Manifesting Love Club #14


This is a new work in progress, The Manifesting Love Club. Four friends. All single. Some looking for love. Some not. Join these ladies as they take their friendship into a new direction, to manifest love.

Earlier, Heather introduced her idea of affirmations to manifest love. When her path crosses a handsome fellow – wearing a clown nose in public – she couldn’t be less interested. Even if he is the brother of a work associate across the hall. But he’s persistent.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘smudge.’

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Heather worked like a frenzied madwoman the next few days. Although she and Brian had exchanged numbers, she hadn’t heard from him. About par for the course, she muttered. But the other half of her was relieved. It gave her time and energy to pour into this proposal. A lot was riding on getting this huge job. She really needed it for the business. It would keep McKinney Interiors going for another few months.

She searched through every sample in the office, discarding ninety-nine percent of them. The heap of the few selected ones gradually turned into a color scheme for Mrs. Jamison. Friday afternoon, when she finally lugged the proposal boards out of the office, Laura held her crossed fingers high in the air, wishing her luck.

Laura was making the rounds through the office, turning off lights and computers, getting ready to shut up for the week before Heather returned. She pushed one final button putting the computer at her desk to sleep. “How’d it go?”

Heather’s silent response was simply waving a check in front of her face.

“Yippee! She liked it? Tell me what she said.” Laura grinned like a banshee.

Plopping down in one the plush chairs in the reception area, Heather groaned. “Oh, Lord, she put me through the wringer at first. Questioning every single item I’d chosen. What fiber is this? How do you care for it? Why did you choose this? And the cost of each and every one. Even though she had a detailed line item projection sheet right in front of her. About the time I’m thinking she didn’t like this proposal either…and I was seriously rethinking my decision to enter the interior design field…she up and says ‘All right,’ whips out a checkbook and writes this huge retainer check.”

Leaning over to take the check Heather held out, Laura yelped with excitement. “Woohoo! Guess I’ll get paid next week after all!”

Laughing in agreement, Heather stood. “And now…I’m going to go home and sleep for two days straight.”

landlineExcept, when she walked in her back door, the light on her landline was flashing. Pushing the button, the automated voice told her she had five messages. She kept listening as she rummaged through the cabinets for a mug and dropped a bag of peppermint tea in it.

‘Hi, girl. It’s Tracey. Just checking to see how your week’s going. Give me a call when you have a free moment. Later.’ Beep.

Click. Hang up. Beep.

Another hang up with no message.

‘Oh. My. God. You have to call me. Oh…it’s Corecia, in case you couldn’t tell. I have met the most amazing guy. And not at the club. These affirmation thingy’s are the bomb. You’ve made me a believer. Call me!” Beep.

Heather grinned and popped the mug in the microwave, then reached for her favorite organic, raw honey.

The deep voice that spoke next sent a tingle down through her toes. ‘Hi there. Heather? You must still be working. This is Brian. Wanted to check and see how your proposal went over with the dragon lady. And, I wanted to see if you wanted to come to the comedy club tonight? I know its short notice. I got a stint there tonight, with a group of several of us. You’d be my guest. You can sit up front with me, in the VIP section. If you’re up for it after your horrendous week. Let me know.”

As the microwave beeped, she pushed stop on the recorder and dashed to the restroom. Taking a quick look in the mirror, she hesitated when she saw the dark smudges under her eyes. What the heck. Sleep’s highly overrated anyway. I can always catch up tomorrow. Besides, a night filled with laughter will do me good.

Return to TUESDAY TALES to read the rest of the story snippets.

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