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Cuddles and Purrs #3

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Today wraps up Cuddles and Purrs, the short romance written while Vintage Daze was busy with the A to Z Blog Challenge. Next week we’ll be back to the vintage short stories from the past. Thank you for joining us as we traveled to romanceland.

This week in Tuesday Tales, we’re writing to the prompt ‘rose.’

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Puddles Dec 2015

Our own little Puddles before she learned to eat like a big girl.

As the kittens meows got louder, Laurel’s attention was drawn back to the wriggly bundle in her arms. “Mind if I feed them here, before I take them home with me?”

“Not at all. Good idea, because I have no long it’s been since they’ve eaten.” He motioned towards the dogs at the slider. They’d calmed down and were sitting, noses glued up against the glass, curious about the activity taking place in their kitchen. “Obviously, I don’t have anything to feed kittens.”

“Not a problem. I brought my formula and bottles, just in case they were in need of an immediate meal.” Laurel placed the babies back in the box and slid a canvas bag off her shoulder. Soon it looked like a nursery spread out on the counter. She ran the tap until the water warmed up and measured and mixed formula. Soon the first little one was greedily slurping away on the tiny bottle.

Kevin watched intently. When she lifted the second one out, he asked, “Mind if I give it a try?”

“Not at all.” As Laurel handed him the baby, their hands brushed and she felt the warmth that rose from her neck to the top of her cheekbones.

Soon the babies were all fed, nestled back in the box and were sleeping away. Laurel started to pack up her supplies. She noticed that Kevin glanced at her left hand before speaking again.

“I’ve enjoyed this. Ummmm…are you up for dog activities too?”

“Dogs, cats…llamas…pretty much anything with four legs.”

“Would you like to join the dogs and I for a walk this weekend?”

One walk led to another, which led to dinner, and more dinners. Kevin soon became an expert at feeding young kittens. The dogs adored Laurel as much as they did their master. And when the two married a year later, no one was surprised when they asked for donations to their local shelter in lieu of wedding gifts.


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Cuddles and Purrs #2

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At Vintage Daze I’m busy with the A to Z Blog Challenge this month. So we’re returning to Chrys N. Jay for a short romance. Join us for a new short story, Cuddles and Purrs. Each week for Tuesday Tales a group of authors write to a word, or picture, prompt. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘wash.’


“Oh, thank goodness! The cavalry has arrived. I don’t know what to do.” He stepped back and ushered her inside. “They’re in a box on a heating pad.”

A chorus of screaming, unhappy kittens assaulted Laurel’s ears as they entered the kitchen. As she stepped up to the box, their cries were drowned out by bellowing barks of two huge dogs pawing at the sliding glass door. Laurel eyed the loud duo warily before reaching in and picking up a tiny, furry bundle. “I take it you’re a dog person, not a cat person?”

Dimples deepened as he chuckled and dropped his head slightly. “Dogs for now. The bigger the better. They’re upset because we’re usually at the running trail at the edge of town by now. We got off schedule with this box of unexpected presents.”

“No clue who left them?”

“Nope. Probably a neighbor though, because I’ve joked with several about how I wished I could afford a farm so I could have all the animals I want.”

Laurel picked one of the little black fur balls and held the bedraggled munchkin up. “Needs a wash, doesn’t he?” She gathered the others, snuggled her armload of wriggly bodies to her chest and glanced at her host from the corner of her eyes. “You want more animals?”

“I’d have a zoo if I could. But mostly rescues. I’d love to be able to save some lives.” He gestured to the two bouncing hounds at the back. “Those two lugs…both rescues. One from a puppy mill. One was tied up in the backyard of an abandoned house with no food or water. Skin and bones. Almost at death’s door. Not that you could tell it now.”

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#MFRWHooks “Next stop was the Grand Canyon.” #romance #mustread #Bookboost —

♠♠ OUT NOW ♠♠ The 3rd book in the Beginnings series was released in October, and I’d love to get “you hooked” with some snippets. Enjoy ☺ Today’s Hook: Back in the motorhome, he packed everything away and returned to the main road. Next stop was the Grand Canyon. It was roughly a two-hour…

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Cuddles and Purrs

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At Vintage Daze I’m busy with the A to Z Blog Challenge this month. So we’re returning to Chrys N. Jay for a short romance for the next three weeks. Join us for a new short story, Cuddles and Purrs. Each week for Tuesday Tales a group of authors write to a word, or picture, prompt. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘cart.’

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Cuddles and Purrs

The cat pile on Laurel’s lap shifted and wiggled. She petted the furry bodies that attached to her whenever she sat down on the couch. The resounding purr from the group calmed and relaxed her after a difficult week at work.

Pipsqueak was a black runt of the litter that survived and grew out of his teensy weensy status. Stache, a black and white tux sporting white milk mustache, had been a black puddle in the back yard, trying to escape notice. Tinker was a gray tabby that was the newest member of Laurel’s family. He squirmed right in to the middle, trying to get his fair share of the pets. The old ladies of the bunch were off sequestered somewhere, trying to nap and stay out of the way of the youngsters.

“I don’t understand why you have so many cats,” Laurel’s mother often complained. “Get rid of the cats and get yourself a good man. I need some grandchildren.”

“Mom, that’s putting the cart before the horse,” Laurel used to retort. She didn’t argue back with her mother anymore. She simply changed the subject. It was easier.

And at this point in life, loving a houseful of cats was easier. Laurel had just about given up on finding love. Not for lack of trying. It’s just that nothing worked out. Sometimes they were the ones that gave up first, deciding they weren’t meant for each other. More often than not, it was Laurel making that decision. One was too needy. One was too cold and aloof. One couldn’t stay off of his phone when they were together.

The last one was the worst. He couldn’t stand cats. In fact, he didn’t like any animals at all. He was a great guy in every other aspect. But Laurel didn’t trust the heart of someone that couldn’t love an animal. She knew that would never last, so she’d ended that one fairly early on in the relationship.

Her cell phone sitting on the arm of the sofa rang. Laurel glanced over to see who was calling before she answered it. She saw it was her friend, Karen that worked at the local animal shelter.

Karen started babbling away as soon as she answered. “…he needs some help…six kittens…little ones…I knew you could help him out…”

“Whoa. Slow down, girlfriend. Who needs some help and what are you volunteering me for?”

“A man called the shelter. He came home and found a box on his porch with six young kittens. We need a foster for them and I thought you could take them.”

Thirty minutes later Laurel was ringing a stranger’s doorbell. When the owner answered with a set of broad shoulders and dancing hazel-green eyes, she almost forgot why she was there. After staring blankly at him for a moment, she finally uttered, “…kittens.”

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