Manifesting Love Club #3


This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Last week we found Corecia catching her new flame on Facebook making out with another girl. After running to the restroom for a good cry, the four friends settled in for a delicious dinner before they settled down for their first official meeting of this new club.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘pill’.

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cheating pic

“Oh just chill, Corecia. You set yourself up for this heartbreak, girl.”

“Juliette…that’s not very nice.” Heather seemed astonished that someone would say that to a friend.

“It’s the truth. How many times have we warned her she’s not going to find any keepers at the club scene?”

Corecia stuck her tongue out at Juliette. “I’ve gotten lots of men at that club that you keep putting down.”

Tracey leaned over, softly patted Corecia’s arm and spoke tentatively. “But Corecia, dear…you know we all only want to see you happy…but admit it, the men you’ve met at the club haven’t been good for the long term prospects…have they?”

A slow shake of Corecia’s head shook her beaded braids across her shoulders. “Guess you’re right. But it’s so much fun there and the people are a blast to hang out with.”

Heather interrupted and pushed fresh, clean legal pads across the table to her friends. “Okay, ladies. Let’s get down to business. Anyone need a pen or pencil?”

legal padThree hands raised in the air accompanied by a chorus of ‘Me’s’. After pencils were passed out, Heather started her pitch.

“I know call the first meeting of the Manifesting Love Club to order. We’re going to meet once a month to look at different techniques to attract love – true love – into our lives.” With her last words, she looked directly at Corecia. “Tonight we’re working on affirmations and I have a list of some other ideas for the months coming up. Candles, love spells, new moon rituals…all kinds of fun and unusual methods.”

Juliette had been uncharacteristically quiet after she’d given Corecia her honest opinion. She leaned forward and directed her question to Heather. “You said we’re going to do affirmations tonight? How will that bring love to our life?”

“Affirmations are statements that we repeat to ourselves. They’re best if they’re positive. For instance, you wouldn’t say ‘I don’t want any players in my life.’ You’d say ‘I want an honest and faithful lover.’ And, they seem to work best if they’re fairly short. Something you can keep in mind and easily repeat often throughout the day.”

“What if you have lots of things you want? More than just honest and faithful?” Corecia spoke up, but the quizzical look on her face looked unconvinced.

Heather answered without missing a beat. “That’s the beauty of it. You write as many as you want. You’re not limited to just one. But…” She paused for a dramatic effect. “…before you can write them, you have to know what you want. I’m going to make you do some work first.”

Juliette twisted her mouth up in a little pout and picked at her lacy collar. “Yuck. I didn’t come here to work. I do enough of that all day. Isn’t there just a pill we can take for it, instead?”

“Don’t think of it as work, Juliette. Think of it as creating. You’re going to create your own magnificent lover. We all know you’re tremendous at creating.”

Tracey sat there quietly throughout all the chit chat and banter. She thought it was amusing to see the three younger ones debate about love and lovers. “Good thing I’m not in the market for love. Guess that lets me off the hook. Nothing I need to do tonight.”

Heather held up a hand in protest. “Oh no girlie, you’re not getting off that easy. You’re part of this little group, too.”

“But I’m not looking for love.”

A bemused look crossed Heather’s face and her eyes twinkled as if she knew something that Tracey didn’t. “Humor us and play along. We need to know exactly what we’re looking for. So I want everyone to write down exactly what you’re looking for. All the details that would make your perfect man. Height. Looks. Interests. Personality. Career. Every little thing that crosses your mind. What he likes to eat. If he likes to cook. If he likes to hike, swim, bike…whatever you think of. Tracey…for tonight, just pretend. We know you’re not looking for anyone…but if you were…what would he be like?”

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