peeked his head around the corner. He had nearly as many freckles as Molly. “Miss Dixon, a gentleman has asked your help looking for a book.” Elijah’s voice dropped to a near whisper. “I think he’s one of those guys in those MMA magazines. He sure looks like it.”
Lily felt her mouth go dry. She fought to find her voice. “You can help him, Elijah.”
“He asked for you specifically, Miss Dixon.”
Lily slowly exhaled. Her heart started to pound again as her knees went weak. “All right, Elijah. I’ll be there in a moment.”
“Good luck,” Molly grinned.
“Thanks.” Lily forced a weak smile on her face as she slipped out of her office and followed the boy between the shelves. She stopped dead in her tracks as she reached the circulation desk.
Reese leaned against the desk as he thumbed through a book. Activity in the library had stopped as everyone stared at the town legend. He glanced up at her. The smile he flashed at her was simply dazzling. Lily cleared her throat. “Can I help you?”
Reese set the book back on the desk. “Well, Miss Dixon, I would like to check out a book to read while I recuperate. I was hoping you would have a suggestion.”
Lily lost herself in his blue eyes for several moments before shaking herself free. “What are you interested in, Mr. Cooper?”
He shrugged. “Sports. Mystery. Horror. Something fictional. Facts and figures bore me.”
“Why don’t we start in the horror section and see if something tickles your fancy there?”
“Tickles my fancy, huh?”
Lily could feel her face flush hot. Great, he thinks I’m a backwards hick now. Fantastic. “Just follow me please.”
She led Reese past tables of gawking teens towards the back of the library. They weaved in between the rows and rows of shelves until they reached a set labeled “horror”. Lily breezed her finger across the spines. “There’s good old Stephen King. Or maybe you’d be interested in an author like Jack Ketchum.”
“One of those might tickle my fancy, huh?”
Lily slowly exhaled as she felt her temper rise. He doesn’t have to mock me. “I suppose.”
She caught the gasp in her throat as he pressed tight against her, her skin able to make out the hard contours of his body. His breath was warm on her neck as he brushed a curl off her shoulder. “I know there’s something that can tickle my fancy in this aisle.” He reached over her and tugged a couple novels off the top shelf. His lips brushed the curve of her ear as his hand settled at his side still clutching the books. She shuddered at his touch.
“I’ll start with these,” he breathed.
“Let me go check them out for you,” she struggled.
“Sounds like a plan.”
Lily rushed to the check out desk sensing Reese on her heels. Her thoughts were a scramble. Did he just kiss her ear? Did he want to kiss her? Of course he didn’t. He had to have a girlfriend wherever he used to live. Las Vegas, wasn’t it? She was probably some gorgeous show girl who could rock his world in the sack.
Lily stopped short at the thought of Reese Cooper having sex. Moments later the real deal collided into her. It wasn’t the first time she thought of it. Normally though, she was the girl having sex with him in her imagination. Hours and hours of sex. Her cheeks burned again at the reminder. Reese wrapped a protective arm around her. “Are you all right?”
“Yeah. Just fine,” she gushed, grabbing the books from his hand. She slipped behind the desk and flipped each book open. “Library card?”

You can find The Heartbreaker here.

B: Black Irish

Welcome to the 2017 A to Z Blog Challenge. During the month of April, Chrys N. Jay shares snippets from friend’s books, and takes a peek at love.

Today, for ‘B’, Tricia Anderson stops by to share an excerpt from her romance, Black Irish.

a2z_Black Irish.jpg

Black Irish
Abbey couldn’t believe he was gay. She nearly ran away from her dreams of being a children’s book writer when she was introduced to her illustrator Sloan O’Riley, a dark, sensual Irishman with incredible blue eyes. He certainly couldn’t be good for Abbey’s relationship with her boyfriend back in Iowa. How could she stay in New York and work with the sinfully sexy Sloan even if he was gay? And when Sloan is threatened with deportation, how far would Abbey go to keep him in the U.S.?
Sloan was forced to tell a little white lie. He had no choice. He couldn’t let the sweet, beautiful, Abbey Wright flee from his life—not without a chance to explore the sudden desire he felt for her. But what would Abbey do if she ever discovered the truth about Sloan’s sexuality—or learned the deeper, darker secret he’s been hiding?

Sloan watched from a distance as Aubrey fought to keep Abbey from dashing away, a frightened doe in the terrifying forest named New York. Apparently, up to this point, the vicious predators of the city hadn’t sent her fleeing home.
Until he entered her world, obviously.
Sloan had to admit something about her alarmed him too. He knew many women and had been with many. At one time it had been a different one every few nights for months. But none of them like her. Innocent. Naïve. True. Or so she seemed at first glance.
He couldn’t pull away from her wide-eyed hazel gaze. He wanted to free her shining brown tresses from her ponytail and bury his fingers in the locks. He wanted to taste her plump rose-colored lips. He wanted to caress her curves, feel her warmth.
Sloan could hear Abbey beg for another illustrator. He heard Aubrey counter that there was none better. He was part of the deal, or there was no deal. She was ready to walk away from a contract potentially worth millions over a fear of him.
He wouldn’t let her do that. He wouldn’t let her leave his life before she ever became a part of it.
Sloan could hear Abbey beg for another illustrator. He heard Aubrey counter that there was none better. He was part of the deal, or there was no deal. She was ready to walk away from a contract potentially worth millions over a fear of him. He wouldn’t let her do that. He wouldn’t let her leave his life before she ever became a part of it.
Slowly approaching the two women at the end of the hall, Sloan asked, “Aubrey, can I have a moment please? Let us talk it out and see if we can come to an agreement.”
Aubrey looked uneasily from him to Abbey then nodded. “Sure.”
Sloan waited for Aubrey to return to the conference room. He shot a warning glare at the associates who had gathered to watch the scene unfold before turning his attention back to Abbey.
“What’s the matter, miss?” Sloan took Abbey’s hands in his as he smiled encouragingly.
“I’m sorry. I’m sure you’re very talented. But I don’t think I would be comfortable working with you,” she confessed.
“You don’t even know me.”
“I know.” He watched her gaze wander across him. He could have sworn he saw her shudder. “This whole thing is overwhelming. I don’t think it’s for me.”
“You won’t know unless you try.”
Abbey’s voice came out a soft moan. “I would certainly like to try.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry to waste your time, Mr. O’Riley.”
Sloan caught her hand in his before she could escape. “Then don’t waste my time.”
“Let me go.”
“Give me a legitimate reason why.”
Abbey’s mouth opened in protest then snapped shut. Finally she huffed. “I don’t need to.”
“I believe you do. If you leave, I lose fifty thousand dollars. So I think you owe me fifty thousand reasons.”
“Are you serious?”
“Reason one. You’re an ass.”
Sloan chuckled. It helped hide the burning lust building in his core. “You’ve got quite a mouth, lass.”
“I’m just getting started.”
“Does your man approve of such language?”
“My boyfriend…” Her words trailed off as her eyes grew wide. She ripped her hand from his grip as she looked away.
Ah. There it is. I hit the nerve. A boyfriend. Sloan silently berated himself. He should’ve known a woman so beautiful would have already given her heart to someone. He couldn’t, however, allow her to get away so quickly. He was almost willing to surrender to her naïve beauty alone. But after this hellion laid into him he wasn’t about to let her go.
Thinking quickly, Sloan pressed one of her hands to his lips. “No worries, luv. I’m no threat to you or this boyfriend of yours.”
He could hear her voice quake. “I never said you were a threat.”
“Then there isn’t a reason for you to go.”
Abbey paused. “Why exactly aren’t you a threat to us?”
He smirked. “I’m gay.”
Her eyes narrowed. “Seriously?”
“Yes, Abbey. Gay. You don’t believe me?”
“I don’t know you well enough to trust you.”
“Is this all worth walking away from your dream?”
Abbey stared at him. A smile spread across her face. “No. Of course not.”
“So you will stay and undertake this project with me?”
“I would love to.”
“Then let’s go sign the contracts and get started.” Sloan motioned for her to precede him back to the conference room. He watched her walk before him, his gaze transfixed on her hips, her slim waist, and her luscious curves. So she believes I’m gay. I’ll go with it to keep her here. A little white lie. She’ll never know. At least not until I’m ready for her. And when that time comes, she’ll be mine.

Where to buy Black Irish:

Love is in the Air: Featured Author – Tricia Anderson


Love is in the Air

Chrys N. Jay’s Newsletter                                                 July 3, 2015

 Welcome to the first issue of ‘Love is in the Air’. We’re kicking off our brand new newsletter with an interview from Tricia Anderson, including an excerpt from her newest release, The Assassin.

Stay tuned for upcoming issues, released every Friday. We have a lot more great romance authors scheduled. Coming up for the rest of the month are: July 10: Kathleen Tighe Ball, July 17: Elizabeth Black, July 24: Iris Blobel, July 31: Sarah Cass

Thanks for joining us, and may your week be filled with love!

Chrys N. Jay

New Releases

LIA_FlippedNew, from Ines Saint, Flipped! Ines will be our featured author on August 14th.

Filled with storybook architecture and rich with history, the town of Spinning Hills, Ohio, has seen better days. Now the Amador brothers are determined to restore the neglected community to its former glory. But it takes more than a hammer and nails to make a house a home…

Check it out here.


Author Spotlight — Tricia Anderson

I met Tricia through Tuesday Tales and she soon became one of my favorite authors, along with the other talented authors there, writing to a weekly prompt. Joining us for our first author spotlight – here is Tricia!

Tricia, you’ve written an assortment of books: historical romances, The Black Irish series, the Hard Drive series, and three children’s books. Which is your favorite?

My favorite series (for now) is the Hard Drive Series and my favorite book is Breaking the Cycle. What started as a book meant to “do good” became a collaborate effort of many groups coming together. It also led me to find my team who are my second family, a group of people I love very much.

Do you have a favorite character?

Well…I do. It recently changed. It was Rico Choate from Breaking the Silence because he is based off some close to me. Now it’s Reese Cooper, the hero from The Heartbreaker. Everyone will hopefully get to meet him in October. He’s my new book boyfriend. He’s perfect. ❤

Do you have any book boyfriends? And if so, is your husband jealous of him/them?

Out of my books, Reese Cooper (I’m such a tease!). I don’t think he is. Even though the physical descriptions aren’t the same, there are parts of Reese’s heart and souls that are definitely Brian.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of writing romances?

Writing the intimate scenes. I am constantly afraid of writing a boring or repetitive scene. Those type of excerpts can pull a reader out of the book. I don’t want that.

What has been most rewarding?

Hearing readers tell me how much they love my books. I just love it that people read my books. It’s literally my dream come true.

How did you end up moving from children’s books to romances?

I like to study and explore characters and their stories. It’s difficult to do with picture books. I was always writing the larger books while I wrote kids’ books.

The Assassin, the fifth book in the Black Irish series, just debuted. Is there a particular moment that you’d like to tell us about to tempt us?

In the first four books, we get to meet Sloan and Abbey and watch their relationship strengthen and grow as Sloan’s deep dark secrets are revealed and affect their relationship. But in The Assassin, Sloan witnesses the aircraft that Abbey is supposed to be on engulfed in flames. She’s dead…or is she?

Do you have any new projects in the works that you’d like to tease us with?

Along with the previously mentioned book The Heartbreaker, which is Book Two of The Hearts Of Braden Series, I am currently working on the six (and possibly last?) book of the Black Irish Series, Family Ties.

Would you like to share an excerpt?

Let’s have a taste of The Assassin!


LIA_The AssassinAbbey searched for her lost panties the moment Sloan set her on her feet. She could hear the rustle of his clothes as he straightened himself.

“What are you doing here, lass?” he demanded, his brogue rough.

“You told me to inspect the foreign facilities. I’m inspecting.”

“The Gauntlet wasn’t on the list.”

“It still belongs to Sloan Enterprises.”

“This is a bad area of town. It’s too dangerous.”

“I can handle myself.”

Sloan quickly swallowed up the space between them. Abbey felt the hot brick against her back. “Really? You were no match for me.”

She squirmed to put distance between them again, with no luck. “You aren’t like normal men, Sloan.”

“Lately, you’ve become an expert on normal men,” he snarled.

Abbey glared at him as she huffed. “We’ve had our quickie. Now, if you’ll just help me find my undies and escort me to a cab, you can get back to your little secret mission.” She cocked an eyebrow at him. “I thought you were supposed to be in Afghanistan.”

Abbey shuddered as Sloan lowered his face to hers, his breath warming her skin. “First, your panties are in my pocket. You don’t want them back. They’re scraps now. Two, we are here to update the Powers That Be in the CIA on our mission.” He brushed his fingers across her cheek, causing a shiver through her entire body. “And finally, you aren’t going anywhere. I’m not finished with you.”

Abbey whimpered as Sloan parted her lips with a deep, wet kiss. She surrendered in his arms, clinging to him as his hands roamed her body. Whatever he wanted from her, she would give him willingly.

Sloan pulled away then grasped Abbey’s hand in his. Tucking her close to him, they wove through the crowds of tourists. She glanced around as they quickly rushed past the bright colors and groups of people. It only took minutes for them to reach the luxury hotel. Sloan didn’t stop his hurried pace until he was inside the vacant elevator with Abbey beside him.

Her body arched against him as his mouth roamed the curve of her neck. She tugged him close, mindlessly pleading for more. They spilled out of the elevator and stumbled down the hall to the penthouse, shedding clothes with each step they took. Sloan fumbled the keycard in the reader then shoved the door open.

In one quick motion, he scooped Abbey into his arms then plopped her onto the couch. Behind him, Abbey could see the corner of a large, luxurious bed in the bedroom. She moaned as Sloan undid his pants and let them slide down his legs, until they pooled at his ankles. She had a feeling it would be hours before she was in that bed. And it was going to be a long, hot, sleepless night.


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Author’s Bio:

Tricia Andersen lives in Iowa with her husband, Brian and her three children – her sons, Jake and Jon, and her daughter, Alex. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in English and from Kirkwood Community College with an Associate of Arts degree in Communications Media/Public Relations. Along with writing (which she loves to do), Tricia practices mixed martial arts, coaches and participates in track and field, reads, sews and is involved in many of her children’s activities.

love makes two hearts one

Spice it Up

New tricks? What does that have to do with romance?

A lot! After all, who doesn’t get tired of the same old thing day in and day out? Try a few new little tricks here and there to spice things up. You don’t need something new every day, unless you want to. Add in one or two new things a week and I think you’ll see a big difference in your love life! Here’s a few things to start you off.

  • Write your lover a love letter or poem on a sheet of paper. Glue it to thin cardboard. Cut it up into puzzle-shaped pieces. Mail them all the pieces. Or, mail one puzzle piece each day.
  • Unplug the TV. Put a note on the screen saying ‘Turn me on instead’.
  • Write ‘I love you’ on the bathroom mirror with a piece of soap.
  • Buy a lottery ticket. Give it to your lover with a note attached: “I hit the jackpot when I met you”
  • Spread rose petals all over the bedroom
  • Bring home a small unexpected gift each week. One of my friends has a ‘Happy Friday’, where they do this. Sometimes is a larger gift, but usually a small trinket, token, flowers, candy bar or other small item. It must work. They’re going on 40 years of togetherness.
  • Write a love note or poem and place it under the driver’s side windshield wiper of their car.

They Said it Best

Love, and a cough, cannot be hid. ~George Herbert, Jacula Prudentum, 1651

You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. ~Author Unknown

Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration. ~D.H. Lawrence

Feelings pass like clouds but love endures like the sky. ~Peter Roberts

Chrys N. Jay Books

Rose LKO coverROSE: The rugged, muscular carpenter that came to fix Rose’s fence threatened to turn her world upside down. Once concerned only with keeping her struggling, independent animal afloat, she now finds herself distracted and thinking lustful thoughts about Johnnie. Their growing closeness sends him fleeing without a word. What will happen to Rose’s world now?

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords


Alices Desire LKO coverALICE’S DESIRE: A sexy contractor soon has Alice flustered and in a tizzy. When her BFF and partner in their landscaping business, Lynn, makes her move for the man, Alice is torn. She’s using to stepping back and letting Lynn charm the guys. This time Alice doesn’t want to. Will the battle for Troy’s attention come between the two friends? Which one, if either, will end up in his arms? This short romance takes you to the worksite, where the handsome renovator aims to flip more than houses.

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

LIA_The Assassin