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Love is in the Air: Jean Joachim, Featured Author


Love is in the Air

August 27, 2015

Welcome to ‘Love is in the Air’. This week join us as we introduce Jean Joachim, celebrating another new release, Devon Drake – Cornerback. She’s including an excerpt for us from, Griff Montgomery – Quarterback.

Stay tuned for upcoming issues, released every Friday. The following authors are scheduled for the next few weeks: September 4th: Davee Jones, September 18, Vicki Locey, and September 25, Flossie Benton Rogers.

Thanks for joining us, and may your week be filled with love!

Chrys N. Jay

LIA_Jean series

Hello Jean! Welcome to Love is in the Air! You have so many wonderful books out there, it’s hard to know where to start. I see that you have several different series: Hollywood Hearts, Manhattan Dinner Club, Moonlight Series, Now and Forever and New York Nights. But your latest series, First and Ten, is going strong this year. The fourth book in the series, Devon Drake – Cornerback, just released a few days ago. Can you tell us a little bit about this series?

The series combines football and romance, delving into the off-the-field lives of key players on a pro football team. What I like about it is that you have the sports angle and then you have the human being angle. All pro athletes are people, just like the rest of us with problems, joys and sorrows to deal with.

Of four books in this series, Griff Montgomery – Quarterback, Buddy Carruthers – Wide Receiver, Pete Sebastian – Coach, and now the latest, Devon Drake – Cornerback, which is your favorite and why?

That’s like asking me which child is my favorite! I love them all. Each one is different, so it’s very hard to choose. For sheer sexiness, it would be a tie between Griff Montgomery and Buddy Carruthers. For most real/lovable, it would have to be Pete Sebastian, the coach. And for a walk down memory lane, remembering crushes from your teens it would be Devon Drake.

How were you led to write in the sports romance genre?

I’m not really sure. I love football and kind of fell for a quarterback or two and wondered what their private lives were like. And what’s it like to be head-over-heels for a pro football player? That’s all I needed to do before a story idea landed in my head and I was off and running.

veterinary care - pug dog with bandage on forehead

veterinary care – pug dog with bandage on forehead

Many of your books feature an adorable Pug, who I assume is based on your own little sweetheart Homer that we see quite often on your Facebook page. How did you get Homer, and what made you start writing pugs into many of your stories?

I have had a fifteen year love affair with pugs. My family and I first fell in love with pugs when we saw the movie Milo and Otis. After that I got involved in pug rescue and volunteered for five years with a NY based outfit. That’s where we got Homer, our second pug. I’m very big on adopting rescued dogs. I feel they enhance your life tremendously – I guess that’s why I put them in my books.

Of all of your series, which was the most fun to write?

That’s really hard. I think the most fun single book was The Marriage List. The most fun series, maybe the Manhattan Dinner Club because it was so much about both pugs and food –two of my favorite topics. But I’m learning so much doing the research for the football series on the game, injuries and all sorts of things. That’s making it extra interesting to write. Again, I’m hard pressed to have a favorite. I love them all or I couldn’t spend so much time writing them.

Your group, Tuesday Tales, shares story snippets every Tuesday. A lot of fascinating books have already been published from this group of writers – much of it romance, but not all. What led you to form this group, and how has it affected your own writing life? (See Tuesday Tales

I adore the Tuesday Tales group. We have so many truly talented writers there. I don’t know why I started it. Maybe to keep writing every week. After umpteen million years in the advertising world, maybe I missed deadlines?? The group has been the perfect place for me to start a new book. I have at least five books that started there. And the Hollywood Hearts series was started there. Now I find it a good place to see how far I can take a story and it keeps me writing every week. I so enjoy the support and camaraderie of the group, too.

I see on your web site, ( ‘Adora Smutz’ in “Love Talk” has interviewed a few of your earlier characters. Is Adora Smutz still around? How did she end up entering your life?

Adora Smutz is me being a silly ten-year-old, but maybe with a little more salacious attitude! Lol. I have a goofy side I give in to from time to time. And I was looking for something different, something everyone else wasn’t doing. So I came up with this randy, older woman (no similarity to yours truly) who interviews the guys and grills them about their sex lives. It’s fun. It’s silly and it does grab a bit of attention.


Thank you for taking the time to talk to Love is in the Air and share some of your writing experiences. Is there anything you’d like to add that I didn’t think to ask?

Great interview. I wouldn’t add a thing. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to strut my stuff.

Where can we find your books?

On Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes/Apple.

Check my website for the links. Here’s my Amazon author page, which will have all my books: Amazon author page:

Where can readers find you? and my blog

LIA_Jean footballIs there an excerpt you’d like to share with us?

Sure. How about this one from Griff Montgomery, Quarterback, the first book in the First & Ten series?

“Don’t, Carla. Please don’t. I’m begging you.” Griff reached for her arm, but she shook him off.

Buddy faced the quarterback. “What the hell did you do?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

“Oh no. You didn’t?” His eyebrows rose.

Griff nodded. “Guilty.”

“Whoa, stand back, Tony. There’s gonna be some fireworks in a minute.” Buddy pushed Hastings to the wall.

“You wouldn’t be lying, now, would ya?” Carla asked, directing her stare at Buddy.

“See for yourself.” He gestured to the brunette at the corner table.

“Lauren!” Carla cupped her hands and yelled.

Lauren stood up, turning to face them.

“You Lauren?”

“Please, please, Carla. I’m sorry, so sorry,” Griff whispered. “Don’t do this.


For a few wise words about love and relationships, here’s a snippet from TRUE LOVE: How to Make Your Relationship Sweeter, Deeper and More Passionate, by Dapne Rose Kingma.


When we play we feel the carefree joyfulness of our spirits. We are delivered from the bonds of obligation and responsibility to a sense of delight about ourselves. Playing allows us to rekindle the sense of the child in us, to go back to a time when life was new and full of possibility. Because inside we are all still young, we need to play as much as we can.

Playing alone or with others – ar round of golf, an aerobics class, a soccer game, a tennis match – isn’t just frivolous nonsense. Play creates balance. It’s the safety net under the tightrope of modern life; it keeps us sane and functioning.

Playing alone is good. Playing together is better. Playing with the person you love is the premier form of play. Playing combines both the intrinsic joys of plan with the opportunity to have a totally carefree experience (and sometimes mind-altering view) of the person you love. Seeing and being with him at his most spontaneous, at her most innocent and unguarded, can only deepen your appreciation of him, your sense of specialness of her.

For when we do what we love, we are most precisely ourselves.

Shared foolishness deepens bonds.

“Remember when we climbed the 500 steps up the sand dune and then when we got to the water tower it was all fenced in? We climbed up anyway and I ripped my shorts on the barbed wire fence. Wasn’t that view incredible?”

“Remember when we held the croquet tournament over Labor Day and you won?” “Remember when we went to the Macintoshes’ Halloween party and I was a ballerina and you were a cat?” “Remember the summer we played badminton on the back lawn every single night after summer?”

Playing together – whether you play house, play yard, play sports, play dress-up-and-go-out – always doubles the fun because you feel not only the pleasure of your sweetheart’s company, but also the pleasure of the thing you love to do.

Therefore, PLAY PLAY PLAY. Play well. Play hard. Plan on. Play often. Play for keeps.

Love is in the Air: Sherry Gloag, Featured Author

cnj_coverLove is in the Air

August 21, 2015

Welcome to ‘Love is in the Air’. This week join us as we introduce Sherry Gloag. She includes an excerpt for us from, From Now Until Forever.

Stay tuned for upcoming issues, released every Friday. The following authors are scheduled for the next few weeks are: August 28: Jean Joachim, and September 4th: Davee Jones.

Thanks for joining us, and may your week be filled with love!

Chrys N. Jay

New Releases – Check it out!


Fiery, flame-haired Jane Bratkowski is catapulted from a small college town to Philadelphia to become head coach of a new women’s hockey team, The Venom. It’s a life-changing opportunity, a dream come true until – in a cruel twist of fate that could turn into a nightmare – she comes face to face with her ex-husband Tore Ahlberg, the Wildcats’ head of European Scouting. Suddenly, Jane’s faced with more challenges than she bargained for: Will she let him distract her — and derail her big chance to coach pro hockey? Can she build a team of relatively inexperienced, irrepressible young women into champions? Can she and Tore triumph over the gut-wrenching tragedy that ripped them apart — or will the shocking truth of their passionate past threaten to destroy them once again?

Author Spotlight — Sherry Gloag

LIA_From Now Until ForeverRELEASE DATE AUGUST 25TH!!

Hi Sherry! You have a range of romances, from Regency to Contemporary, and many have a dash of suspense included. Is there one genre that is a favorite of yours to write?

Thank you Trisha for inviting me to join you today.

The genre I find the easiest to write is Contemporary, because, as a ‘pantser’ writer, my stories evolve in such a way I have a hard time keeping up with them, while at others I hang about waiting for my characters to reveal where we are supposed to go next. The dash of suspense usually turns up about halfway through the story and ensures I then face a major reshuffle of all the earlier chapters.

Which was your first book? And how did your writing progress into other genres?

The first book I wrote, that was published, was Duty Calls, but the first book I had published was The Brat, which was the second book I wrote.

My writing evolved into other genres because I wrote my first Regency romance as a kind of ‘thank you’ to the authors of all the Regencies I read from my teenage years on. And my paranormal novellas were a kind of experiment, to see if I could write them!

I see that you have four holiday romances; Vidal’s Honor and Name the Day (Christmas) and His Chosen Bride (Bk 2 of The Gasquet Princes series) and The Wrong Target (Valentine’s Day). How did you like writing romances geared around a holiday, as compared to your other books?

I loved it. Vidal’s Honor required months of research and its success is very rewarding, while The Wrong Target was so much fun to write and still makes me laugh. Name The Day and His Chosen Bride were more challenging because the characters kept changing direction throughout the story.

One of your stories, Queen of Diamonds, was included in an anthology, Love and Diamonds. How did being part of an anthology differ from your other works?

I loved being part of an anthology. I have a huge respect for all the other authors and am honoured my story is included with theirs.

You have a new book coming out in October – Ring of Truth. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Ah, now what can I say? This was a completely new venture for me. While Ring of Truth is a stand-alone story, it is also one of Hearts of Braden series which are all based in a fictional American town called Braden. Remember I am a Brit who has not achieved her dream of visiting the States yet, so this was a huge challenge. Not only did I have to ‘gen’ up about the area and county, I had to be sure, when I included characters from other stories, I didn’t ‘bog-up’ with the details. I’ve had fantastic support from all the other authors involved in the series and have made several new friends during the project.

Here is a ‘mini’ synopsis of Ring of truth:-

When Noelle’s late mother breaks a promise to her five year old daughter to give the ‘pretty’ ring to her daughter ‘when she was old enough to appreciate it properly’ and instead leaves it to her conditionally in her will, Noelle is devastated by the betrayal, and vows to walk away from her inheritance. The problem for Noelle is that if she defaults she loses much more than just the ring, she loses everything, and everyone else involved, some of them total strangers to her, lose too.

Will Noelle allow her sense of betrayal influence her future, or will she listen to her heart?

The Magpie Chronicles is a collection of 13 mixed genre short stories based on the Magpie Rhyme. How did you come up with this idea? What was it like writing stories to fit this theme?

A few years ago, my sister gave me a book for Christmas about myths and legends and the kernel of an idea formed in my mind. I am also a member of a wonderful online writing group called Tuesday’s Tales, started up by author, Jean Joachim, where for most weeks every month we write to a pre-selected word, and once a month we write to a selected picture. Combine those challenging and enjoyable exercises with my love of the Magpie Rhyme and the gifted book, and The Magpie Chronicles was born.

Out of all your books, which one is your favorite?

I’m sorry Trisha, I don’t think I can answer this one!  Each book has something special in it for me.

Do you have a short excerpt you’d like to share with us?

This excerpt is the opening scene of the re-release of Book One of my Gasquet Princes series, From Now Until Forever, due out on August 25th by Clean Reads:-

Liam Fitzwilliam Gasquet stared in amazement at the blooming patch of red milliseconds before the pain exploded in his arm. Some trigger-happy idiot had fired in his direction. Indignation didn’t have time to take root before another bullet kicked the dust at his feet.

Not trigger-happy.


The rebels had found the fourth and youngest son of Jean-Phillipe Gasquet, ruler of the tiny kingdom adjacent to the Swiss border. When had they discovered his whereabouts?

With a reluctant sigh, he faced the truth of it. They hadn’t found him at all. They’d followed him. For the last three years he’d buried his head in the sand while travelling around the world, assuming his stab at anonymity would keep him safe from the insurgents hopeful of removing his family as rulers of the country.

To the sound of more gunshots, he flung himself towards the nearest cover, while horses stampeded across the nearby paddock. Wedging himself behind the scrawny gorse bush wouldn’t deter anyone with a powerful rifle sight for long, but he prayed it would buy him a few more seconds.

Sherry’s Bio:

Best-selling author Sherry Gloag now lives in the beautiful East Anglian countryside in the UK. She spent her childhood in Scotland before moving to the Midlands of England.

After cutting her writing teeth with contemporary romance, Sherry tried her hand at light paranormal in her 2nd book of The Gasquet Princes series, His Chosen bride. Her next adventure, writing Regency stories, produced her best-selling novel, Vidal’s Honor.

When she’s not writing, Sherry enjoys walking gardening and her crystal craft work. “It’s bit like writing 🙂 When you’re in the ‘zone’ everything just flows. It’s a great feeling.”

Where can we find you?


My Website:

My Blog:



Where can we find your books?

Amazon author page:




Amazon AU 



Amazon author page

Amazon UK author page

B & N


LIA_From Now Until Forever



Elizabeth Black: Don’t Call Me Baby




Buy Link

Don’t Call Me Baby – Amazon Kindle

Don’t Call Me Baby – Amazon UK

EB_Dont call me baby

Don’t Call Me Baby

It’s 1983 in Maryland and Catherine Stone is sex on wheels. She plays the field the way men have done for aeons. Not content to strive for her MRS. degree like so many young women her age, she seduces men of all stripes.

When she tries multiple partners and bondage for the first time as a submissive, she believes she’s found the sexual bliss she is looking for – and with a man who not only introduces her to the fineries in life, but also cares about her like no man ever has before.

DON’T CALL ME ‘BABY’ is a fast-paced, quick-witted, and sexy novel about a young woman exploring her sexuality and the cultural morés she collides with on a daily basis.

Does she meet her match in this new man who introduces her to sexual ecstasy she has never before experienced?

EB_Night owl top pick


Review by Hitherandthee

Don’t Call Me Baby is a fast paced, very adventurous romantic novel that will take readers on a roller coaster ride of scorching romantic fun. The main character, Catherine, is a woman after my own heart. She is young and fiercely independent, and beyond gorgeous. She is not wealthy, but she wants to live the good life and is not afraid to go get it. She is also very sexually liberated, and in the 1980’s this was sometimes a good thing, and sometimes a not so good thing. The story is so blisteringly hot and steamy; it’s difficult to put down. It took me back to a better time, and a time I enjoyed much more. It is a novel I truly enjoyed reading, and will definitely be reading time and time again. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s also not to be missed.

So many men, so little time. Catherine has a long list of men that she sees on a regular basis, and at the top of the list (for the moment, anyway) is Brian. He’s one of her professors at Quincy, and a married man, but that’s never been a problem. But he’s so demanding! So maybe some time apart will be just the trick. A summer theater camp at another local college for local teens should make him realize that Catherine is not his possession, right? That is, until she gets to the camp and meets the other counselors. Ryan is gorgeous, and the rest? Well, what’s a girl on her own to do? Why, enjoy as many as she can! In the meantime, Catherine will come to grips with her mind and her heart, and will figure out what she really wants in life.

EB_author pic

About the Author

Elizabeth Black writes erotica, erotic romance, speculative fiction, fantasy, dark fiction and horror. She also enjoys writing retellings of classic fairy tales. Born and bred in Baltimore, she grew up under the influence of Edgar Allan Poe. Her erotic fiction has been published by Xcite Books (U. K.), House Of Erotica (U. K.), Cleis Press, Circlet Press, Ravenous Romance, Scarlet Magazine (U. K.), Naughty Nights Press, and other publishers. Her dark fiction and horror has appeared in Kizuna: Fiction For Japan, Stupefying Stories, Zippered Flesh 2: More Tales Of Body Enhancements Gone Bad, Midnight Movie Creature Feature 2, Teeming Terrors, Voluted Tales, and Mirages: Tales From Authors Of The Macabre (edited by Trent Zelazny).

An accomplished essayist, she was the sex columnist for the pop culture e-zine nuts4chic (U. K.) until it folded in 2008. Her articles about sex, erotica, and relationships have appeared in Good Vibrations Magazine, Alternet, CarnalNation, the Ms. Magazine Blog, Sexis Magazine, On The Issues, Sexy Mama Magazine, and Circlet blog. She also writes sex toys reviews for several sex toys companies. She has appeared as a speaker at numerous conventions including Balticon, Arisia, NoVaCon, SheVaCon, JohnCon, and two Worldcons.

For a hot and steamy excerpt of Don’t Call Me Baby, go check out Elizabeth’s blog at:

When Love Flies In – Coming Soon!

When Love Flies InComing Soon –


Here’s an excerpt to get you started ….


Kelly heard it before she saw it. The rumbling in the sky told of an approaching plane. She stood up from her perch on the park bench and shielded her eyes, scanning the open blue skies. A smile broke across her face when she finally spotted the target.

The plane grew larger as it got closer, dropping in elevation as it lined up to approach the runway. Kelly’s head swiveled as she watched the landing, giving a little chuckle as the small aircraft bounced before settling back down on the hot asphalt.

She looked at her watch as she sat back down. Five more minutes. Then she’d have to head back to work. She hoped for one more take off before she had to leave. Those where her favorites. Her body filled with anticipation watching the planes sitting at the end of the runway, revving its engine before racing down the runway and getting that final gust as it lifted and took for the air.

Alas. The take-off gods were not smiling on her today. The small, local airfield was silent as the last minutes of her lunch hour ticked by. With a sigh she rose to walk across the street, back to the office she worked at in the industrial complex that had moved in long after the airport was built in the 1930’s.

She hurried away, giving the runway one last lingering glance. As she turned her head back and rounded the corner of the small café, she flew headfirst into the man rounding the corner from the other side, startling them both.

“Oh! I’m sorry,” she blurted out. “I guess I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

The man merely laughed as he bent to pick up his aviator shades that had fallen to the ground in their collision. “No problem. It’s not every day a beautiful gal comes flying into my arms.”

“I … uh … I’m …” A red flush worked her way up her cheeks. She was at a loss for words.

As he stood and looked at her, Kelly felt like she was drowning in his direct gaze, magnetized by the piercing blue eyes.

“You fly?” he asked, before settling his sunglasses on the top of his head.

“Fly?” she repeated, feeling confused. “No.” Did it look like she owned a plane, standing there in her blue jeans and tennies, the standard apparel for her casual office?

“I just wondered. You’re here a lot.”

“I don’t fly. I like to watch the planes, so I come over here on my lunch.” She gasped and looked at her wrist. “Speaking of which, I’m going to be late.” She hurried off in a semi-jog, towards the crossing light.

“Hey!” a deep male voice called out to her retreating back. “What’s your name?”

She turned her head and called out over her shoulder, not stopping her stride. “Kelly.”

A huge grin plastered across his face. “Nice to run into you, Kelly. I’m Scott by the way.”

“Bye, Scott,” she called back before she dashed across the street and disappeared.

Naturally, as soon as she stepped into the office, she had to relay the whole incident to her co-worker.

Since Liz was the femme-fatale of the office, the first question out of her mouth was expected. “Was he good looking?”

“Good looking? He was drop dead gorgeous,” Kelly replied. “But I was so embarrassed that I really didn’t notice at first.”

“Did he ask for your number?”

“No! He did not. God, Liz, we only just bumped into one another at the corner of the building. It’s not like we were out there looking for dates.”

“You never know. Dates pop up in the most unexpected places.”

“For you maybe. It’s like you have a man radar. They’re always knocking down your door.”

Liz brushed her hair back behind her ear and smiled smugly. “It’s all in the attitude. You can do it too, you know, if you just tried it.”

“I do not have the time or desire to just try it.” Kelly groaned. “Besides, who’d want a mom with two kids? Not that I have any energy left after taking care of my two little heathens. By the time the evening is over, there is not a shred of zip left in this old body here.”

“Oh, girl, girl, girl. Do I have some lessons to teach you?” Liz sighed like it was a hopeless cause. “Was your mystery man single?”

“Single?” Kelly laughed. “The conversation never even headed in that direction. How on earth would I know that?”

“His hand, you goof ball. Was he wearing a wedding ring?”

“I have no earthly idea. It all happened so quickly. Besides, I never got past his steely blue eyes.”

Love is in the Air – Featured Author: Ines Saint


Love is in the Air

Chrys N. Jay’s Newsletter                                                 August 14, 2015

Welcome to ‘Love is in the Air’. This week join us as we introduce Ines Saint. She’s including an excerpt from, Flipped.

Stay tuned for upcoming issues, released every Friday. The following authors are scheduled for the next few weeks: August 21: Sherry Gloag, August 28: Jean Joachim, and September 4th: Davee Jones.

Thanks for joining us, and may your week be filled with love!

Chrys N. Jay

New Releases – Check it out!

LIA_Seeing you againSeeing You Again, Joselyn Vaughn

After twenty-five years with Sam, their lives revolving in circles that barely touched let alone overlapped, was it time Margie consigned their marriage to an album of faded photographs? The Christmas ball at her mother-in-law’s retirement home would either be the final straw for their failing marriage or the perfect chance to reignite the old flame. Can the happy-go-lucky shenanigans of the retirement community remind Margie and Sam that falling in love has no age limit?

Author Spotlight — Ines Saint

Hi Ines! Welcome to ‘Love is in the Air’. Your book, Flipped, was recently released. I see it’s the first in a three book series set in the fictional town of Spinning Hills. Can you tell us a little bit about Flipped?

Thanks for having me! I’m happy to be here. Well, Flipped! is about Holly Bell, a ‘nose’ with goals, a daughter, and a past; and Dan, the long-gone Amador brother who has recently, and reluctantly, made his way back home. Their first meeting takes place in the basement of a house they both think they own… a house Holly has been dreaming of for five years, and a house Dan wants to flip. The particular circumstances of their first meeting leave Dan feeling like Holly is an irresponsible flake, taking on more than she can handle, while Holly ends up thinking Dan is an arrogant ass. Needless to say, things aren’t always what they seem, and it will be a long way to friendship and love for Holly and Dan, with a few unexpected twists and turns along the way.

What inspired the town of Spinning Hills?

My husband was offered a job in Dayton, OH five years ago, and I began researching the area before we moved. I came across blogs and articles about a few historic neighborhoods here that people were working hard to bring back. The before and after pictures of some of the houses, and even entire blocks, left me in awe. One neighborhood here, The Oregon District, has been nearly completely restored. The level of caring, hard work and determination that goes into achieving so much is inspiring. That’s where the idea of three brothers working to restore an entire town came from. When we moved here, we learned the region was home to a hippie town, the most haunted village in Ohio, and an entire town made up of houses built mostly between the 1920’s and 1940’s that looks like it was lifted from the pages of a children’s book. I thought it would be fun to create a town that captured a little bit of everything. The result was Spinning Hills, a town founded by wintering gypsies and made up of storybook architecture.

There are two books following in the ‘Spinning Hills Romance’ series. Needs a Little TLC is scheduled for release in September 2015 and Fixer-Upper is scheduled for release January 2016. All three have a home renovation theme. What about this theme called to you as a romance writer?

I spent a few years of my youth in the Boston area and many of my friends lived in historic houses that had such wonderful stories attached to them! Some of the houses in the area seemed neglected, abandoned and forgotten, but their beauty and strength shone through. I drew a parallel with people because I think we’ve all felt rundown at some point, and I thought it would be fun to do a series where characters find love as they rebuild both their lives and homes they feel a connection to.

You wrote two previous stand-alone books before Flipped. Charmed and Strangers in the Night. Was writing a kickoff book for a series any different than writing a stand-alone book?

Great question! I hadn’t really thought about it before, but, yes, it was different. I had to plant some small clues along the way because I knew Dan’s brothers would be getting their own books, and I wanted to make sure their stories didn’t feel like they were coming from left field. I also had to keep careful notes about the town and recurring characters. I strongly recommend that people start an organized series bible before they begin writing a series. My notes were scattered at first, and this made it difficult to find certain details later on.

Do you have a favorite character from your books?

I hope this isn’t cheating, but I have three favorite characters who are almost always together. Ruby, Rosa, and Sherry are the three elderly owners of the Gypsy Fortune Café and Bakery, and they’re as different as they are meddlesome. The one thing they agree on is that great coffee, sweets, and plenty of unsolicited advice can make any situation better.

You’re a wife and a mother of young boys. How many boys do you chase after? How does writing fit in with your busy life?

I have two boys, but like many kids now a days, they’re into a lot of different activities, and like many moms, I volunteer at their schools and with a few different organizations. I spend most of my afternoons and evenings taxiing the boys around and catching up on errands. My husband and I joke that “dates-nights” are when we’re alone in the car for a few minutes after dropping the kids off somewhere together. But I’m extremely lucky that I’m able to stay home and write while they’re at school because I can’t write at all when they’re home. I’m very easily distracted, and even anticipating distractions makes me less productive. I’m one of those people who needs complete silence to write. I can edit when they’re here, but I can’t produce a first draft. And, of course, life doesn’t stop just because I’m on a deadline.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of writing romances?

I love it when both the hero and heroine grow and learn, which means they need their individual journeys along with their romantic journey. I would say the hardest part is showing that the most important and rewarding journey is the individual journey, and that the romantic journey is just icing on the cake!

What has been most rewarding aspect of writing romances?

Every once in a while, I’ll get a review, an email, or a note saying something like, “This is exactly what I needed right now.” I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. Many people pick up romances because they need to escape and unwind from the daily grind, and they need that promise of a happy ending. Knowing I’ve provided someone with a light but warm escape makes me very, very happy.

Would you like to share an excerpt from Flipped?

Here’s one with Ruby, Rosa, and Sherry. I hope you enjoy it.

LIA_Flipped“You know, this whole ‘pies have meaning’ thing started off as something fun to set us apart, but I think we hit on something. Your body craves what it needs. You just need to figure out what you need, and why you need it, so you can have a little bit of it and set yourself to rights again. Now, tell me if you’d like me to talk to Dan about selling the house back to you. Latinas can be very persuasive, you know.” Rosa had a melodious accent, talked too fast, and switched gears too quickly. It always took Holly a few beats to catch up to her.

“I was planning on paying him a little visit myself.” Sherry’s eyes gleamed. “We should go together. He can’t say no to two little old ladies he’s known his whole life.” She turned to Ruby. “Three little old ladies would be even better.”

“Yes…especially if one of them is the victim’s brokenhearted grandmother!” Rosa looked at Ruby, too.

Holly sat up, alarmed. “Um, please don’t. I’m no victim, and no offense, but you don’t exactly come across as little old ladies. If he’s known you his whole life, he won’t be moved.”

“Maybe he was only being stubborn with you because of the way everything went down,” Rosa said. “I think he’d listen to us.”

Holly sighed. Grand-smothering and meddling were the among only things the three women had in common.

“He never did like theatrics.” Grandma Ruby sent Holly a meaningful look.

Her grandmother was lecturing her on theatrics? “Would you say you know Dan Amador well, then?” she asked them in her most innocent and interested voice, hoping to veer the topic away from the house.

How can we find you, and find your books? Any websites, social media contacts, buy links etc:

You can find me at:,, @inessaint on twitter, and Thanks so much for having me! It’s been fun!

zodiac in love

Chrys N. Jay Books

Rose LKO coverROSE: The rugged, muscular carpenter that came to fix Rose’s fence threatened to turn her world upside down. Once concerned only with keeping her struggling, independent animal afloat, she now finds herself distracted and thinking lustful thoughts about Johnnie. Their growing closeness sends him fleeing without a word. What will happen to Rose’s world now?

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

Alices Desire LKO coverALICE’S DESIRE: A sexy contractor soon has Alice flustered and in a tizzy. When her BFF and partner in their landscaping business, Lynn, makes her move for the man, Alice is torn. She’s using to stepping back and letting Lynn charm the guys. This time Alice doesn’t want to. Will the battle for Troy’s attention come between the two friends? Which one, if either, will end up in his arms? This short romance takes you to the worksite, where the handsome renovator aims to flip more than houses.

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

Thyme for Love – TT picture prompt

 Tuesday TalesHere’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

After several busy, overbooked weeks, Sally and Izzy have a whole day together. This week we’re writing to a picture prompt. Only 300 words, so it’s quick reading this week. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


TT_August 2015 pic prompt

After a kiss that left her breathless and weak in the knees, Sally clung to Izzy, afraid to trust her balance.

“C’mon, babe. I’ll show you the house.” Izzy stepped towards the house, tugging her hand in his.

Stepping inside Sally saw a laundry room littered with several pairs muddy boots lined up by the back door. A laundry basket sat on the washer overflowing with dirty laundry. She almost shuddered to think what the rest of the place looked like. But as she followed Izzy into the kitchen, looking around in amazement. Counters were clean. The floor was spotless. The walls were bare, and while perhaps boring in their unadorned state, they were clean and appeared to be freshly painted. One lone dirty glass sat in the sink.

Laughter bubbled from her throat. “You’ve surprised me.”

“How’s that?”

“It looks like a bachelor’s house. Yet, it doesn’t.”

“What do you mean?” He looked puzzled.

“It’s much cleaner than I expected a man’s house to be. But…” She paused and swiveled her gaze around the sparkling kitchen. “You sure don’t have any ‘fluff’ though.”

“Nope. No fluff for me. I’m an outdoor man. That’s where I live. In here, I only eat and sleep.” Amusement flashed across his face. “Except for special occasions. Then, I add a few extra touches to the décor.”

“Oh? What special occasions?”

“When I’m expecting special company. Then, I decorate up a bit.” He pointed into the dining alcove set off of the kitchen.

Sally turned and saw a spray of delicate, two-toned roses displayed on a hand hewn oak dining table, surrounded by a mass of chocolates.

Tears welled up in her eyes as a feeling of love filled her body and oozed through her pores. Her mouth opened – but no words came out.


Love is in the Air: Featured Author Jillian Chantal

cnj_coverLove is in the Air

Chrys N. Jay’s Newsletter                                                 August 7, 2015

Welcome to ‘Love is in the Air’. This week we’re talking with talented romance author Jillian Chantal.

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Stay tuned for upcoming issues, released every Friday. Coming up are: August 14: Ines Saint, August 21: Sherry Gloag, and August 28: Jean Joachim.

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Chrys N. Jay

New Releases

red wavesAudrey Brown is an intelligent Registered Nurse living in Surf City, USA, who puts her career ahead of her love life. That is until pro-surfer, Chad Slater, gets wheeled into her emergency room and shakes down her formidable walls. But can her sex life go from zero to 69 with an ex-husband seeking revenge for her sending him to prison?

Chad has just the right mix of sexual charisma and determination to make all of Audrey’s dreams come true. This upbeat story includes humorous undertones with nail-biting suspense and enough sexual heat to make you stay up all night reading. Readers’ romantic partners will find benefits, too!

Author Spotlight — Jillian Chantal

Jillian, you’ve been a prolific author since your first book, Solo Honeymoon, in 2010. I think I saw 26 books listed, plus a few anthologies. What was the siren song of romance writing for you?

I am a lawyer in the day job and the stress there can sometimes be overwhelming. On many occasions, I have tossed and turned and fretted over cases when the courthouse is closed. I have found that one way to shut that down is to focus on something more fun than legalities. I wrote for a long time for my own escape/pleasure. When I finally shared some short stories with friends, they all encouraged me to submit my work for publication. The first story I ever had chosen to be published by a real life editor was a Halloween tale called, “The Arm” – A story where the protagonist found a body part in the crisper drawer of her refrigerator.

In 2013, you had eleven romances published. What was it like getting that many out in one year? Did your family see you at all?

Was it really that many in one year? Wow. I’m floored. I didn’t realize that. *runs back to check records* – Wow, yeah, but I can explain that! LOL.  Some of those are shorter tales. I did a few what they called “weekend reads” for one of my publishers, SCP, and those don’t really take much time to get drafted. Less than a week. The books that were full length had been written and contracted over a period of time and all somehow lined up to release quickly together so yes, I had family time. LOL. One of my kids was in grad school in the UK at that time and also got married in October of that year. The other was in high school so they didn’t really need mom quite so much. My husband has numerous hobbies that keep him busy as well so we muddled along, seeing each other at dinner and weekends. HAHAHA.

I spent time doing blog tours for the books and that was time consuming but also a lot of fun. Interacting on Facebook and Twitter are things I enjoy so that was not a burden at all.

You have several holiday romances: Thanks for Giving (Thanksgiving), All I Want for Christmas is a One Night Stand (Christmas), and Fireworks for Katerina (4th of July). Do you find writing for a holiday theme is any different than your other works?

Not really. I write what appeals to me at the time and knowing the market is about six months (with some publishers) out, I try to write the holiday stories when it’s not that time of year; however, sometimes the mood hits when it’s that time of year. For instance, I wrote Thanks for Giving at Thanksgiving one year and it came out the next year. Carver’s Fall is also a holiday book – it’s set at Halloween. I wrote that in the early fall one year and it came out in the spring of the next year. LOL- Not quite the right time to market it but there you go. I absolutely love to write holiday stories. They are so uplifting and make me smile. And they are kind of easier as they give you ready-made scene descriptions, don’t they? Like pumpkins, brisk air and leaves in fall; snowmen, Christmas trees, crunchy frost, and reindeer at Christmas; and hot dogs, lakeside and fireworks at 4th of July.

Tequila Mockingbird, released in 2014, was a RONE Award Finalist. What was that experience like?

I was super excited to learn about the nomination. Funny thing, the list came out and a friend emailed me. I went over to the site to check it out and saw another Jillian’s name and wrote my friend back to laugh at her joking around with me. She insisted I go back and look again as she swore it wasn’t a joke. I was so flummoxed by it that I had to look like four times before I saw my name. LOL.  So, when I got the email from the magazine, I was thrilled to know it was real. I’m in some good company in the suspense category so I’m just reveling in being nominated. We will see in September who the winner is and I can’t wait to celebrate no matter who wins. This story is a great adventure and my editor said in a comment, “best pet ever” about the hero’s pet. That made me giggle because I quite liked Buttercup myself.

I believe you have several works soon to be released. If Witches Were Horses, and Flight Risk. Can you share any details about when these, or any other soon to be released books, will be available?

Flight Risk actually came out last summer. It is set in the 1950s just before the space race heated up.

If Witches Were Horses just came out in June. It’s a young adult novel and written under another name to prevent the wrong kind of crossover – some of my books are spicier than others and I didn’t want a teen to pick up the wrong one. The protagonist in this one is super fun to write. She’s a stream of consciousness kind of girl and I never know what she will say and do next. My editor for this series says she worries about what goes on in my mind since I have come up with some crazy hurdles for this gal to jump through. LOL – sounds like a compliment to me!

There is nothing much in the pipeline right now for me. I have recently withdrawn a submission of a short Valentine’s Day story since the minimum word count of the publisher has changed. I have three novel length stories I am polishing to submit so hopefully, soon, I will be able to announce something new on the horizon. I do have one thing slated to come out in the next six months. I am in another anthology releasing in January, 2016 – it’s called “Once Upon a True Love’s Kiss” and my story is called “Milady and her Spy” – it’s a regency boxed set with eleven authors.

If you had to pick one favorite story from your many books, which one would it be? And why?

Oh man. What a toughie. I love so many of the heroes in my stories it’s almost impossible to choose. I am all about the hero.  LOL – One of my first stories published was Redemption for Devil– it’s an epic story set in 1920 that goes from Ireland to New York, to Chicago and even the Arctic Circle. I woke up one day and this voice said, “I’m Liam Cormac and you’re going to tell my story”- the thing practically wrote itself – like taking dictation- so for that reason, I would choose it.

As to my more recent work, I think my writing has improved so much since Redemption for the Devil came out, I’d have to say my newer favorite would be Tequila Mockingbird. I had the title in my head for a long time bur no story to go with it. I finally found that story and it was inspired in part by a trip to Puerto Vallarta with my sister and in part by a colleague who always wears his hair in a ponytail. I always wondered (but never asked-lol) if he takes it down to make love. And thus, a story was born.

You’re one of the featured authors in the anthology Beaux, Ballrooms, and Battles: A Celebration of Waterloo that was released a few months ago. What is it like being a part of an anthology?

It was a lot of fun. I was thrilled to be asked. We all wrote a short romance story featuring the Battle of Waterloo for the 200th anniversary of the battle. They were professionally edited and we each had a job in the process. It was nice to have a number of people working on the same goal together.

Which story in the anthology is yours? What is it about?

It’s called Jeremiah’s Charge.  Here is a cover quote: “Jeremiah’s Charge is a daring and dashing devotion to duty and honor that will astound you!” ~ Bestselling Author Katherine Bone

Here’s a blurb from Jeremiah’s Charge:

A chance encounter during the battle of Quatre Bras changes Captain Jeremiah Denby’s life forever. A member of Wellington’s staff, he fulfills his duties to king and country through the surrender of Boney at Waterloo but then must decide how to reconcile his new life with his old.

Emmaline Rothesay has a battle of her own to fight. To her Lady mother’s dismay, Emmaline has had her eye on Captain Denby as a potential suitor. Now that his changed circumstances after Waterloo could cause a scandal, Lady Rothesay is even more set against any relationship her daughter desires with the man. Emmaline finds herself at war with her mother and maybe even the captain himself.

Is there anything else you’d like to add:

Thanks for interviewing me. It was awesome and some of the questions really made me think. That’s the best kind of interview, isn’t it?

Jillian Chantal is multi-published in the romance genre. She’s a lawyer by day and writer, amateur photographer and history buff by night. Jillian lives on the beautiful gulf coast of Florida and loves her little slice of paradise. But not too much to enjoy world-wide travel every chance she gets. After all, a writer and photographer needs new and exciting places to go and capture in order to stay fresh, right? And there’s nothing quite like seeing historical places in person, is there?

Jillian loves to hear from readers. She can be found at her website, Facebook, or Twitter

Jillian’s books are available at

Full Length:

Doctor, Lover, Baronet

Hot Pursuit

Moon Dance

Redemption for the Devil

Sebastian’s Salvation

Solo Honeymoon

Surf Bride

Tequila Mockingbird

Venetian Masks

Series: Long:

The Gambler (Book One, the Gambler’s Inheritance)

The Gambler’s Brother (Book Two, the Gambler’s Inheritance)

The Gambler’s Daughter (Book Three, the Gambler’s Inheritance)

Christmas on St. Charles Ave (free Christmas story, the Gambler’s Inheritance)

Series: Short:

It Only Takes a Minute (Book One, the Minute Series)

The Second Minute (Book Two, the Minute Series)

Some Minutes Last a Lifetime (Book Three, the Minute Series)


All I Want for Christmas is a One-Night Stand

Carver’s Fall

Enchanted Edinburgh

Fireworks for Katerina

Flight Risk

Surf Break

Thanks for Giving

The Layover (free)

The Season of the Witch

The Tainted Keitre

The Size of the Scandal

Young Adult by S. F. Chancellor;

Thirteenth Gate

Here There Be Witches

If Witches were Horses

Tuesday Tales

Tuesday TalesWant some fun, sexy, romantic story snippets to read? Every Tuesday – there are new tales for your enjoyment!

Check out TUESDAY TALES, where a group of authors write scenes to their new Works in Progress, writing to a word or picture prompt.

You’ll get anywhere from 8 – 15 links to stories in progress. The genres vary. Most are romance, but there’s quite an assortment of stories going on.

hands in heartSpice it Up

Give your lover a dozen roses – with a twist. Give eleven red roses and one white rose. Attach a note that reads: “In every bunch there’s one who stands out – and you are that one.”

Identify that one pivotal even that brought the two of you together. Celebrate that event every year.

Practice even-day/odd-day romance. On even days it’s your turn to be romantic. On odd days, it’s your partner’s turn.

Remove all the paper strips (that say ‘Kisses’ on them) from a couple hundred Hershey’s Kisses. Fill a jewelry box with them. Wrap it up and present to your partner. Write a certificate explaining that the slips are coupons redeemable for one kiss each. (Just a note – if they’re a chocolate lover…don’t you dare toss those chocolates away. You’d better have those ready to hand over also!)

Make a giant greeting card out of a big cardboard box, like a refrigerator box.

Thyme for Love – pen

Here’s a snippet from my current work in progress, Thyme for Love.

Sally and Izzy are out for a whole day alone. Join us as he shares a bit of his world with her. This week we’re writing to the prompt, ‘pen’. Return to TUESDAY TALES for more great snippets.


“Would you like to tour the fields first? Or the greenhouses?” Izzy inquired as he helped her down from the truck.

“Maybe the fields first. While it’s still somewhat cool.” Sally laughed. “Which must be why you warned me we’d be walking.”

“Yes ma’am. All you see are the pretty little pots of herbs in the stores. Today I’ll show you what goes into getting those to you.”

Izzy led the way down the dirt road that divided the fields into sections. They held hands as they strolled along – that is, when Izzy wasn’t busy pointing to features in the distance, or to a hawk circling above them. Then without warning he’d drop to his knees and stand back up with a fresh sprig of fragrant greenery.

CNJ_lavender fieldsIt was the lavender field that captivated Sally. Rows upon rows of lush mounds, topped with delicate lilac blossoms billowing in the soft breeze. The sun gently warmed the acreage, sending wafts of heady scent around the two. Bees buzzed a cacophony of sound around them, taking advantage of the warming day before the heat was stifling.

“I always thought if I ran away, it would be to the nearest beach,” Sally said. “I think I’ve changed my mind. It would be here, in the midst of the lavender field.”

“Depends on the time of year,” Izzy replied. “There’s about two nice months of blooms. Then the heat hits and before you know it we’re into winter.” He bent and plucked stems until he had a handful and handed them to Sally. “You saw this at the peak of their magnificence. It makes a good first impression, but it’s not always this beautiful.”

Gazing around her, Sally stood in awe of this little bit of paradise hidden out at the end of a dirt road.

“C’mon. Let’s go see the greenhouses.”

TCNJ_herb markershe tour of three greenhouses was more than Sally ever imagined. Thousands of tiny pots held growing herbs in every stage; freshly planted seeds, seedlings just emerging, and plants beginning to grow and thrive. The heady aroma of compost, potting soil and dampness was totally different than the soon to be sunbaked fields of mature plants.

The tables of mint fascinated Sally. She read labels as she moved down the aisle. “Chocolate mint, pineapple mint, apple mint, orange mint…who knew there were so many kinds? I always thought there was just peppermint and spearmint.” She held the bouquet to her nose and inhaled deeply. “You must enjoy being out here every day.”

“More than you’ll ever know. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy every single moment of what I’m doing.”

“But now I’ll show you what I’m really proud of.” Izzy was beaming, almost jumping up and down in his excitement of showing off his achievements. “Let’s go see the back patio. If I’m not working – and if it’s not freezing cold – that’s where I spend most of my time.”

They followed the trodden path from the greenhouses towards the house. As they neared the back side of the house, the dirt path progressed into a bark path edged with large stones. Foliage on the sides of the rock border got larger and more interesting.

CNJ_back patio oasisThe aromatic stroll through the greenhouses receded to the back of Sally’s mind once she stepped into the verdant oasis hidden behind the old farmhouse. “Oh my!” she gasped. Plants of every size, shape and color surrounded the brick floored patio. Vines wrapped around the posts, and hung along the rafters, filled with a variety of colored flowers. Small green plants oozed out between the bricks, creating a soft walkway. Sally bent to touch them, rubbing her fingers across them as she’d seen Izzy do in the fields. Taking a whiff, she smiled. “More herbs?”

“Of course. Mostly thymes around the sides, a few different low growing species, and Corsican mint on the interior portions.”

“It’s beautiful,” Sally said softly. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. “Maybe this will be my run away spot.”

Izzy scooted closer and wrapped his arms around her. “No, you’re beautiful,” he whispered into her neck. “And you can run away to here anytime you want.”

They stood together, holding each other tightly, their hearts beating against their chests. Neither one moved. Finally Sally admitted, “This is heaven. I don’t want to leave this moment. I feel like I want to stay right here forever.”

“Promise? Let me go get a pen and make you sign.”

At which she opened her eyes and laughed. “Deal,” she agreed.

“But before I got get that pen…” Izzy said. He lowered his lips on hers, silencing her laughter.