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When Love Flies In – Coming Soon!

When Love Flies InComing Soon –


Here’s an excerpt to get you started ….


Kelly heard it before she saw it. The rumbling in the sky told of an approaching plane. She stood up from her perch on the park bench and shielded her eyes, scanning the open blue skies. A smile broke across her face when she finally spotted the target.

The plane grew larger as it got closer, dropping in elevation as it lined up to approach the runway. Kelly’s head swiveled as she watched the landing, giving a little chuckle as the small aircraft bounced before settling back down on the hot asphalt.

She looked at her watch as she sat back down. Five more minutes. Then she’d have to head back to work. She hoped for one more take off before she had to leave. Those where her favorites. Her body filled with anticipation watching the planes sitting at the end of the runway, revving its engine before racing down the runway and getting that final gust as it lifted and took for the air.

Alas. The take-off gods were not smiling on her today. The small, local airfield was silent as the last minutes of her lunch hour ticked by. With a sigh she rose to walk across the street, back to the office she worked at in the industrial complex that had moved in long after the airport was built in the 1930’s.

She hurried away, giving the runway one last lingering glance. As she turned her head back and rounded the corner of the small café, she flew headfirst into the man rounding the corner from the other side, startling them both.

“Oh! I’m sorry,” she blurted out. “I guess I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

The man merely laughed as he bent to pick up his aviator shades that had fallen to the ground in their collision. “No problem. It’s not every day a beautiful gal comes flying into my arms.”

“I … uh … I’m …” A red flush worked her way up her cheeks. She was at a loss for words.

As he stood and looked at her, Kelly felt like she was drowning in his direct gaze, magnetized by the piercing blue eyes.

“You fly?” he asked, before settling his sunglasses on the top of his head.

“Fly?” she repeated, feeling confused. “No.” Did it look like she owned a plane, standing there in her blue jeans and tennies, the standard apparel for her casual office?

“I just wondered. You’re here a lot.”

“I don’t fly. I like to watch the planes, so I come over here on my lunch.” She gasped and looked at her wrist. “Speaking of which, I’m going to be late.” She hurried off in a semi-jog, towards the crossing light.

“Hey!” a deep male voice called out to her retreating back. “What’s your name?”

She turned her head and called out over her shoulder, not stopping her stride. “Kelly.”

A huge grin plastered across his face. “Nice to run into you, Kelly. I’m Scott by the way.”

“Bye, Scott,” she called back before she dashed across the street and disappeared.

Naturally, as soon as she stepped into the office, she had to relay the whole incident to her co-worker.

Since Liz was the femme-fatale of the office, the first question out of her mouth was expected. “Was he good looking?”

“Good looking? He was drop dead gorgeous,” Kelly replied. “But I was so embarrassed that I really didn’t notice at first.”

“Did he ask for your number?”

“No! He did not. God, Liz, we only just bumped into one another at the corner of the building. It’s not like we were out there looking for dates.”

“You never know. Dates pop up in the most unexpected places.”

“For you maybe. It’s like you have a man radar. They’re always knocking down your door.”

Liz brushed her hair back behind her ear and smiled smugly. “It’s all in the attitude. You can do it too, you know, if you just tried it.”

“I do not have the time or desire to just try it.” Kelly groaned. “Besides, who’d want a mom with two kids? Not that I have any energy left after taking care of my two little heathens. By the time the evening is over, there is not a shred of zip left in this old body here.”

“Oh, girl, girl, girl. Do I have some lessons to teach you?” Liz sighed like it was a hopeless cause. “Was your mystery man single?”

“Single?” Kelly laughed. “The conversation never even headed in that direction. How on earth would I know that?”

“His hand, you goof ball. Was he wearing a wedding ring?”

“I have no earthly idea. It all happened so quickly. Besides, I never got past his steely blue eyes.”